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We have sensible, practical, meaningful & insightful resources that breaks people away from lifelong containments. Our books & audio materials provide supernatural empowerments for those who would love to enjoy a more qualitative life. We can help you break evil barriers so you can be delivered, liberated & revived to be the best that God wanted you to be. We are already helping many to live better lives.

What You Need To Know About Unclean Spirits

It all started by misinformation. The misinformation, if not spiritually discerned, sounds logically like it is for God, or about God, but has anti-Christ end goals at the end of it.


I do not advocate divorce. But there are marriages that were never of God in the first place. And there are many marriages in which a spouse hold the next to ransom without fear of God. In such cases it is better people go separate ways than hang in there with Satan”s agent because “God…


There should be no problem in marriage IF for some reason the woman is the privileged BREADWINNER!

3 Out Of 5 Are Lonely

Every relationship can hurt very deeply. Get yourself healing balms. It is better to be hurt and get healed than to suffer loneliness & depression.

Dreams Are Real?

Dreams are real. They are divine transmissions to help us unpack past, present and future events of our lives.

Freedom is Not Free

Be Careful!! Freedom is Not So Free!!! Many arguments have been canvassed by many who would want to live as they please because of the subject of liberty or freedom… While one would not want to enter into legalistic discussion on this, it is however pertinent that those who believe in our LORD JESUS Christ…

You Understand Your Dreams?

Do You Understand Your Dreams?(PLEASE READ WELL & READ CAREFULLY) I have had the privilege of benefiting from definitive dreams. Definitive dreams are those that I had and I knew they had nothing to do with nothing. They kind of came “out of the blues.” Some dreams are a replay of foreboding events. That is…

Integrity Of A Witness

The integrity of any true WITNESS is under-girded by CREDIBLE lifestyle! How can anyone WITNESS Christ effectively without being CHRISTLIKE!


Have you ever carried any cross in Christ? Are you carrying any cross for Christ?? Are you willing to carry crosses for Christ?

Faith, Belief, Conviction & Religion

Differences Between Faith, Belief, Conviction & Religion. (Quite Some Lines To Read. Please READ THROUGH CAREFULLY. It Will Help YOU!) Belief is a body of information that a MIND is RIGIDLY SET on, rightly & wrongly. Conviction is belief transmitted from head-knowledge into a heart-based action-ready-mode. Many have fixed mindsets on beliefs they do not…

Intentional Ministry Consulting

Special Personalized Interactive Coaching/Training For Believers, Leaders, Ministers, Churches, & Ministries, For Equipping God’s Peoples With Biblical Tools, For Enjoying Supernatural Exploits, Avoiding Indirect Witchcraft Worship & Establishing The Kingdom Of Christ JESUS On Earth


The word CHRISTIAN meaning Christ-like, now commonly used to depict our faith today, first came out of the mouth of onlookers, or on-looking critics, who criticized believers by asking the question, are you trying to be another Christ?


The joy of Christianity lies more in being used of God to DAILY save NEW souls from eternal damnation, being available to influencing another life to CHANGE from unrighteousness to righteousness, and in experiencing manifestation of the transformational WILL of God in our communal and societal lives!

Enjoying Abundant Life

Enjoying Abundant Life By Bishop Olan Elujoba

A Broadcast From The Studios of True LOVE Television, a sub-service of Worldwide WORD Missions USA.


How bad is your story? Bad enough to earn men’s sneers and neighbors’ jeers? Awful enough to make your head bowed in shame, unable to greet a new day with zeal? Tossed aside from having been so tossed around? Just come with the fragments of your broken life. Surrender every little detail into His skillful…

Intentional LOVE Masterclass

Why grow old too quick when all that you need is available. Most relationship issues are resolved and improve when the right insight and liberating information about LOVE is received and adopted.

Special Intentional Ministry MASTERCLASS

For Equipping God’s Peoples With Biblical Tools, For Enjoying Supernatural Exploits, For Avoiding Indirect Witchcraft Worship & For Establishing The Kingdom Of Christ JESUS On Earth

Intentional Ministry Bible MasterClass

Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. USA (Publishing, Broadcasting, Intentional Ministry Masterclasses) Invites You To Join Us For A Currently Running Intentional-Ministry Bible Masterclass A Special Time, For Bible-Education & For Q&A Sessions On Christian Fundamentals An Enlightenment Course On Avoiding Indirect Witchcraft Worship A Training Class For Equipping God’s Peoples With Practical Tools For Enjoying Supernatural…

Intentional Ministry Masterclass

You are specially invited to please join with my friend and I for a leadership masterclass where we want to deliberate, rub minds and pray to break more fallow grounds and collectively wrest-out new territories for the kingdom of our Lord JESUS Christ in this coming new year. My longtime friend Apostle Kenny Oladapo has…

August 2018 NY Revival Meeting

Revival Meetings on “Principles & Powers For A Better Life” held @ The LifeZone Church On Monday August 26-27, 2018

Revival Meeting @ Queens NY

a time of prayers, revival, prophecies and a new beginning of better times. @ St. Albans, Queens NY

August 2018 NY Gathering

a prayer, teaching and prophetic gathering on “Principles & Powers For A Better Life”

Please Make That Relationship Work!

