Avoiding Crab-Natured People

I lived among crabs for too long. Many human beings are like crabs. They are everywhere roundabout. You need not look far to find them. They are so close-by doing crab businesses. They are out to claw you down as fast as they can, at the slightest given (or not), opportunity. Their primary life goal is to determine where others belong. They must project & impose their self-will on you.

When you live among crabs, you get no encouragement nor support for good efforts. Crabs are intimidated by whatever you validly achieve on your own that gives them no glory.

Like many ministers, I laid down my life for some decades, providing all kinds of free services that others get paid for as a career, but God wanted it rendered as a servant & witness of Christ JESUS. I was a driver/transporter, photographer, secretarial-service provider, care-giver, life-coach, cleaning service worker, IT proficient worker, web designer, decorator, event organizer, musician, blogger, handyman, researcher, event MC/moderator, cinematographer, audio engineer, script writer/film producer, writer/publisher, delivery man, receptionist, promoter of talents, ministry leader, preacher, teacher, encourager, motivation speaker, prophetic guidance & counselor, graphic designer, advertiser, courier servant, relationship counsellor, etc. Ministers can be many things to people at own charge. We make ourselves run whatever errands that are necessary to see to improvement and enlightenment of lives, most of the time without thinking twice, and at personal sacrificial costs.

In civilized climes someone would take one of those skill-sets or free service rendered to give money or support. Such services as authorship, graphic design, systems analyst , computer/IT capabilities, would be indirectly engaged to indirectly promote or patronize the minister so he or she could become more successful, recognized, celebrated and get financial returns. Crabs have no such inclinations to pick something out of many as an excuse to help. They must take charge of you as they deem fit and redirect you as they selfishly choose, without really seeking your preferred advantage.

Crabs are final authorities unto themselves. Nobody must be ahead or above them. They even feel threatened by colleagues. They will drag you down. They have false self confidence. They consider it their role to cut others down to the size they sickly determine. Your personal goal does not matter to crabs. They assume your success index. And, they must redefine you to fit their own criteria. If you do not conform to their demands, they will tear you down to present a false public image of you.

They pose as friends. They are members of family. They can be colleagues. They sneak in on you like they needed you or you needed them. They can be so deceptively close to you like green snake in green grass. They blend-in with innocent victims like a chameleon does with its environment. They are friendly, undetected enemies that would inject poisonous thoughts and ideas to incapacitate your genuine progress.

If you ever find yourself in company of ambitious and competitive fellows who specialize in comparing self to self, run! Those are crabs. Nobody is successful around them except they say so. And they hardly say such, since they must be on top of the class.

Many crab-natured people don’t even know they got it. They operate in the witchcraft-motivated mindset, subconsciously.

To avoid crabs, learn to be true to yourself. Be highly discerning of the spirits at work in folks around you, whoever they are, or whoever they claim to be. Develop yourself in walking by the Holy Spirit. Obey your instincts more than you give charge of your life to someone else. Do not blindly entrust your life into any human being’s hands!

Avoid crabs. Avoid being a crab. Give God full charge of your life. Allow JESUS Christ to work in you, & with you!. Be at peace with eternal kingdom priorities. Be satisfied and content with your level, per time. Pursue reasonable plans for your own good. Seek the good of neighbors, as well, and, as much as you can. Celebrate, motivate, enhance, elevate, and, make life easier for others around you!

“We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.” 2 Cor. 10:12 NIV

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