Living In Containment? There Is A Way Out!

Everybody was conceived in containment. Most people will live and die contained. A mother’s womb is a container. The earthly realm is a container too. JESUS had to violate our containments. He broke into our world so he can show us how to live above and beyond the powers that birthed us from the womb and the powers of the earthly realm that we live in. A truly born-again believer can live physically in our corrupt world and its evil systems, but yet operate spiritually from heavenly realm, above earthly containment!

Refuse to be contained by friends, family, neighbors or society! Discover how to live your life to the fullest in JESUS Christ!


The atmosphere and condition of a mother’s womb is the first container that defined how every human is shaped and formed. Jacob & Esau shared the same womb. Rebekah the mother and owner of the womb later controlled the nature of each of these children. One was contained to live deceptively, coyishly, and as a successful trickster, while the other lived a straight-forward life that was contained outside ownership of his birthright.

Both Jacob and Esau lived all through their lifetimes conscious of the failings of their father Isaac and the controlling (bewitchment) power of their mother. If we were to read the end-of-life tributes from Jacob and Esau about their mother, based on how she imposed her will on the directions that shaped their individual destinies, one might rightly bet that one tribute would be glowingly favorable to the departed mother while the other would not be so favorable.

Each human life is contained and controlled by contributions from parents, or lack of it!

In the Bible, a search for the term “from the mother’s womb” would reveal stories about those who were born blind, lame, incapacitated in one form or another, as well as those empowered by the Holy Spirit from the mothers womb. Examples of the later includes Jeremiah, David, John the Baptist, JESUS.

Every life will be conditioned positively or negatively first of all from the mother’s womb. If the controlling powers that defines human birth is not altered, such a person would live and die in a predictable fashion that has ascertainable delimiting boundaries and parameters. This first life containment is the Adamic Nature. Are you still living Adamic-nature-contained?


Another life-container is popularly known as culture, heritage, and inherited traditions. Most people are living enveloped, contained & controlled by a cultural container? Unknown to most people is that fact what they celebrate as the best culture in the world is basically a geographical and genealogical containment. There is nothing about any culture that should be projected above any other. Each human culture has its good and evil. Every other culture has one good thing or another that can be adopted.

What is regarded as culture, today, is the defining of environmentally inherited custom, tradition and way of life that a child woke up in. Waking up to be trained and raised in a particular setting does not guarantee it as the best pattern of living in the world. JESUS was here in the world to challenge prevailing cultural practices of his time. The best culture for our world, today, would be an objective aggregation of the best of the best of world cultures. Going by the Bible, the best culture to live-by would be that defined by the Holy Spirit. That can be learnt by walking supernaturally in and with the Holy Spirit.

The environmental culturing of people’s minds make them inculcate certain rigid belief systems and pattern of thoughts. Such entrenched thinking pattern determined how individual choices and decisions are arrived at. Those choices and decisions drive people’s attitudes, pursuits and actions towards repeatable results. Repeated predictable results becomes experience that are habitually engaged again and again. When people congregate along similar habits and experiences, a community with similar expectations are formed. They can become a family, clan, tribe, city, town or even countries that would ultimately make commandments, decrees, and laws to CONTAIN those who are introduced into their walls & borders. Years and years of enforcement of similar orientations and imposition of shared mindsets, used in making laws and moral codes, soon becomes documented as heritage. Whenever a new soul is born into that cyclical environment, he or she grows up to not know any better. Such newborns grow up to cherish the culturing containment as the only one that matter the most.

Qualities of human interactions, relationships, marriages and raising of children are directly impacted by the kind of cyclical mindsets of the prevailing cultures of those training and imparting such. Two human beings trying to work-together, mingle, or marry across different cultural upbringings will always have to work hard at merging their concreted cultured cycles that formed hard-to-adjust, and unchanging, inherited mindsets, varying thinking styles, experience and end-result expectations.

The culture of JESUS Christ kingdom is not Jewish, Islamic, Caucasian, American, Middle-eastern, Asian, European nor African! In that kingdom, white, black, or any other human-defined colors, are embraced equally. Male and female are regroomed away from earthly containment in accordance to submitted will-power and compliant obedience to new spiritual guidelines and directions. The kingdom of Christ JESUS is defined by the unseen, unearthly, unnatural Holy Spirit, who does not discriminate by place of birth, race, disability, creed nor originating culture. Everyone in JESUS Christ Kingdom are RE-CULTURED alike by the Holy Spirit, if yielded to, permitted and allow to FULLY FUNCTION!


Beyond “mother’s womb”/parental container and cultural indoctrination container is Religious Bewitchment. Most people immediately think of witch or witches when the word bewitchment is sounded or uttered. Bewitchment need not lay emphasis on the human being used, but on the unseen-realm systemic powers and controlling force at work behind the witch or human being.

Paul the Apostle exclaimed a query to a large congregation of Christ worshippers in Galatians 3:1. Who has bewitched you all? Who made you behave foolishly, heretically, consistently, when you should be full of divine wisdom? He asked, bewildered!

