Having Dangerous Dreams?

In recent years, I saw 2 alarming dreams.

  1. The first one occurred during a period while I was fasting and praying for a special event/program or meeting that I was organizing at St. Albans, New York. I saw crazy folks emerging from a mental institution. They were kind of like answers to my prayers about having people respond to the special service that I publicized and was waiting to receive people at. My question was, why are these sort of people coming when what I desired was to talk to sane people, and to gradually build a fellowship membership?39195303_1793638797393043_8070594654170513408_n
  2. I saw another dream where wild cats like tiger or lion were all over the territory where I was hanging out. They were not specifically looking out for me, but they were the only company that surrounded me. I tried to be calm so I would not arouse their attention and attack on me. I squirmed around in the dream, hoping to find a safe place, away from the imminent danger that could erupt any second. After making such wish in the dream, I suddenly found myself on a higher ground, like a higher wall, where those prowling wild animals could not reach me. But, it did not take long before I found others on that same high fence wall, walking around gorgeously minding there own animalistic businesses. When I finally got a way to locate myself in a room that kept the infiltrating animals out-doors, someone soon came around hanging by the door, keeping it partially open, while conversing with me. I was immediately terrified that the person at the door would soon compromise the newly found place where I was beginning to feel safe again. I fretted and instructed that fellow to shut the door and not allow me and the safe house to be exposed to another environmental pollution and a sense of insecurity. I knew the room was safe and there was no fear in the room. Leaving the door partially open gave me another alarmed sense of apprehension whereby one imagined that another wild animal could pounce at one, unannounced.


Deriving from these dreams are pertinent questions on what this life is potentially about, and, how one could enjoy a safe life. The questions need answers that could help anyone to enjoy a better life, in a better environment, that is devoid of imminent dangers. The questions are:

  1. How does one overcome pervading alarms in one’s society?
  2. How do I survive the wildness of lone rangers that would waste no time to consume me in their strides for self-centered agenda?
  3. How do I contain the craziness, psychological illnesses and spiritual bereft states of people all around and about me?
  4. What do I do to manage emotional liabilities from my relationships?
  5. What are God’s principles, processes, practices that will help me surmount life’s obstacles?
  6. How do I find and connect with the right people that would enhance my profiting in life?
  7. What are my personal limitations that I need to be upgraded from?
  8. How do I contain my self-will from contradicting God’s will?
  9. What must I do to balance an appetite for self control and unwieldy control of others?
  10. Where do I look to get the right environment and surrounding, so I can flourish as God intended for me to be?
  11. What measures must I take to check my appetite so I can have the right degree of motivation and encouragement to perform God-pleasing daily exploits?
  12. What are the essentials that I need in order to thrive as an independent individual that would have to account back to God for my own life actions and reactions?


As I look forward to providing possible answers to the above harrowing questions, I remember a description that a prophet shared in one of my meetings at the Celebration Zone Hall and venue of my then weekly fellowship at St. Albans, New York. The american whom I had met at the St. Alban’s Queens Library on Linden Avenue had said that he saw a large expanse of land with many tree stumps and I was trying to create a fresh garden out of them. I tried to find out further insight from the prophet on the meaning and essence of that revelation, but that did not materialize. I had to try to figure out what it meant. I was indeed laboring hard and struggling to impress God’s words on people who indeed acted like they were chopped off tree stumps. Suffice to say that we sometimes try to move immovable people. We try to grow stuff from those who are already stuck and unwilling to achieve anything new. We preach change to people who deliberately dig their heels in, in direct rebellion to any effort to liberate them from indulgences and vices. We try to provide leadership to people who are intentional sworn rebels-at-heart.DSCN3384


It seems clear that JESUS faced life realities as painted by the above 3 scenarios.

  1. He had daily encounters with people who were spiritually sick and beside themselves.
  2. He was surrounded by people who had totally messed-up mental orientations along with spiritual incapacities.
  3. He tried almost fruitlessly to move Jewish people out of their stuck ways, traditions and cultures. It was mainly after His death, burial and resurrection that the needle of societal revival began to shift a little at certain times and seasons of life.

In John 2:24-25, Matthew 10:16-17 and 1 Samuel 16:7, we find out that God and JESUS were never impressed by outward appearances of humans. They dig deep and see deeply into real intentions, true motives of states of hearts, or minds, of people.


I continue to learn to perceive life from God’s lenses. To not follow JESUS and God’s examples of handling humans from spiritual perspective, would mean that one choose to remain stupid, foolish and perpetually frustrated in life.


Following God’s words in Bible scriptures, living a truly committed life with JESUS, and allowing oneself to be daily yielded to spiritual influences, and directions, of an abiding Holy Spirit, would always help in no small measures, for one to enjoy a much more fulfilled physical life!


These are my prayers, you could make them yours too.

39211686_528568240934553_2482815955529367552_n“My father God, my Lord JESUS, Holy Spirit, I ask, from the bottom of my heart, that you help me break off of my life, every stubborn spiritual yoke, that has been kept in place, to frustrate me from enjoying a good life. I ask that you help me overcome personal limitations, heart wounds and emotional distresses that arose out of my life engagements and interaction with others. Please restore strength in my spirit, soul and body, so I can fulfill your plans, and, purposes for my life. IN JESUS NAME I PRAYED. Amen & Amen!”


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Apostle Olan Elujoba preaches, teaches, authors, publishes and broadcasts God’s words, in obedience to a calling he received to pursue the GREAT COMMISSION since about 30 years ago. He heads Worldwide WORD Missions, a global initiative that torches lives by God’s words, by the power of the Holy Spirit, till millions of lives shine as lights for JESUS Christ, Our LORD!bishop olaa3 trmd

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