Ministers Association & Affiliation Form

Membership registration is FREE. But we need Affiliating Fellows & Sponsors who GIVES voluntary donations to sustain the organization. Please click the link below to help keep the VISION flourishing.  Click on Membership Application Form to join.

Free Association Benefits         Registered Affiliates       Monthly/Year Sponsors/Trustees

Free Bio Web Page                          Free Association Benefits              Free Online Ad Placement

Free Newsletter Upload                Free Book/Magazine Upload          Free Event Promo

Free Ministry Travel Advisory     Free Invitation To Conferences     Free Use of Mailing List

Free A/V Message Uploads           Free Letter Of Good Standing         Full Affiliating Benefits

Financial & Material Support       Letter Of Ministerial Affiliation                      Minimum of

(When Available)                           Access To International Network            $100/Mth, $1000/Yr

Also Available For Registered Affiliates

International Ministry Charter

Recommendation For Ministrations

Church Plant Support

                                                           $250 Registration Above – Below                                                                                                          Attracts Additional Donation/Honorarium

                                         Minister Ordination Licensing After Passing Tests ($250)

                                         Arrange TV Interviews When Available (Minimum $1000)

                                         International Awards of Recognition

                                         Pastor /Prophet/Evangelist/Teacher/Apostolic Consecrations

                                         (Minimum $500)

                                         Overseer Consecration (Minimum $1500)

                                         Apostolic Consecration (Minimum $1500)

                                         Bishop Affirmation & Enthronements (Minimum $2,500)

                                         Branded T-Shirts & Souvenir Materials (Prices Will Be Posted When                                                             Available

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Please click on the donate button to make a membership/alliance/Partnering Sponsor/Trustee to make donation. The Lord bless you for doing so. In JESUS name. Amen.

Click on Membership Application Form to join.


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