WWMI 4Ps Consulting

Worldwide WORD Missions Incorporated now offers a 4Ps support/consultation for ministers who registers as affiliates with Worldwide WORD Missions Associations & Affiliates. For more information, please click on Worldwide WORD Missions Associations & Affiliates.

Worldwide WORD Missions Affiliates

4P stands for preparation, packaging, presentation and promotions of ministers who seek international ministry progress and need on-the-ground help on foreign soils regarding:

  1. International Ministry Network Links
  2. Invitation To International Conferences
  3. Recommendations For Pulpit Sharing
  4. International Church Planting Support
  5. Ground-Work For International Travels
  6. International Book Publishing
  7. International Online-Magazine Features/Website Services/Graphic Designs/etc.
  8. International Music Promotion
  9. International Bible School Setup
  10. Assistance For International School Admissions (for Ministers/Children)

This project is an offer of support to help genuine ministers of the gospel. A mandatory non-refundable yearly registration of $100 is required to cover Worldwide WORD Missions Inc administrative charges ONLY. A $100 a year translates to less than $10 a month for potentially progressive service that could make all the difference in a ministry.  Legal, medical, marriage and some other counselling services costs about that same $100 per HOUR in many places in the USA.

With that registration, a minister would receive as much information, discussions, correspondences and needful links possible. For some, they would move on to independently continue to apply relevant information supplied. For others, who would need further on-the-ground help on processes, travels and mediating services, further costs for such additional important role-playing would be communicated upfront.

For example, with $100 mandatory registration, the top 4 on the 10 lists above would be offered for free while the lower 6 may require additional costs which will be communicated and mutually agreed to, prior to engaging on supplying such services.

In other words, the following is ONLY free AFTER REGISTRATION!

  • International Ministry Network Links
  • Invitation To International Conferences
  • Recommendations For Pulpit Sharing
  • International Church Planting Support

The Following may require ADDITIONAL costs that would be communicated and mutually agreed-to, before assisting action is undertaken:

  • Ground-Work For International Travels
  • International Book Publishing
  • International Magazine Features/Website Services/Graphic Designs/etc.
  • International Music Promotion
  • International Bible School Setup
  • Assistance For International School Admissions (for Ministers/Children)

Worldwide WORD Missions Affiliates


Ministers who already submitted application as associates/affiliates, but now need to register with $100, and NEW Ministers who can enjoy benefits as REGISTERED AFFILIATE by sending $100 & using the registration form supplied below.



WWMI 4Ps Registration

Special 4Ps Support/Consulting Services For Affiliating Ministers Desiring Ministry/Family Progress


By Online Payments Using Credit/Debit Card

Donate Button with Credit CardsPlease click on the donate button to make a donation. The Lord bless you for doing so. In JESUS name. Amen.

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