Who Controls Who?

In Mark chapter 5, JESUS was confronted by a man who had unclean spirit. This man had successfully resisted any form of restraint or control up until this time that he willingly ran towards and worshiped JESUS on his own accord. In verse 7, he cried with a loud voice, and said, what do I have to do with you, JESUS, you son of the most high. Do not torment me, I beg, he said.14795935_10154701622517079_218692896_o (2)
Looking at that verse of scripture from some other translations other than KJV or NKJV gives a curious perspective to this man’s action vis-a-vis his words. After he ran and worshiped, JESUS saw through the deceptive actions, and demanded that the evil spirit in him, come out. Ordinarily, naturally, one would assume that the man was indeed submissive to the superior power and authority of JESUS. But, nay, it was a deceptive and subtle controlling action, designed to sway or distract JESUS. If JESUS was not super-spiritually discerning, he would have been swayed by the physical outlook of things. But, rather than be controlled by the man with the unclean spirit, JESUS took charge. He took a stand to be in control of the man’s situation. 
When JESUS addressed the powers at work behind the man’s pretentious facade, the devils waxed prophetic and spoke back, JESUS, SON OF THE MOST HIGH, I BEG YOU, PLEASE DO NOT TORTURE US! JESUS who now had upper hand CONTROL then asked, what is your name? To which the devils answered, LEGION, meaning, we are many! Thereafter, the demons requested that JESUS allow them to “peacefully” depart and enter into some pigs, within the vicinity. When JESUS permitted them to leave, they went on to possess 2000 pigs that immediately went berserk, running down steep hills, plunging the animals into the river or sea, drowning them.
Almost everybody has unclean spirit still today. That is why Apostle Paul encouraged the Christians and Church people to constantly purge themselves of unclean spirits in 2 Cor. 7:1. Everyone, including pastors and other other clergy men going by whatever title, are prone to carry about with unclean spirits, just like the man who had 2000 of them in him.
There is no human being who is not seeking to control someone else. The ones who cry out with louder, shrieking voice are the most culpable. Any action to deter such from having SUBTLE control will make them let HELL loose on their unaware victims. Control freaks are experts at playing victims. They can use any tool possible just to gain upper hand on others. Nothing is beyond them. They may lie, cry, shed crocodile tears, shout others down, pretend, yell, backbite, falsely accuse, destroy communication, or just plain get verbally or emotionally abusive. They use any or all tools, just so they get the flesh or demonic influence CONTROL.DSC05522
Many husbands, wives, boss, leaders, children, parents, friends and family are subtle or overt control freaks. They all seek to have a prevailing say over other lives. They resist any control on themselves, and are often swift to block off any intrusions that could upset, for good, their own carved out mindsets, space and “territories”.
I can relate to what JESUS went through. As a “wandering” minister who regularly steps in many territories controlled by control freaks, I receive such eye services like did the man in the above story. I meet with many leaders who do not joke with maintaining unwholesome strangleholds on lives that they otherwise should care for, and let loose as change-agents into communities. Since my apostolic ministry requires that I help the body of Christ, I had no choice but to seek means to help each leader that God moves me around to help. I have always been amazed at the quick demonic schemes that many leaders in the body quickly employ and deploy to avoid God-intended changes to their own lives as “shepherds”, as well as to those that they captured for themselves as “sheep.” 
JESUS saved the life of the man with unclean spirit because the man had no spiritual root-power to control himself, and was basically helpless. JESUS could not do the same, nor assume such control with the religious folks. They were fully in control of themselves, alongside the underlying demons in their lives. They willfully resisted any help that JESUS could offer. The Pharisees, Sadducee, Doctors of the laws, etc. sought to control JESUS when they should have rather yielded to JESUS’ life-saving and life-giving influence and control.
Every life is under control from both physical and spiritual sources. And, of course, every physical controls have spiritual control roots. 
For those who argue that they cannot be possessed because they are in Christ, the answer is that you do not allow your unclean spirit to fester. The man in Mark chapter 5 had 2000 devils that gave him an unclean human spirit. At that level, he lost essential control. Some people have only 1, 2, 40, 200 or 500 personally permitted devils. At that level they may still be in some form of control. There is a degree when demonic presence in anyone’s life becomes an obsession. Romans chapter 8 explains on this, as well as Galatians chapter 5. Everyone including Christians who are primarily controlled by FLESH is enemy of God.SAM_1975
I pray, and I hope you pray as follows too. “Lord JESUS, I submit to your absolute control in my life. Please cleanse me of every uncleanness in my spirit. Please help me to break loose from any human and demonic controls that is not of you. And, In JESUS name, I command every filthy spirit to loose grip from my spirit, soul and body. In JESUS name, amen!”
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