You Understand Your Dreams?

Do You Understand Your Dreams?

I have had the privilege of benefiting from definitive dreams. Definitive dreams are those that I had and I knew they had nothing to do with nothing. They kind of came “out of the blues.”

Some dreams are a replay of foreboding events. That is you dreamed the dream because your thought was already fearfully preoccupied along the subject line.

Some dreams are directly tied to the discomfort you have while sleeping.

You may eat in your dream if you craved to eat before sleeping.
You may have sexual dreams since you are predisposed to pornography and its materials. Maybe you naturally sexually undress people in your mind.

I have often had dreams in line with the following:
Climbing heights that seem impossible to come down from
Inability to complete tests or examination within stipulated time
Tigers prowling around no matter how I try to avoid them
Insane people responding to invitation call during fasting & praying for a special ministry event.

(I already researched and know meanings and interpretations of the above. I will throw light on them. There are more dreams that I will talk about in subsequent writings.)

I am aware that some deliverance ministers will take your dreams and create an atmosphere that you are afflicted and need deliverance, meaning that there is a demon in you that must be cast out of you. Some will declare you a witch or wizard when you fly like a bird in your dream. Deliverance is an overstated or overused word by some in faith circles. Some have thrived on feeding people’s emotions with heretical stories on how to blame family/household members for their woes.

Deliverance means that you are freed from a power that has a firm grip on you, most likely beyond your control. Everybody needs one form of deliverance or the other, from time to time. That includes the self-exalting deliverance ministers. Many of them are so obsessed, possessive and oppressive.

There are 3 ways you may be under a control that you cannot break free from by yourself and may need a more spiritual person to help you out. Life would be more meaningful when each one receive deliverance from his or her own specific stronghold. No matter what level a minister or believer attain spiritually, deliverance would be needed from one or two of three areas. These are the 3 areas that everyone may need deliverance.

it could be from an oppression
it could be from an obsession
it could be from a possession

Oppression is external and territorial.

Obsession is mental. It could be insanity, compulsive habit, or culturally rigid but incorrect view point.

Possession is rare. Possession is when a demon or demons resides in someone.

Oppression can be overcome by a change of territory, overcoming the dictatorial ingrained forces of your environment, or standing out as a new force to be reckoned with in your environment, society or community. Family member may oppress you. So could your pastor, governor, president, son, daughter, husband or wife.

Obsession can be overcome by constantly renewing your mind. Adjusting your traditional views. Accepting new behaviors. Forcing yourself to yield to help and assistance from those who truly care. The most important assignment of church attendance is to relieve people of their obsessions. Everyone is obsessed in one way or another. Obsession has its roots in how your mind was falsely fed and concreted with falsehoods that you accepted as complete truths.

Possession is difficult to overcome. No human being is possessed without the willful acceptance of the possessed. A possessed person may only be helped if the possessed himself or herself cooperates with a spiritual authority, to evict the demon or demons in him or her.

You can be delivered by allowing God’s word influence a change in your mindset. You can be delivered by saturating your environment with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. You can be delivered when you walk by faith, walk in the Spirit, exercise divine authority, and, when you produce fruits of your salvation.

I will continue this writing here if there are enough likes, shares, questions & contributions. Thanks for reading.

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