Eve is the naturally minded woman who runs her marriage by her senses and not by God’s leading. Because she is naturally spiritual, she would assume that she is always spiritual. Eve decisions will ultimately take her man down and not upward. Eve is an artful schemer. She operates behind the scene, plotting things that would ultimately put her man in danger. Eve is superior in her views and is always right in her own eyes. The only thing Eve understands is to bend her man as she pleases. She was called Eve by Adam because she must have absolute CONTROL!!! Eve will automaticallyfather2 play all the roles of father, mother, etc. whether she is given the mandate or not. Eve will edge out her man until he is frustrated out of his role at home.

Adam is also a naturally minded man who runs his marriage by relinquishing leadership mandate. Adam would put himself in a position that will not earn enough respect of her woman. Adam will allow negative influences to creep into his home without fending it off. Adam will neglect his priestly role over the home. Adam is always diligent at outside-the-home-duties but very slack at home-duties, and that, to the detriment of the home, overburdening the woman.

By the way, regardless that some may claim gender bias, the truth is that Adam is not usually so much a problem for the home as Eve can be. That is because Eve has more capacity to define the atmosphere at home than Adam has. Eve will usually not let Adam lead the home because she believes she is more capable. Eve’s biggest problem is that she does not like to SUBMIT. Meanwhile, Adam is definitely weaker than Eve because she was given more internal qualities so she could play her HELPER/COACH/MENTOR role. Adam would yield grounds to petulant Eve because he does not want her troubles. Adam forgets that Eve is not God’s accounting officer for the marriage. Meanwhile, Eve will never agree that God has not put her in charge as accounting officer for the marriage.

Though Adams’ biggest problem is lack of LOVE, yet, definition of love, remains a suspect subject. Love is definitely not just gentility and romance. LOVE is about tough choices and standing firm grounds too. Compare a mother’s love for her kids. I have seen many mother’s tough and harsh love in growing up kids. So why do many wives think love from husband should just be nice all the time. The second Adam (JESUS) laid down His life and died for His bride, the Church, while the church continues to mess up, waiting for cleansing and washing before it can be re-presented to Christ again. There is no doubt that the “bride” will also be subject to painful pruning and scrubbing when judgment day come. So, if today’s Adam must literally die to prove love to today’s Eve, too, then the Eve would not be let go scot-free of guilty verdict.

Eve ought to be a womb and not a woe to man. A womb normally cultivates and nurtures to full-term life. A woe cuts life short. Believe it or not, A Bible-defined WOMAN should cultivate her MAN into fulfillment of destiny while a Bible-defined man should permit, provide and protect the environment where that has to happen. A Bible-defined woman is superiorly graced than a man. May more women be empowered to function in full understanding of their God-ordained modes in JESUS name.


WIFE: Do not rubbish your husband’s leadership in the home. All he needs is your respect and regard for his God given position!!

HUSBAND: You do not have to muscle your way through the home. You have authority, but you do not have to be authoritarian! Give your woman enough room and chance to express herself, gifts and qualities. You do not have to be egoistic and rigid! Leadership is also about serving. Serving also means submitting. A good leader is a flexible leader. Know when to submit and when not to. Be a serving leader. Know when to be a lamb and when to be a lion. Jesus was more lamb to people and lion to the enemy. Be more lamb than a lion in the home!!!

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