The people were acting scripts outside the norms of Christ JESUS. They were displaying blatant disregard for better sense of judgment. They had seen better, had evidences of better, but, they acted religiously bewitched and contained. Religion is described as ritualistic approaches to worship God in ways that are non-personal and non-fresh. True faith is a daily-fresh, direct and personal interaction with God that is devoid of obsessive human intermediary or interference.

By the way, every religion on earth is an awe-filled reverence and repetitive practice of certain indoctrinations that seeks to please the maker of heaven and earth. Some other religion extend worship to smaller spiritual entities that are tied to certain physically sculpted hand-made images or carvings or sacred objects. Those smaller gods are worshipped as intermediaries to the ultimate God. It is only by true faith in JESUS that anyone can claim to want to live freely as God’s son or daughter, and to engage life as though they are God themselves. Jesus was persecuted and executed for practicing and preaching that particular out-of-the-box, outside-of-containment, message to people. Many in religions were contained to believe they are God’s slaves or God’s “will-less” entities who have no say but to be under permanent use, whether they are willing or not. It is only in Christ-JESUS-worship that people understand that God respects human’s power of choice and willpower. And, that God leave his adherents to become His own image and likeness by own sense of acceptance and judgment.

While religion help many escape from parental and cultural containments, most people are unable to flee religion containment because that is considered and regarded as a taboo with serious vengeful consequences from the relevant worship-centers, communities and societies. Most people on earth live and die within these first three life-containments, satisfied that it was the best of life for them. Nobody expects anything better than what they have been contained to believe and practice.

There are other kinds of containments.

Self-imposed (lack of wisdom, Indulging Ignorance, Refusing fresh education, Accommodating Spiritual Blindness, Low self-esteem, inferiority complex and other kind of negative attitudes) Forcing self to fit-in to human expectations is a sign of living within confining containments.

Territory-Imposed (Every territory impose physical and spiritual laws, principles and rules to contain dimensions of expressions permitted or forbidden within their borders. Paul the Apostle says for WE WRESTLE against such territorial powers. The geographical location you find yourself living in, contains the extents of your achievements in life.

Relationship/Association-Imposed (sibling rivalry – joseph, comparing & competing friendships, limitations from marriage partner, workplace allowed restrictions, toxic human influences. Jacob had to pray to overcome his containments in Genesis 32. He received supernatural power to prevail spiritually and physically with God & man.

More kinds of containments are

  1. Sin-Imposed

2. Spiritual Deficiency Imposed

3. Poverty Imposed

4. Fear Imposed

5. Ill-health Medically Imposed

Example Of Freedom From Containment Is JABEZ

Like Jabez in the Bible, most human beings are constrained to conform to preexisting spells, curses, predictions, declarations, premonitions, decrees, modes and constructs that spiritually shape and fabricate containers for how their lives MUST play out. Jabez was born and named after his mother’s birth-pain sorrows. Names predict people’s qualities of lives. Jabez was playing out the predetermined containing script until he figured he could live above it through prayers of deliverance, to God. He finally rose above his containments.

Many have assumed wrongly how a preachers message should be written or transmitted. Most in the word-based community have said it should be about quoting scriptures copiously and thereby letting scriptures interpret scriptures. While there are places for such opinion and practices, a preacher should determine whether he wants to be contained by traditionally passed-down approaches or be freshly inspired to do whatever the Holy Spirit permits. Someone once commented that I write to minister to people as though I was a journalist. I definitely would not categorize my method of writings to be as a social critic, event commentator or social media pundit. But, I write as well and as fluently as I can, to speak clearly from my mind, like any regular human being. In my view, the portions we quote from the New Testament part of the Bible today were first penned as letters or what you may call opinion articles, but they were later canonized as scriptures. They were not written with a view to be quoted spuriously. They were written to make clear sense to their generation and times,


There are many dimensions and experiences that we can enjoy in this life and lifetime, through JESUS Christ our Lord, Savior & Master. JESUS refused to be limited to our natural life containments. He came to liberate those who would find the inner strength & courage to spiritually stretch themselves and refuse to be naturally contained.

In Christ JESUS, we can purposefully pursue an unlimited life that consciously rises above constraining natural laws, principles, practices and conditionings. We can live quality lives by supernatural endowments. We can build working relationships and families by insightfully wading through identifiable containment obstacles. We can choose to be educated to identify, and overcome containments by the words of God and power of the Holy Spirit.


There is an aspect of this containment message that has to do with fellow human beings. This has to do with everybody who tries to drag others into their own contained spheres of mindsets. Everyone’s world is composed of personally recorded mindset of how they have been contained to view this world. Each one has become so convinced that his or her own world-view is the perfect frame that everyone else must be dragged-down into. Many are unable to identify their own containments and how they are far from being the role model to emulate. Most people are not open-minded enough to know that what they considered as the best mind-frame is worse than others. They do not give second thought to how they may be wrongly programmed while being cock-sure the other person is the one in need of corrections or being dressed down. They refuse to rightly position themselves in a way they could learn to rise up to others’ levels. They refuse to accept that they are no better expert than the next one who epitomizes self as the best expert too. Most people are too sure their personal containment is best-suited for everyone else. It has to imagine how certainly wrong undiagnosed containment-weary and containment worn-out people get.

