Integrity Of A Witness

The Integrity Of A Witness Is Found In The Lifestyle!

The fruit of Christianity is not in material acquisitions and selfish posturing… the fruit of Christianity is in how each disciple or believer use Grace to CHANGE lives and INCREASE Christ’s Kingdom in their sphere of influence!

The integrity of a true believer is not found in mere words of beliefs, it is rather found in the testimony of the CHANGED messenger whose former messed-up life BECOMES a message for saving & transforming other lives on Christ’s behalf!

The integrity of any true WITNESS is undergirded by CREDIBLE lifestyle! How can anyone WITNESS Christ effectively without being CHRISTLIKE! You might want to tell the world that it’s not about you all you like, that it is all about Christ & His works. .. Yet the world that we live in today is not as interested in our 2000+ years old Bible stories as they are more interested in your personal story… You are the Bible that many want to read before they believe!

Are you really representing Christ???

Much Love!

Bishop Olan Elujoba

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