“You cannot get all your expectations in one person. With time and depending on your relationship, you may get some. So minimize your expectations in marriage.” – written by Prophet Caroline Sargent. Please CLICK to READ MORE! via Please Make That Relationship Work!

Understanding Entry & Exits Of Relationships

It is important to keep in mind that all of God’s creations have ins and outs. There are births and death, beginning and endings, starts and finishes, planting and plucking, inroads and exit routes. Human beings are created to survive by inhaling & exhaling, hearing and speaking, ingesting and excreting, on and off heart-pumping, as…

Is Competition Good Or Bad In Relationships?

Every war cry is a subtle competition for something, which could just be dominance or superiority control. People who seek to rise up ladders of corporate governance compete for it by seeking better qualifications or simply making sure to gain upper-hand advantage over possible fellow contenders. Many are sharks that hack others down on their…

Teamwork That Works Relationships

Teamwork works because people work it. It works better in several fields of life than any one-man run shows ever did. Real LOVE is not individualistic. True LOVE adjusts in every way possible to intimate one, or loved ones, in exact same way teams manage to keep together regardless of forces that are always at…

5 Reasons Men & Women Don’t Mix Easy

humility, wisdom & maturity are importantly required to foster unity in every relationship. These qualities do not just come by will-power but by disciplined learning and understanding of true LOVE, which is primarily spiritual.

5 Reasons Men & Women Don’t Mix Easy

Humility, wisdom & maturity are importantly required to foster unity in every relationship. These qualities do not just come by will-power but by disciplined learning and understanding of true LOVE, which is primarily spiritual.

Roots Of LOVE Complications

To truly LOVE, the right language and sensible use of words have to be organized and offered with careful vulnerable-room that creates a disarming environment of trust, that is devoid of paranoia.

Roots Of Faulty Attitudes

Most relationship failures are products of faulty attitude. Many have thought demons are shady characters that lurk in haunted locations. But, demons are spiritual entities that influence human attitudes. There is need to receive divine abilities to conquer own internal demons.

Roots Of Avoidable Separation & Divorce

Separation and divorce are avoidable if couples would be more careful not to ignorantly trigger off unwanted and unexpected consequences. Many lackadaisically violated un-spelled-out marriage “law and order” without thinking twice about it. Many marriages have broken down too quickly and too suddenly before some spouses could realize what hit them. This is a book…

Roots Of Societal Good & Evil

True LOVE is in the nature of God. Many assume that God is the source of all happenings including evil. But NO, the devil is the root of all evil. We need to become like God for better homes and society.

Root Reasons For Gender Differences

God knew what He was doing when He created and made the human sexes different. If folks would just learn to work out and not egoistically compete aggressively over gender differences, life and living will be much more enjoyable.

Roots Of Relationship Failure

None of us is as whole as we could be. Yet we are quick judge another, refusing sufficient readiness to help fix one-another’s faults. Here are some roots why that happens.

Tolulope O. Kolade Needs Support To Impact More Villages

Tolulope O. Kolade is a relentless minister who is always on roads that are sometimes treacherous and hazardous, just so he can relate Christ JESUS kingdom soul-saving message to varied people groups, ethnicity, tribes and nationalities. He like many other genuine ministers does not have the luxury of sitting in one place, over one congregation,…

Please Support Our Faith & Charity Missions

Many genuine ministers have been hamstrung by lack of financial support. A True Preacher Cannot Have Enough Time to Reach-out To Souls and Pay Ministry Expenses Out Of Pocket At The Same Time. Those who are not on the fields ought to send money to those who are truly dedicated and making sacrifices on soul-saving…

Love Understanding Test

A PRACTICAL BIBLE-BASED ONLINE Ministry with TESTS that REVEAL & HELP To determine level of readiness for Longer-Lasting True LOVE relationships. It Helps To Fish Out Loop-Holes That exacerbate or worsen workable relationships. It Helps to figure out Improvement Areas that can better sustain a marriage. It helps To Find Out How To Increase A…

Ministry Moments – Bishop Ola

In obedience to conviction and divine direction, Olanrewaju Elujoba undertook many journeys and adventures of faith, sacrificially pouring his  life into others’ and barely having time for own “personal empire.” Here are 100s of photos of family-backed ventures into helping many previously unknown people, ministries and ministers. It was mostly thankless and unpaid-for kingdom services…

The Powers Of A Vagina

Many would be curious to know what a gospel minister has to say about such subject without giving people dirty pornographic ideas. A vagina is the unique organ that separate and distinguishes a male from female. It is probably a taboo word that may be too sacred for pulpits or a gospel minister to utter.…