A lot of people fight, argue, quarrel, altercate, demean, defame, frame-up, plot against, blackmail, black-list or even kill others who refuse to fit into their own presumed sacrosanct positions & expert-view. In Christ, we learn humility. We borrow other’s wisdom. We treat misinformed people with respect. We share our views & allow everyone to make up their own minds, whether to accept or not. We refuse to be offended when people refuse to allow our controls to contain them.


Witchcraft is a bewitchment exercise of insisting on forceful, domineering, manipulating, against-another’s-will control of another human being and his or her situations and circumstances. Witchcraft is the enforcement of strongholds on someone whether he or she likes it or not. No human being has justified rationale to contain another just to exercise superiority of mindset, opinion, thoughts or power. Also known as sorcery, witchcraft manipulates human thoughts, mentality, attitudes, orientations and behaviors, to suit satanic agendas that is portrayed as God’s, but is totally contrary to God’s own. Also connected as divination, which fakes the divine, as enchantment, which fakes God’s supernatural words, witchcraft contains humans just like physical prison cells and yards.

Witchcraft is rooted in Satan. But, it is a demonstration from any yielded human flesh, whether in Christ JESUS or not!


Solution to being liberated from life containments is to accept to receive JESUS as your lord, master and savior, allow the Holy Spirit to indwell and direct you daily. Containments are destroyed for those who engage in a new-life spiritual journey during which the Holy Spirit educate, train & coach you to have so you can receive freedom from the shackle-holds of containment forces. When we walk with & in the Holy Spirit we overcome fleshly conditions imposed on us from our mother’s womb. Walking with & in the Holy Spirit helps us renew, reshape, & reorganize our thoughts, priorities, principles, mindsets and practices. With & in the Holy Spirit, we experience a new personality and human nature that manifest us as truly new creatures that becomes devoid of our normal-nature programmed inclinations.


This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. 17For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.  18But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law. 

19Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,  20Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. 

22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. 24And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts. 25If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. 26Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.

You Understand Your Dreams?

Do You Understand Your Dreams?

I have had the privilege of benefiting from definitive dreams. Definitive dreams are those that I had and I knew they had nothing to do with nothing. They kind of came “out of the blues.”

Some dreams are a replay of foreboding events. That is you dreamed the dream because your thought was already fearfully preoccupied along the subject line.

Some dreams are directly tied to the discomfort you have while sleeping.

You may eat in your dream if you craved to eat before sleeping.
You may have sexual dreams since you are predisposed to pornography and its materials. Maybe you naturally sexually undress people in your mind.

I have often had dreams in line with the following:
Climbing heights that seem impossible to come down from
Inability to complete tests or examination within stipulated time
Tigers prowling around no matter how I try to avoid them
Insane people responding to invitation call during fasting & praying for a special ministry event.

(I already researched and know meanings and interpretations of the above. I will throw light on them. There are more dreams that I will talk about in subsequent writings.)

I am aware that some deliverance ministers will take your dreams and create an atmosphere that you are afflicted and need deliverance, meaning that there is a demon in you that must be cast out of you. Some will declare you a witch or wizard when you fly like a bird in your dream. Deliverance is an overstated or overused word by some in faith circles. Some have thrived on feeding people’s emotions with heretical stories on how to blame family/household members for their woes.

Deliverance means that you are freed from a power that has a firm grip on you, most likely beyond your control. Everybody needs one form of deliverance or the other, from time to time. That includes the self-exalting deliverance ministers. Many of them are so obsessed, possessive and oppressive.

There are 3 ways you may be under a control that you cannot break free from by yourself and may need a more spiritual person to help you out. Life would be more meaningful when each one receive deliverance from his or her own specific stronghold. No matter what level a minister or believer attain spiritually, deliverance would be needed from one or two of three areas. These are the 3 areas that everyone may need deliverance.

it could be from an oppression
it could be from an obsession
it could be from a possession

Oppression is external and territorial.

Obsession is mental. It could be insanity, compulsive habit, or culturally rigid but incorrect view point.

Possession is rare. Possession is when a demon or demons resides in someone.

Oppression can be overcome by a change of territory, overcoming the dictatorial ingrained forces of your environment, or standing out as a new force to be reckoned with in your environment, society or community. Family member may oppress you. So could your pastor, governor, president, son, daughter, husband or wife.

Obsession can be overcome by constantly renewing your mind. Adjusting your traditional views. Accepting new behaviors. Forcing yourself to yield to help and assistance from those who truly care. The most important assignment of church attendance is to relieve people of their obsessions. Everyone is obsessed in one way or another. Obsession has its roots in how your mind was falsely fed and concreted with falsehoods that you accepted as complete truths.

Possession is difficult to overcome. No human being is possessed without the willful acceptance of the possessed. A possessed person may only be helped if the possessed himself or herself cooperates with a spiritual authority, to evict the demon or demons in him or her.

You can be delivered by allowing God’s word influence a change in your mindset. You can be delivered by saturating your environment with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. You can be delivered when you walk by faith, walk in the Spirit, exercise divine authority, and, when you produce fruits of your salvation.

