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Olanrewaju Elujoba is the founding head of Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. This is a not-for-profit olaa4ministry organization that aims to raise SIGNIFICANT people in LOVE, LEADERSHIP & Christlike LIFESTYLE, by torching lives globally with practical truths of God’s words, in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is a Bishop of United Christian Faith Ministries Evangelical Association (USA).

Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. USA in January 2015 started “Bridge To Nations” initiative. “Bridge To Nations” collaborates with other missionaries, missions and ministries all over the world. The initiative positions Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. as a soliciting, support-receiving and assistance-distributing global organization, serving those who permit us to..

Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. works daily alongside others, to spiritually set lives ablaze for Christ JESUS globally.

Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. is the parent ministry that plants The House Of Leading Lights Missions Churches Inc. (THOLLMC), a church that is dedicated to “raising Christlike people”. THOLLMC is co-pastored by Olayemi Ola-Elujoba & others.

Bishop Ola is an avid missionary who, in more than 2 decades of ministry, traveled on evangelistic and teaching crusades, ministering the gospel in nations including, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroon, Chad, Benin, Togo, Nigeria & also in the USA.

He is also an author, a movie producer and was a “Christian LifeStyle” TV producer and presenter. His messages, movies, books and writings have impacted lives globally.

Bishop Ola desires to make indelible mark on Christian growth by maturing saints globally.

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