The Downside Of Sexual Starvation

Most sexual problems would be resolved by sincere, frank, and down-to-earth conversation on its issues. Medical solutions can also be sought when needed. But, most couples are not secure, truthful, nor confident enough to discuss about their sexual competence or incompetence. They fear hurting one another with such discussions and retain deep frustration, while pretending…

Playing The Game Of LOVE

Click On Title To Watch A Brief Slide Show On Playing The Game Of LOVE

The Powers Of A Vagina

Now I understand how this kind of topic will attract attention. Many would be curious to know what a gospel minister has to say about such subject without giving people dirty pornographic ideas.  A vagina is the unique organ that separate and distinguishes a male from female. It is probably a taboo word that may…

Keeping Life Simple By Understanding Marriage LAW & ORDER

Life can be complicated and Marriage fails when people stupidly violates basic God-instituted marriage law and order. It is foolish to assume that law and order have been abolished in the Ne… Source: Keeping Life Simple By Understanding Marriage LAW & ORDER

What LOVE Is, What LOVE Is Not!

FREE BOOKS – FREE INSIGHTS – IMPROVE YOUR LOVE LIFE What LOVE Is, What LOVE Is Not explains 40 insights of what l… Source: What LOVE Is, What LOVE Is Not!

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Worldwide WORD Missions Support Fund helps missionaries take care of evangelism and the world’s needy people

Missions December To Remember

Please click on the donate button to make a donation. The Lord bless you for doing so. In JESUS name. Amen. Worldwide WORD Missions INC REQUESTS YOU TO PLEASE MAKE THIS A December To Remember By Helping A Missionary & Sowing Into Soul-Winning. Please Search FB, Contact & Support Following Ministers JONATHAN KARYAMPUDI, INDIA, SAMUEL…

Love, Power & Healing Outreach & Revival

Many relationships have been aborted because of mindset demons. Anything that is not of the Spirit of God and is not an angel, can be called demon or demonic. And the following are demons that have permanent abode in some people’s hearts and minds. These are demon attitudes that thrives inside people and not dark-figures…

A Special Love, Power & Healing Fortification Meeting

Life can be devastating if not well fortified. There are unseen enemies and problems arising from powers of a mother’s womb, failure of fatherhood, lack of understand of how each one should manage his territorial, authority and belief system, issues of missing or unavailable helpers and then the very popular devil or demon warriors. The…

Please Help A Missionary On the Fields – For Mark Russell

Mark Russell is an American citizen with a heart that has become attached to the tribes in the Philippines. The Philippine Ministry has been mostly tribal missions with the subanen tribe in Mindanao. He is a servant of God who has ministered in Africa, Canada, USA and Philippines. The ministry has been one of church…

PLEASE HELP – We Are Missionaries & Village Evangelists

He is a college graduate who would rather fish for souls than fish for material riches. He has a young family but would often leave them behind to embark on mission trips. He is always on journeys to unreached villages and nations with poor or non-existing infrastructures. He sometimes sleeps on barely covered dirt floors…

Now Available – Let’s Talk & Pray About Love Audio CDs

Messages Available on Audio CDs for a donation of $7:50 each Includes: – Why Some Remain Single – 8 Passionate Prayers About LOVE – Why Walk Away From Arms Of LOVE – What LOVE Is, What LOVE is not – Why Some LOVE Fails – Types Of Hearts – How To Self-Heal Your Own Heart…

Let’s Talk About Love FB Page

Talking & Praying About Love page is now available. Please like as we provide more enriching, value-adding content in there.  Please click on link to visit the page.  Talking & Praying About Love on Saturday, May 30, 2015 ” title=”Let’s Talk & Pray About Love”>


Many marriages are not working because many women prefer motherhood to womanhood. Adam’s satisfaction with God’s help for him was named Woman. Adam’s response to Woman’s role at unilaterally spearheading the home was to REname her Eve, meaning Mother. There is no problem for a woman to be a mother. There is a problem when…

SPECIAL EVENT @ The House Of Leading Lights IBADAN Missions Church – NIGERIA

WORLDWIDE WORD MISSIONS INC.   Special Invitation to ALL who can attend. Souls shall be saved. Healings shall be wrought. Victories shall be secured over every form of defeat, stagnation, and oppositions. God the Father shall be there! JESUS Christ shall be there!! The Holy Spirit shall be FULLY present. Be there! You shall be…

INTRODUCING “Bridge To Nations” – A Global Missions Support Fund

FROM THE DESK OF BISHOP OLAN ELUJOBA Starting from January 2015, Worldwide Word Missions Inc. was activated to function as a mission agency that solicits, receive and distribute financial donations and material supports, as a bridge to meeting ministers and ministry needs in nations outside of the United States. I believe the Lord recently brought me…

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