Can You Absorb Bitter Truths About True LOVE?

There is no such thing as true LOVE that let’s you remain your original self.

No true parent love a child and leave the child to untrained nature or unchecked self-will. When God so loved the world that He gave His only Son as a sacrifice & in exchange for worldly people’s souls, He did so in expectation of changed or changing people. His LOVE is free but conditional. He expects returns on His investments. That is part reason why God’s LOVE also chastises & disciplines for the whoever is beloved’s own good.

When Apostle Paul counseled that husbands love wives as Christ loved the church, he emphasized that that would be done in expectation of ability to turn a spotted, wrinkled and blemished bride, around, by the washing of her, free of whatever is unwanted & unneeded. In the same token, the husband was not to expect a sub-mission from a wife without a clear mutual mission, that both can recognize as should be “unto the Lord.”

Anyone crying to be loved should expect the changes and adjustments that being loved demands. You cannot be in true love and claim that you are who you are and no one should expect you to change from who you were prior to accepting the relationship. Expect relationships to place demands for changes on you. Engage in relationship that will place uncomfortable demands for improvements on you and from you.

Many have been wound up by wrong thoughts, sick attitudes and bad experience that need to be unwound. Many have become so subconsciously uptight they are ignorant of ways and means of easing up to another’s true intentions. Many have become so tangled up, they resist true love that could disentangle them to enjoy a more meaningful life through an improving relationship. Many have become so engrossed in trying to please third parties strong-holding views that they are unable to reach into & express their own true inner-selves and thereby enjoy genuine relationship interactions with whoever has well-intended interest in them.

There is no real relationship that will not expose vulnerabilities and make you feel insecure in one way or another. The only way to true relationship is NOT to avoid threats to securities but by taking faith-filled calculated steps that open up to risks of allowing oneself to be open to what one may have closed-up to, otherwise. Hopefully such choice to allow intrusion into sacred, jealously guarded, emotional spaces, will be well-informed so that you are not violated, wounded and/or have old scars reopened again. Since every relationship has potentials of inflicting deep hurts, you need to LEARN HOW to always prepare to self-heal.I have a passion to help with Bible-Inspired insights to improve lives and love relationships. None of us had true relationship 100% figured out and so we made mistakes because emotions do get in the ways of what could be great relationship positive pro-motions.

I have helped people quietly over several years. I may be able to help you if you need confidential listening ears and clearer perspectives. Come, let us reason together. Please SHARE this post to your sphere of influence. It may help someone near you as it is.

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