Come Up Higher – Perspective & Maturity in Ministry By Bishop Olan Elujoba

A Message Delivered For Intentional Ministry Bible MasterClass & Missions Trainig Institute Group 1st Video Conference

Exo. 19:3, Exo 20:18 Matt. 4:8, Hebrew 12:20 – Matt. 17:1, Matt 5:1, 14:23

Mountain tops offer better perspective than ground levels. It takes a more disciplined or more diligent person to climb high mountains, just the same way maturity requires dedication, diligence and determination. Worldwide WORD Missions Masterclass & Missions Institute is for people who appreciate the need to go extra miles far and beyond normal level.

We encourage believers to come up on metaphorical mountain tops  to gain city-wide views and advantageous positions for massively winning souls . When JESUS climbed on mountains, He could see most of the villages from the mountain tops. And he could therefrom intercede and receive the mind of God from that perspective. We also need to see life and ministry from God’s perspective by climbing higher grounds in faith & faith-full-ness.

Moses was also always climbing mountains fellowship with God and to see what God was seeing. People who love ground levels never rise to see bigger goals, objectives or global perspective.

39211686_528568240934553_2482815955529367552_nWe all need to see from the satellite point of view. Those who operate from mountain tops are not petty micro-managers, they overlook tiny things to move forward to obtain greater things in life.

My vision is to see the whole globe lit up for Christ JESUS. One candle at a time, one leader at a time, one ministry at a time, one city at a time, one nation at a time. There would happen if you join me to see bigger and better than you do now.

What I see, as a minister of the gospel, is more than gaining attention of crowds, performing signs and wonders, being the most famous human being on earth, or accumulating wealth and material resources, to prove success.  Achieving these things are good if that is all that God ask you to achieve. It is my personal desire to achieve more than physical success and people acclaim. I want to achieve a goal that is more than myself. I want to achieve goals that transcend beyond my lifetime. I want to network with co-ministers who are like-minded. I want to see Christ-likeness in lives of people that we influence positively to shine for Christ. I want to see Christlike people light-up cities and nations pretty much the same way, electric bulbs light up streets and shine above prevailing darkness, in same ways as they manifest visible beauty when one flies in aircrafts at night.

There are too many witchcraft web and networks that keep people blinded to the gospel, such that keep the world in darkness. No single man, woman or ministry can break the strongholds of entrenched and established evil in today’s world, like we would as a network of anointed people of God.

Our Masterclasses & Missions Training Institute studies are designed to equip leaders who are to rise above board in their societies. The course content are designed to make Bible Change Agents our standards to beat as God’s servants.

The studies will bring us to speed as to

  1. How Bible Characters achieved great exploits, so we can achieve greater in our world today.
  2. Having Better Understanding Of The Workings Of The Holy Spirit
  3. Receiving more tools on how to break new fallow grounds and taking over cities, nations and people territories across our world.
  4. Faith, Family & Finance tools that are needed to be fruitful on purpose
  5. Other tools For Receiving grants & financial resources for Ministry47062868_2892777444081186_2940831439773499392_o

The studies will commence from May 1, 2019. The studies on Joseph will be sent. You will have 2 weeks to study and return the answered form or script within the next 2 weeks.

In other words, each study will last One (1) month. The Bible Masterclass shall be completed in 6 months.

Thank you for sacrificing your time to be available on this video call.

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