You Take Dreams Seriously?

Do You Take Dreams Seriously?

In the last days of 2019, I had spiritual directions to talk to people more about Order & Dreams in 2020. Dreams are given to all people, “saved” or “unsaved”, “Christians” or not. They are given to influence order in life matters.

Order is instruction, commandment, prioritized guidelines, accurate arrangement of things, execution of judgment, decision from authorities or authoritative persons, preset ranks, hierarchies & protocols, etc. From Genesis chapter one verse one to Revelations chapter twenty-two verse twenty-one, God, Prophets, JESUS, apostles and all other God’s emissaries worked to introduce or reintroduce order back in our lives, world, and communities. Taking dreams seriously can put lives back in divine order.

When God wants to bring order to a life or society, he reveals his divine plan through symbolic dreams. Abram was granted dreams of restoration that will happen 400 years ahead. Daniel had world government symbolic dreams. Nebuchadnezzar had dreams. In the New Testament, there were other divine encounters like trance, visions & revelations. They worked almost exactly like dreams. They were given to provide insights, instructions, guidance, directions and so on and so forth.

People need to take dreams more seriously. Dreams are not easy to interpret. Like many have done with symbols of the supernatural writings in the book of Revelation in the Bible, dreams can be mangled up and its positive possibilities can be missed regardless.

Dreams can convey1. Predestined plans that cannot be altered2. Warnings of what to prayerfully avoid 3. Whispers on how to apply wisdom4. Insightful explanation of confusing life events, etc.

I have had many kinds of dreams. Some I remember vividly as soon as I wake up, others are not so. Some were hidden away as soon as I woke. Some materialized only when it becomes a deja vu moment. (that is I remember as soon as what I dreamed about is playing out and I can literally predict the next few seconds of what I had seen.)

Prior to getting to America I had dreamed and seen myself at my sister’s family house. When I finally got there, it was exactly as I had seen it in the dream.

I once dreamed about a Pastor’s wife and warned her how she should not let a particular young man visit their matrimonial home so she would avoid the consequences of what was seen in the dream. Like many women who defy voice of authority on purpose, the woman did not only allow visits, the young man became her closest ally, the church member was allowed to sleep in the home for days (“with good reasons”). Of course the boy had access to the matrimonial bedroom too. Now, there was no proof of sexual relationship, but that marriage is broken down and over today. I knew for a fact that taking that dream more seriously could have aborted that marriage failure.

I was helping a particular church during my missionary journey to New York some years ago. This church would have only about 4 or 5 people during weekly services and probably about 20 when all relations and families of those come together on Sunday. As I worked with the church, a special event was planned not before too long. As this program was approaching and prayerful preparations were ongoing, I had a dream about serpents that could not be numbered at that church’s doors. It was not a usual dream. I threw something like stone at them to see if I could harm or scare them during the dream. The effort had no effect whatsoever. I did not understand the exact meaning of the dream but I prayed hard. I also asked a senior colleague for the meaning but I was not sure that the interpretation given by the colleague was right. So I took it up in more serious prayers. Negative implication from dreams do not have to be allowed to happen. Quick praying and positive actions can reverse evils predicted by some dreams. The event at the church went extremely well. A particular lady manifested like she had marine spirits using her and tried to disrupt some aspect of the meetings but otherwise, that church packed every available space with people occupying everywhere jam-packed with additional seats, and some were still standing. The tiny congregation church had a highly successful meeting like they never had prior and never again since then. I believe appropriate action staved off more demonic opposition from that church, for a season.

During years when I was lagging behind in getting married, I used to dream of myself getting wedded. At other times I would find out in dreams that I had 2 boys and 1 girl. The dreams reoccurred several times and I would wake up glad that I would soon get started to have those dreams in reality. At a point after many years of waiting and the dreams would not materialize, I sought the face of God. It was then that I was given spiritual insight and I realized that dreams can be the enemy’s ways of keeping real life needs trapped in spiritual dream world. Just as God uses dreams, so can evil powers. That I dreamed about those things were no indication that they would happen AUTOMATICALLY in real life. I was directed by the Holy Spirit to pray in certain ways to CONVERT things I enjoyed in dreams into real life. It was not too long after obeying to offer persistent prayers about those dreams before they were naturally realized. Many people are rich, spends lots of money and see success in their dreams but experience otherwise in physical life. Dreams have to be taken seriously. Some dreams should trigger you to engage in spiritual warfare. Some dreams should get you into intercession prayers if you take the dreams seriously.

I will tell more about my dreams and how I used them to create present order. You need to take your dreams seriously. You can reach me inbox, if you need some help with your dreams. PLEASE SHARE!

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