I will continue this writing here if there are enough likes, shares, questions & contributions. Thanks for reading.

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Faith, Belief, Conviction & Religion

Differences Between Faith, Belief, Conviction & Religion.

(Quite Some Lines To Read. Please READ THROUGH CAREFULLY. It Will Help YOU!)

Belief is a body of information that a MIND is RIGIDLY SET on, rightly & wrongly. Conviction is belief transmitted from head-knowledge into a heart-based action-ready-mode. Many have fixed mindsets on beliefs they do not necessarily practice in face of life situational confrontations. Faith is right conviction that currently & actively defy contradictions in direct moment-by-moment partnership with God. God desires people who are full of faith or are faithful to LIVE BY FAITH!

Wrong beliefs that leads to wrong convictions & wrong actions births religion. Religion can also be based on right beliefs & conviction but lacking current interaction & engagement with God by His Holy Spirit. It is impossible to please God without right belief. Endeavor To Please God! Many church-goers operate in the flesh and not by Spirit-led faith. Faith is action-steps engaged because of inner conviction.

“Without active faith, it is impossible to please God.” Heb 11:6 “So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God.” Romans 8:6.

Faith is strengthened and grown by feeding on right spiritual facts. The more time a Christian spends on feeding on & digesting Gods words by the help of the Holy Spirit, the easier it gets to be propelled by deep-seated assurance of strong personal faith and not by presumptions.

Faith engages body of beliefs to practically seek a yet-to-be-seen impossible solution regardless of facts that are up in arms against it.

Faith is always seeking a premeditated change. It relies on unseen spiritual insight & guidance & patiently waits for the evidently seen to be overcome by the expected physically unseen.

“that ye may not become slothful, but followers of those who through faith and patient endurance are inheriting the promises.” Hebrews 6:12. Young’s Literal Translation

Faith is initiated in the heart of one who choose to act on God’s ability, knocks on God’s doors for divine-enabled answers, and waits on God for rigid physical circumstances to turnaround into a new testimony and miracle.

Bible faith keeps trudging on a lonely path to work out a change even when physical information or facts insists that it will not add up. The woman with more than a decade issue of blood problem, collected her miracle by personally motivated and inspired faith.

“And Jesus told the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” Luke 7:50

Faith is spiritual insight that actively relies on God supplying desired outcome. Faith actively waits on internal guidance and takes bold steps throughout moments of hope, expectancy & turnaround.

Faith is not needed when expected outcomes are naturally certain. Faith does not underestimate physical facts, rather, it insists on superior supernatural facts derived from need for change, fired-up by right belief and convictions.

Faith is a human acting sensually foolish but with certain inner trust and continued assurance that God will show up with supernatural parts to what is hoped for.

“Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us[a] from Your Majesty’s hand. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” Daniel 3:16-20 New International Version (NIV)

Faith is incomplete when it is all about what a human can accomplish without room for what God should add to the belief, conviction & faith equation.

Faith is usually a dangerous risky endeavor that only God’s answer or response can diffuse and turn into testimonies or miracle for the faith-actor.

Faith is not commonplace. It swims against natural inclinations for the most part. It can pitch its operator against friends, families and colleagues who most times would turn themselves into arch enemies.

Faith is a personal responsibility & engagement of divinity in human activity. Since it is rarely a secret engagement it will usually raise wrath of other close-by folks who will be intimidated, embarrassed or unhappy because of exposure of own lack of convictions.

“And Jesus said to the man, “Stand up and go. Your faith has healed you.” Luke 17:19 New Living Translation

Faith does not leave things to chance and ask God to fix things. Rather, it actively takes steps based on spiritually & scripture-ascertained information on what God already promised and assured that He will do.

Faith takes the promissory word of God on its face value and for what it is, and takes steps ahead of physical manifestation of the promise.

“Now Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the settlers of Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the LORD, the God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, surely there shall be neither dew nor rain these years, except by my word.” 1 Kings 17:1 New American Standard Bible

Faith is personal and not a follow-follow reaction to what others in religious believing-crowds are engaging in. Faith is engaged-in INTENTIONALLY, for moments of necessities.

Religion is the fake-faith or false-faith that engages automatic repetitive means & permanent ritualistic methods that are assumed to please God permanently.

Faith is a forward-leaning current daily/weekly engagement with God. It seeks to be current with God’s mind as they may be freshly revealed.

Religion is backward-leaning and is always trusting to repeat past traditions that once made God respond to man’s needs. God desires daily 2-way, heaven-earth, interactions with each one of those who believe in Him. He is known to change his modus-operandi from time to time and is NOT RIGID in mathematically repeating traditions. King David in the Bible never assumed battle strategies without consulting the oracles of God. He always asked and got divine directions for EACH day & battle. God’s answers to him were not always the same regardless that his situations or circumstances were very similar. Also, JESUS sought God’s face in prayers & fellowship, DAILY. Apostle Paul did not assume he could put God in a mold inspite of the fact he was extremely close to God.

“Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14 King James Version (KJV)


While believers (those with mind set on specific beliefs) are in billions of population numbers, those with conviction (who are ready to stand up to faithfully resist contrary beliefs) are far in between numbers, and, people of faith (those who would pay some spiritual price and make necessary “sacrifices” like being labelled extreme, being outcasted for choosing to stand out, punished for spiritual choices, etc), are rare to find.

