Faith, Belief, Conviction & Religion

Differences Between Faith, Belief, Conviction & Religion. (Quite Some Lines To Read. Please READ THROUGH CAREFULLY. It Will Help YOU!) Belief is a body of information that a MIND is RIGIDLY SET on, rightly & wrongly. Conviction is belief transmitted from head-knowledge into a heart-based action-ready-mode. Many have fixed mindsets on beliefs they do not… Read More Faith, Belief, Conviction & Religion

Understanding Entry & Exits Of Relationships

It is important to keep in mind that all of God’s creations have ins and outs. There are births and death, beginning and endings, starts and finishes, planting and plucking, inroads and exit routes. Human beings are created to survive by inhaling & exhaling, hearing and speaking, ingesting and excreting, on and off heart-pumping, as… Read More Understanding Entry & Exits Of Relationships