IMBM 103 – 20 Life, LOVE & Leadership Lessons & Prayers From DAVID

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IMBM 1O3 BY Bishop Olan Elujoba

20 Life-Lessons & Prayers From DAVID

  1. He was a special candidate of divine favor and grace. He was open to God’s calls and assignments. The last born in a family of 8 was always open to advance agendas that brought God honor and praises. When he got anointed for kingly office, he yielded himself and submitted to the challenges that such unexpected calling warranted.
  2. He believed in God and trusted beyond doubts, God’s ability to show up for him in dangerous situations and circumstances. He understood how to move God’s hands and therefore exercised uncommon boldness and courage.
  3. He was so sure of the God he served that he would run towards impossible Goliath, adversarial kings, odd situations and enemies fortresses, on purpose. He was a daredevil, one might say.
  4. He was very perceptive and sensitive. He would not take action-steps without seeking spiritual directions in advance. He kept in close proximity, any and every tool that could help him find out the mind of God before executing decisions. That is why he kept spiritual advisers or priests in his company almost always.
  5. He was a warrior regardless that he also loved to be in company of people. He effectively waged spiritual and physical wars and rarely ever lost a battle. He new how to pick what warfare to fight and which ones to tactically avoid.
  6. He was good at making smart strategic choices while keeping it in constant focus to please God and to fulfill only God’s approved will. He never owned victories. He ascribed all his successes to heaven without regrets or egotistical, prideful showings.
  7. He understood and put to victorious use, the powers of words. By his words he warmed himself up to the king Saul’s heart, so he could fight and win Goliath. By wise words he successfully led a company of disgruntled people who had been in debt, distressed and discontented turned into accomplished achievers and successful experts under his training. By power of words he waxed poetic, wrote psalms, songs, and sang lyrics.
  8. He was a great leader of leaders. He was so good at effective leadership that older and more qualified people willingly submitted themselves to him for guidance and directions. Four hundred and more eager and hungry people showed up for his leadership at one time and he was able to absorb them into him army camp without a problem. Commanding warriors is no feat for any fainthearted.
  9. He cared for people and especially God’s people. He took up there needs and made ways to provide for them like he would for his own personal needs. Even when he was yet to be accepted to sit on the throne that he was anointed to sit on, he treated people as great king that had uppermost interests of the subjects at heart.
  10. He had his weaknesses and he did not pretend to not have had them. He had multiple women issues and marriages that did not go down well. He had embarrassing children issues. He was a great leader outside the home while his family matters were not good to emulate. When he conspired with Bathsheba to frame her husband into fathering a pregnancy that was not his, and he thereafter had to command that the faithful soldier Uriah be positioned to be kill, God did not cover up his wickedness. We all have weaknesses. God used Nathan to confront that lack of discretion. He will confront ours too. He does not excuse our mistakes just because we are anointed and representing him.woman reading book
  11. He was an ardent adherent worshiper. He just loved to spend time with God. He once danced to express his worship to God that his wife, king Saul’s Michal, was so embarrassed that she complained, to her hurt. God shut her womb in displeasure and as signal to let us know that he enjoyed and enjoys undisguised worship. David would never feel a sense of shame while conducting any act of worship. He was a warrior and worshiper. We can be hardened warriors with tender hearts of a worshiper too.
  12. He lived a New Testament life in an Old Testament generation. No one else understood and leaned or depended on the Holy Spirit like he did in the Old Testament. He was a king, priest and prophet in a generation when you could only operate in one spiritual office at a time. He deplored selfless unconditional LOVE to King Saul in an era when it was common to revenge a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. He shared loots fairly with undeserving in love and did not operate legalistically as was expected of his time.
  13. He was steadfast and served God with all he had, all his entire life. That was not a given. Many other kings started well with God but ended with their hearts shifted to self and idol worship. Not only was he fully devoted to God, he made sure to pass on his conviction, Faith, devotion, Leadership, and so on, to his successor, Solomon. God loved and loves continuity. Whatever we do ought to have a succession plan attached to it. Your faith and ministry does not have to start with your life and end with your death.
  14. Just like Abram/Abraham, David was God’s idea of a righteous kingdom. King Saul was God’s answer to a people who wanted self governance and not God’s preferred form of human government. David was yielded to ONLY do God’s bidden while Saul preferred to people-please. David yielded himself to exhibit God, Godly or Spirit-led kingdom while Saul ran a flesh ruled human kingdom David was not perfect but he was the best yielded candidate of his time.
  15. He reigned and ruled God’s people is such a way that his kingship and righteous government remains indelible in the consciousness of Israel and Israelites till this day. The people of Israel were so enthused by his righteous kingdom leadership model that they looked on to JESUS to take on the reign of their physical kingdom which was under Roman strongholds at the time. They called him “son of David”. What kind of righteous leadership or Christian legacy are you working on to leave for your city, nation or the world today?antique armor black and white chrome
  16. He had unparalleled awe, respect, reverence and fear for God’s anointed and anointing. He refused to unseat king Saul even when it became obvious that God’s servant and Spirit had stopped or was done with him. He refused to touch the anointed nor do God’s prophet any harm. He rather waited on God to kill the one man who made his own life miserable by occupying his seat that God anointed him for, but which Saul stood against and even plotted multiple times to kill him for.
  17. He was an accomplished author, songwriter, musician and psalmist. Though he lived in times of illiteracy when most people could not read or write, yet he was so astute to pen down words and songs that live with us till today. Of what essential impact would any of our lives and Christian labors be, if we are unable to transcend generations. David became one of the few out of billions of lives, that lived and died, that lives forever in affairs of life, thousands of years after death.
  18. He lived to please God and God announced that he was proud of him. He was a man after God’s heart. He was a pleasure and delight to God. God called him son. He was dear to God even as God was dear to him. He and God had a working intimacy that was deep.He introduced God to the people and God showed himself mighty on David’s behalf also.
  19. He was daring, courageous and full of faith in God and God’s ability to stand by him even in the presence of danger.In spite of his human frailties and imperfections , like we all have, David stuck out his neck for God by enduring dangerous and adverse circumstances, on purpose. God did not always intervene to make life easier for him, yet he sought God and God’s mind out, no matter what! He lost children, faced attacks, was overthrown from the throne by his own child, was betrayed, and the list goes on, of times he cried and could have turned his back on God,, for not having his back, or for God to have helped him take care of business. He trudged on without being bitter about God failing him and his expectations from God.
  20. He was so effective with his earthly throne that God gave him a spiritual throne of the New Testament. His life, love and leadership works have become eternal. The book of revelations talks about the throne of David??? JESUS acknowledged and honored David. He was proud to be identified with him. He never rebuked nor stopped anyone for linking him up to or referring to him as “son of David “.



I need to work on the following areas of my life & ministry
Can you derive prayers for areas of your life and ministry where you fall short from these 20 points?
Can you share these points and prayers back to me?
Are there more points that you think we should add to these 20?
Are you satisfied with this level of studies ( Yes, No, It is below my expectation, It is just fair – Give reasons.
Next Session Will Derive & Provide Important Prayers Regarding Areas Of Our Shortcoming from Joseph Godly Standard.
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