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I am a missionary, a traveling minister, a church planter and I represent the interest of many missions and missionaries in Africa, Asia and in other needy regions of the world.

By helping me you will be helping children as well as adults who need drinkable water, proper clothing, food, health-cares and good education in some remote places around the world.

I work with affiliating ministry organizations and ministers who are our hands, and legs in their locations around the world. Within about 3 decades of ministry, I have been involved in journeys to see to people’s physical and spiritual well-beings in about a dozen nations. I enjoy uplifting people in several nations of the world by the help of the Holy Spirit of God. I have seen faces of suffering and needs around the world. I believe that God gave me the privilege of moving from Ohio to New York since about a year now, so I could be well positioned to receive and send assistance to needy places and people that I represent. As a Bishop that is submitted to a USA based body of ministers, I am adequately authorized to attend to material and spiritual needs of people in the name of our Lord JESUS Christ.

I promise to be accountable and guided by relevant laws as you use me as your messenger to send, ship and or distribute your gifts of love to people all around the world.

My name is Olanrewaju Elujoba. I am available to be your friend on Facebook. I can be reached directly on phone number 6146227081

I hold Breakfast Prayer Meetings and Bible Class by 8am-10am on Sundays and Love & Leadership Classes on Fridays by 8pm. Meetings Hold @ Celebration Zone Hall – 187-11 Linden Blvd, St. Albans, NY 11412. You are invited to our currently on-going Faith & Healing Prayer Services for good health, working marriages, finances, careers, and intimacy with God.

We are also seeking financial, material and other assistance for our community care projects at our meeting location in St. Albans, New York. The project offering includes free hot-tea, hot coffee, free food, free health services, like blood pressure checks, blood sugar tests, etc. from volunteering experts and also free bible counseling on love and relationships.

You can donate online through http://bishopolaa.blogspot.com.
You can also check us up at http://www.worldwidewordmissions.com.
(Please call 6146227081for further information, checks or questions)

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