Where are you regarding belief, conviction, faith or religion? I am personally not interested in traditional beliefs/religioon. I am keen on having a lively faith in Christ JESUS and in relating with Him, freshly, daily. I have always leaned on faith for material, biological & spiritual provisions more than physical world promises. I have tried my best to get most of my Christian livelihood, results and testimonies by staying firm with my convictions. I want to always be found hanging-in-there on daily faith and trust in a living God rather than in what is physically available by evil-propelled corrupted compromising systems here on earth.

“It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him.” Hebrew 11:6 The Message Bible

I encourage you to personally grow your faith in the LORD JESUS Christ. I am available to help those who may be interested. I can be reached inbox here on FB Messenger or by email to May God bless you more & MORE!

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Dear Prayo – By Popoola Oluwatobi

Dear Prayo #00112998699_10153773374578303_7780017865098297913_n When you hear the Bible say that Jesus prayed so fervently that his sweat was like droplets of blood, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Jesus was praying against the evil altar, demonic foundation, and the witches and wizards of his father’s house. I mean, what else can make a man pray like that? What else can make a man involve the totality of his person in prayer but for warfare against family stronghold? But alas, Jesus prayed so passionately and fervently, in bringing himself into alignment with God’s plan for His life at that crucial phase. But that doesn’t make sense. Does it? Ordinary God’s plan? And he was praying with so much energy? Isn’t that the kind of prayer you pray with your two hands in your pockets, mumbling in tongues as your mind wanders from coast to coast?
When you hear the Bible say that the apostles prayed so much that the place where they gathered was shaken, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were praying for money, promotion, or business breakthrough. After all, if we come this life, we no make money, wetin we gain? Right? What else can stir such fervency in prayer? But alas, they prayed so fervently that they may stay bold, and that healings and miracles may abound through them? Does that even make sense? Boldness to preach? And you are praying so fervently that the facility was shaken together? What kind of misinvestment of energy is that? Isn’t that the kind of prayer you should pray, looking at your wristwatch time and time again, so the prayer meeting can end and you can finally go home? You know, so much redefinition has been forced upon the sacred art of prayer, that many today who reckon themselves to be prayer warriors and are so perceived, would fail the Bible test of a sound prayer life. In some quarters today, when you hear the roar of prayers quake the environment and the sound take over the neighborhood, you can almost predict what the prayer point is. It’s either it is about household wickedness, generation curse, ancestral stronghold, evil foundation, or the almighty money. Raise prayers of consecration or for missionaries, and it’d almost be as quiet as the graveyard. Where did we get this training in prayer from? Who taught us? Jesus? Peter? Paul? John? Certainly not! Dear Prayo, what kind of prayer draws out sweat from your body? What kind of prayer draws out roars out of you? What kind of prayer draws tears from your eyes?
48187970_10156356719443303_6494773219147382784_n   Dear Prayo #002 You probably have heard of the term, catching a prayer burden. It is used to describe those moments in prayer when we are totally “out of control”. The prayee becomes consumed, as it were, with the prayer. Those are moments that come with diverse demonstrations. It’s either the individual is hitting is fist on the wall, or stamping his feet hard on the ground, or he bends down, or kneels, with his limbs in disorganized motions and many times, his veins protruding out of his flesh. Sometimes, it brings us to that place where there’s no more words, and there’s only wailings and heavy, deep intermittent sighs. Oh, such precious moments. But for grammatical correctness, you could almost say that in such moments, the prayer is praying the prayee. You see, such moments are not to be experienced only once in a blue moon. We should have regular moments in prayer, when all our hearts and our minds are totally immersed in the praying till it takes over our whole being. Such was the kind of moment Jesus had in Gethsemane. The writer of Hebrews says He prayed with strong cryings and tears. Luke was more lucid. Luke 22:44 KJVS And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground. And what was he praying for? He was at a very crucial phase of the reason He came. And there was the strong temptation to turn back. The pains…the sufferings…the agony was all ahead waiting for him. Yet all of God’s plan from the very beginning depended on His obedience. Oh, Jesus went to pray. And he stayed in prayer until strength and focus was renewed. He prayed away everything beclouding his sight. With much agony. When it was time to obey, the hesitation was all gone. You know…he told Peter, James and John to also pray…so they don’t enter into temptation. But they didn’t heed. They thought obeying God is something that’s very easy. They thought staying true to God’s plan is something determination can make happen. They learned the hard way. Much later in Acts, when they were bullied and threatened to stop preaching and abandon God’s plan, they knew exactly what to do…they went to pray! You see, the man who struggles with God’s plan is usually the man not given to prayers. If you find compromise appealing, something’s wrong. You can’t obey God outside a sound prayer life. You are already being tempted to turn your back on God’s plan for your life? The “successful” life of that your friend with whom you graduated is already making it look like you are stupid for obeying God? Fear, hesitation and struggles seem to be on the climb when God tells you to do something? My brother, get away from everything. Lock yourself up somewhere…and PRAY. I mean…PRAAAAAAAY. Not some tushed prayer o. Not the don’t-disturb-your-neighbour kind of prayer. Get far away. Go into a bush if you like. And pray the prayer. That kind that comes with a heart thoroughly torn and turned inside out. Pray your senses into obedience. Pray fear away. Pray away everything not making you see as clearly as you ought. Get into prayer and stay there. Obeying God is difficult. Prayer is what makes it easy. It gives us a divine perspective. Every odd thing becomes even in our eyes. We begin to see straight paths in a road filled with contours. We receive new eyes, so to speak. The man who will fulfill God’s plan for His life can’t depend on strategy and determination. Strategy will fail and determination will let you down. Peter was determined never to betray Jesus, but when the rubber met the road, he didn’t have to try too hard to betray Him. Prayer is the strategy. That’s what strengthens our will to stand strong and stay true till the very end. The praying man will not be distracted, and the distracted men will not pray. Have you been finding it difficult obeying God? Do it the Jesus way. Get into your Gethsemane. Let it all loose In prayer. You’ll return with strengthened resolve and and an undistracted focus. 48194717_10156356719453303_1708791492203511808_n The above message was approved to be published and permitted by The Author, Popoola Oluwatobi. He can be reached by that same name on Facebook.  

