Associate/Affiliate O. S. Oladapo

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Name – Mr. Olugbesan Stephen  Oladapo

Name Of Ministry – The Crucified Christ Ministry

Building Address For Church/Ministry/OrganizationStreet Address: 1,lfeoluwa str,Olakunle bus-stop
Street Address Line 2: Apata,
City: Ibadan, Nigeria, WestAfrica
Country: Nigeria

E-mail – olugbesanoladapo@yahoo.com


Name Of Church/Ministry/Organization (If Any) The Crucified Christ Ministry
Gender Male
Profession A Fulltime Minister

Cell Phone Number(+234) (80391) 06068

We Need To Know You – Please Share A Brief Biography About Yourself

My name is Olugbesan S. Oladapo. The name of my Ministry is The Crucified Christ Ministry.l receive call into Ministry in the year 2004.It is a ministry devoted to Evangelism and Deliverance.

Please Type In Your Statements of Belief:

l believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of the World,that he died and rose again on the third day in the flesh.l believe in his bodily resurrection and his second coming.l believe in resurrection of the dead either to hell or heaven.

Please Type In Your Major Achievement So Far & Plans For The Next Few Years

l have been on both solo and group missions to Several states within Nigeria; Ekiti, Ogun, Delta, and Oyo States. Presently,we are at Ibadan running Church-model full time Ministry.

My plan is to have network with foreign ministries so as to widen the scope of my call.

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Ministry Mentoring

To Receive Mission Field Support
To Contribute To Missions
Pulpit Sharing
Invitation To Conferences
International Ministers Networks
To Offer Leadership Skill


Worldwide WORD Missions Inc Comment:

Please Contact Olugbesan S. Oladapo by email or phone conversation if you are so persuaded.  His Cell Phone Number is (+234) (80391) 06068

Email is – olugbesanoladapo@yahoo.com


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