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This is for Missionary No 4:  JONATHAN KARYAMPUDI
(check him @ http://worldwidewordmissions.com/missionary-jonathan-karyampudi-guntur-a-p-india/)

He is a the founder of RURAL CARE MINISTRIES. A ministry that he established in 2004, born out of inner conviction to make a difference in lives of children and less privileged. Since that time he alongside others have sought means to reach the un-reached with the Love of God. He is passionate about providing education, healthcare, spiritual, environment and community
development programs in district rural areas of Guntur ,A.P, India. With children centers in villages and hundreds of needy children under the ministry’s care, providing tutors and tutoring, uniforms, books and notebooks, milk and egg to these children continues to pose major challenges. Though the ministry had kind support of USA based organizations since 2007 to 2012, the inflow is reported to have since reduced drastically causing some of the children education programs to stop.   Outreaches to villages, providing awareness programs and distribution of drops for prevention of dengue and chicken fox, and, vitamin A capsules to those in need continues to be a high priority to this missionary. Regarding core ministry, the Bible college also seeks assistance in order to keep providing free theological studies, study materials, English language studies and food to as many local pastors as possible. Support for those many churches which are conducted under thatched houses remains required too.

Missionary No 4 is seeking support to be able to continue the Bible College for training rural un-trained pastors, for providing more roof over churches in various villages and ability to conduct more special evangelistic meetings this summer.

I can feel this missionary’s needs. Lack of steady and continuing support can kill the best of any mission efforts. Jonathan Karyampudi is available on FB and on page: https://www.facebook.com/jkaryampudi. You can reach him directly or through Worldwide Word Missions. We truly and INDEED need you to respond with finances and as partners!!!

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Donate Button with Credit CardsPlease click on the donate button to make a donation. The Lord bless you for doing so. In JESUS name. Amen.
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