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Understanding Entry & Exits Of Relationships

It is important to keep in mind that all of God’s creations have ins and outs. There are births and death, beginning and endings, starts and finishes, planting and plucking, inroads and exit routes. Human beings are created to survive by inhaling & exhaling, hearing and speaking, ingesting and excreting, on and off heart-pumping, as well as by reproductive conceiving and birthing. God makes rooms for balanced actions and reactions. We all know that even sin, has a start and end-results. For every building that follows standard building codes, there are at least two doors. One is primarily intended for entry and another as an option for exit. Every nation mounts gates and gateways for monitoring in and out travels of citizens and foreigners.


When God created the first human, He laid down certain grounds rules of engagements right at the beginning of the man-God relationship, and made clear on how things can start and end. Mankind was made to understand limits and boundaries of certain beginnings and conclusions. God is called alpha and omega, which is also known as the beginning and the end. All through the Bible, we have stories of entry and exits of several Bible characters. We also saw the beginning & end of Old Testament principles and practices. Now we know how the New Testament started, and have been told how it will end.


Worthwhile love relationships do not blur-out importance of clear and notable understanding of entry and exits. Many people are so excited to start a relationship that they consciously chose to be fearful of not asking questions about when it would end, because they do not want to disrupt the beginning of a fuzzy-minded engagement. They refuse to clearly set agreeable rules of engagement and what exit routes are going to be. Even when some read out, or repeat, wedding vows, they mostly do so, out of religious obligations, and not necessarily out of clear, well considered, mutual understanding of the terms and conditions of such meaningful vows.

Most religious vows states the exit of marriages as “till death do us part” because God expects marriage love relationships to be a lifetime covenant with one opposite-sex partner. What most people lack clear understanding of regarding covenants, is that, covenants have vows and stipulated consequences for violation of vows. Even God does not assume that every human marriage will end ONLY after either or both party dies. Many marriages terminate abruptly when stipulated commitments are consciously sabotaged, before “death do us part.” There are provisions and counsels in the Bible that most people miss, regarding conducts that keeps marriages strong, and the ones that can make it unworkable.

In most non-marital relationships, people already know by nature, why and when they start the work, colleague, neighborly or friendship relationship, and that it will terminate at some unpredictable time. They kind of have clear understanding of the loose (society-defined) boundaries and are hardly under any illusions that the relationship is NOT automatically going to be until “death do us part.”

behind barss

More relationships are likely to work better when parties involved educate themselves clearly on mutually agreed exit terms. There is likely to be more respect for one another in a relationship when each person is aware and ready to avoid whatever could provoke the other to seek exit. God did not desire to keep anyone in perpetual jail or prison with a notorious relationship tormentor. There are no human relationships that work on auto-drive or auto-pilot. Relationships works for those who roll up their sleeves and keep it working as a male or female. Marital relationship in itself is God’s plan for a male and female to complete, complement and cement one another. Since all humans are naturally individualistic, it takes patience and studious learning to let go of such innate stubborn disposition, and be bonded, while allowing a partner to penetrate and be integrated into one’s virtual or physical space/territory, authority and mindset.

I can only pray for you reader that God will help your relationship find the joy and genuine happiness that will maximize and extend the days and years between a clear start, a fulfilling in between, and, God-planned end, of your relationship. In JESUS NAME! AMEN!!!

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For life to be kept simple, personal relationships and involvements with other people have to be delicately well-managed. The book on true LOVE, is a massive tool to help achieve a properly managed, peace-filled, fruitful & simple life.



The book corrects many myths and misrepresentations of Bible truths on family. Many have become negligent of Bible requirements and take core-foundation marriage “law and order” for granted.



What LOVE Is, What LOVE Is Not (Book)

True LOVE is God’s attribute and characteristics. It is beyond casual friendship or romance. If more people understand God kind of LOVE, which is not stupid, blind or ignorant, they will enjoy better life and smoother flowing relationships.


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Teamwork That Works Relationships

I recently took interest in American football. I was more used to soccer which is what we knew in my part of the world as football. I do watch basketball every once in a long while. That happens mostly when I get trapped watching TV with others. And it is either, there is no way of changing channels without being disrespectful to others or I just cannot help but get glued to see what the outcome of the opposing team sports would be. Most sports are competitive, and they thrive by facing opponents as a well trained team.

I was watching a most-watched news show earlier today. The news show is mostly anchored by, and named after an individual, like “Tonight News By David Muir.” At the closing end of the news, the chief anchor was introduced by another anchor who handled the show on weekends and on other occasions when the chief host is unavoidably unavailable. Whenever that assistant anchor/host or others presents the show without the one to whom the news-show is named after, the unavailable host is profusely acknowledged.

So, earlier this evening, at just a bit over 48 hours to the end of 2017, the main anchor of that NEWS Show spoke through a pre-recorded video to thank viewers, advertisers and his entire TEAM on their involvements and contributions for the year 2017. He thereafter wished everybody including all viewers an early wish of HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The most important part of that thank-you video was the end-credit list of behind-the-scene participants of that TEAM. Functioning like clock-work, without profuse nightly acknowledgement and mention of names, were about a hundred names and faces of folks that did not seem to matter beyond the face that the show was named after. Some had their photos, which were snapped while on duty, shown. Others only had their names listed. In a whole year these folks worked hard to propel and individual’s name. The less than 25 minutes a day, maybe, 360 days a year, NEWS show was all about an individual team-leader until specialists and experts were now showcased. I was particularly impressed by the volume names and extent of specialized units and department that worked hard behind the scenes. One would have thought that the showed had just a few assistants. The lesson for me is, not much can be achieved by running solo-systems.

There is no doubt that most highly rated and successful TV shows or even movies, also operated in similar fashion. Faces like Oprah Winfrey, Joel Osteen, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Joyce Meyer, Steve Harvey, and their likes, have worldwide views and acceptance. Yet unknown to many, is the powerful structures of team-work that props them up to the heights they enjoyed. And, of course, every team member goes home with pays and rewards for their silent important contributions.

Since I lived in the USA, I observed that most successful enterprises, sports, TV shows and organizations worked by strict adherence to TEAM work. No successful team, staffs homogeneous-minded people, but varied-thinking individuals who have something to contribute to a picture that is Bigger than an individual goal. Each unit member is expected to specialize and concentrate on a specific duty, no matter how much such could also engage other areas of responsibilities. The important ingredient of TEAM work is to have people dedicated to specific aspects of a broad plan, assignment or purpose. These teams are never afraid to quickly FIRE and replace any individual or unit that may be hurtful to overall goals and over-aching mission targets.

I know some places in the world where most people are geared to want to accomplish broad goals, missions, assignments and purposes as individuals without specifically creating room to accommodate others’ specialized contribution. An individually will struggle to engage diverse details by him or herself, ALONE, because no one else can be trusted to produce a perfect-enough contribution. There are under-developed nations and endowed people who remain at mediocre success levels because of inability to develop TEAM systems. There can be no major accomplishments and goals in this life until there is working TEAM systems.

Our human body consist of integrated TEAM systems. A team of cells and organs are dedicated to goals of Breathing, Nerve/Sensory Services, Digestive Achievement, Audio/Video Responsibilities, Reproductive Commitments, Transportation, and Health & Wellness Emergency Agents. For each of the above named overall goal or assignment are obvious, central, or leading “names or faces” behind which are millions of behind the scene operators who are also adequately supply enough from the available resource common-wealth. Everybody may not get the same amount of resource, but everyone gets sufficiently enough. Every grumbling or complaining unit, either ejects itself from the TEAM or is sacked to avoid disgruntle cancerous service or disruptive tendencies.

Successfully working governments and governmental organizations consist of integrated TEAM systems. There are too many activities of life that any government are empowered and expected to handle as a government unit. Nobody views Nigeria, USA, Singapore or any other National government as anything else other than one united entity.  But such unit of world government tackles myriads of issues and human services that has to be narrowed down under a team of unit administrators that is service under the face of a President. A President is praised or blamed when any unit of the nation is internationally assessed, regardless than he or she may not have direct responsibility over whatever issue necessitated such fair or unfair judgement. Each government is usually organized around several TEAMs that are commissioned for overseeing details of their area of oversight. On the broader level, Federal Governments oversees States while States oversees Local Governemtns. under each of those oversees body of leaders are Departments, Ministries or Parastatals . These in turn handles issues of Health, Legislature, Justice, Education, Urban Development, Transportation, Electric Power, Agriculture, Military, Immigration, Ports, Aviation, Marine and so on and so forth. Without well coordinated TEAM work, governments cannot function as expected.

While many government have learnt to work details of TEAM systems over hundreds of years or less, many private sector individuals are yet to see the importance and need to embrace TEAM work and its benefits into their bossy-environment business. In Christian circles, longer existing ministry organizations have embraced TEAMwork at the heart of their existence. But many startup church ministers may be trying to re-invent wheels for one-man-show ministry leadership style, instead of imbibing teamwork. Older Churches like the Catholic, Baptist, Anglican, Methodist and others are still standing today because they put teams in place that works their unique belief systems. While many individuals work seamless well within government and organizational  structures, it seem very many are unaware that TEAM systems ought to be integrated as part and parcel of their intimate LOVE-life.

As we prepare for a new year, our prospective goals, plans and intentions may be fruitfully enhanced by prayerfully involving others, not because they are perfect in our own eyes, views or relative to our opinion of them. In teams, there is room for hire, fire and replace. But hopefully the hire is diligently undertaken to avoid breakdowns associated with firings. Where one individual is able to accomplish a thousand unit of success, a well coordinated team of two may achieve a 1000% more, producing ten thousand instead.


Marital LOVE would have BETTER results when activities and units of the home are clearly defined, spelled-out and laid-out, just like the human body example above. Husbands and wives have to learn to not be sole-expert over every issue of their homes. Rather, the better of the two should be allowed room to be the expert in the respective areas of strengths.

Team-work does not work by micro-managing others. It rather works by allowing each unit to work independently to produce expected results. All that the team expects of its individual is to produce the result for which the unit is established in place. For example, if a graphic artist is employed in a team of broadcasters, it will make no sense to go into the creative arts department to dictate details of expected design output. The designer should be given the imaginary picture and given time to go achieve the design within reasonable time.

True Team-work does not accommodate idleness. Every unit has to be busy producing what it is put in place to achieve. It is idleness that causes trespasses into unsolicited areas. Every Team unit should be busy achieving its purpose or such unit would have to be discarded.

As I learn more about and watched american football, I see team work at its best. The quarter back is the face and brain of the team. The success and failure of the team at any competition will be blamed on the quarter back. Meanwhile, the quarter back cannot win by arrogating superior mindset to individualistic prowess. The quality of a quarter back’s performance depends on how yielded he is to a Coach and how he or she humbly fosters a qualitative flow of esprit-de-corp team-spirit. A football team consist of a team of probably a hundred individuals, even though only eleven can play at a time.

It was amazing for me to understand that each member of an american football team is taught and nourishment-fed in direct necessity of role to be played in the team. The defenders are needed to be heavy-weight-set and fat, so they can effectively use their bodies to fend off approaching opposition. Runners are needed to be athletic and lean so they can run fast and meander in between players of the opposing team. With this team type, runners do not jostle to become defenders, nor vice-versa. The quarter back has to maintain the right mental balance and mood management because he has less than split seconds to determine winning decisions on a field of play.

One more understanding of the American football that caught my fancy, is the fact that team members are switched from time to time depending on the situations and circumstances that a team face, as they play. When it is time to advance into “enemy” territory, more agile running players are brought in, in anticipation of quick penetration into the other teams end-zone, for a touch-down. Otherwise, when it is time to defend team from opposing intrusion, players are switched to have more well-built defenders who come in with their hefty shoulders to “terrorise” and stop the other fast players from claiming yards and ground within their own zone.

I cannot claim to have mastered all that needs to be known about American Football. But, I have learned enough to know that relationships and marriages can thrive better by the lessons and metaphors that the football game, Personalized TV shows, or world-renowned motivation-speaking successes entails. All of these examples worked excellently well by understanding how a TEAM plays. They show that it is important to hire right, fire right, replace right, know when to switch quickly depending on unexpected situations and circumstance, knowing to have right reactions to expected offensive approaches, knowing what to feed on in preparation to life-plays and learning all that is needed per time to successfully defend space/territory alongside teammates, who may not even be perfect at playing their own assigned roles.

True LOVE is a team work. True LOVE works with those who have team-spirit, team-rule-understanding,  and team-dedication. Team work works by embracing strenghts and weaknesses of others whether they are above or below one’s self-positioned level.

Teamwork works because people work it. It works better in several fields of life than any one-man run shows ever did. Real LOVE is not individualistic. True LOVE adjusts in every way possible to intimate one, or loved ones, in exact same way teams manage to keep together regardless of forces that are always at play to rip them apart.

In marriages, there are pre-defined roles and rules of play, according to the Bible. To not understand, or refuse to pay attention, to Bible-defined marriage guidance rules, would be to stubbornly create wrong marital work environment. Of course, marriage is a Bible stipulated teamwork for individuals who know that each party has parts and roles to play, to stop an opposing demonic spiritual force from defeating a union that could work under God. Marriage would work better for those who reasonably implements team-rules, team-understanding, team-spirit and opposition team-fighting team-strategies.



What LOVE Is, What LOVE Is Not (Book)

True LOVE is God’s attribute and characteristics. It is beyond casual friendship or romance. If more people understand God kind of LOVE, which is not stupid, blind or ignorant, they will enjoy better life and smoother flowing relationships.


12 Insights & Prayers For A Stronger & More Loving WOMAN

A lifetime book material that throws helpful insights into womanhood. It contains LOVE nuggets as well as uncommon truths on why women usually act and react the way they do.



The book corrects many myths and misrepresentations of Bible truths on family. Many have become negligent of Bible requirements and take core-foundation marriage “law and order” for granted.



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