If we remove materialism (also known as “prosperity”) and self-centeredness from your Christian walk and talk, whatever else remains would be a good measure of your SIGNIFICANCE. It will indicate your true spiritual worth, spiritual value and content of your life that matters MORE to heaven!!!

When we ask for BETTER believers and BETTER Churches for BETTER societies, it is not a call to measure oneself in comparison to others, it is rather a call for continuous measure of one’s improving SIGNIFICANT value under God, subject to His Biblical words and COMMANDS!

We should teach ourselves BETTER & Stop hiding under convenient departments of grace and love/mercy of God… We should also emphasize that Grace is ALSO available to help people deal with willful disobedience, incorrigibility, and failure to be a life that epitomizes JESUS Christ and His values, a life that shines as LIGHTS, giving God all glory!!39900611_924968274353151_823367624602681344_n

God’s mercy and grace indeed kept us (and unbelievers too) and is favoring our “blessings” PENDING our fulfillment of God’s WILL… The continuous misapplication of the valid message of GRACE is the ROOT of the wildfire-like emerging Sodom & Gomorrah societies of our times! Many misinformed & Biblically untaught believers are being consumed and deceived daily by unBiblical vices while many pulpits are busy with eye/men/women-pleasing services and money-making-messages. We are being “nice”, “kind”, and “loving” with people that are gradually being pushed to HELL! Is that word, HELL, even acceptable to church-attending people and pulpit managers, again??? Yet, our ever-loving God has not found it politically expedient to erase HELL from the pages of the Bible and especially from the new-testament!!

Grace is not a tool for believers to excuse right-DOING away from their lives! Biblical righteousness is not only about right-standing, it includes RIGHT-DOING too!! The true intent of Grace was MORE to draw unbelievers to the kingdom and for immature babes in Christ to find their feet in the Lord, and NOT a permission for people to continuously live disgraceful lives in Christ JESUS…

Grace for the MATURING believer is a tool to ask heaven for help as he/she pursues difficult demands of heaven!!! Contrary to some popularly-held belief, which is a basis of many Biblical-standard compromises, the new-testament message is not summarized in DONE. The new testament message is all about what you are DOING with Christ!!! New testament message says GO ye.. It also says WALK in the Spirit.. It also says OVERCOME (sin, evil, devils, etc)… These are not done deals… They are WHAT YOU NEED TO —DO— THROUGH THE GRACE OF GOD!!!

If new-testament message means that ALL is DONE by JESUS’ sacrifice of the CROSS, then we would not have had the ACTS/DEEDS of the apostles necessarily recorded after the ascension of JESUS Christ! Plus, JESUS would not have asked that we —DO— greater WORKS!!!

Many folks want the titles of the apostles but denounce the corresponding Biblical ACTIONS or DOings that moved society forcefully for Christ JESUS!

We need not confuse personal efforts as individual works-in-spiritual-progress with efforts, acts and WORKS of JESUS’ kingdom expansion… Each one of us will continue to seek to become BETTER & BETTER until JESUS comes… BUT as we seek to advance kingdom mandates we shall only be effective when society sees heaven’s emblem of true Ambassadors of JESUS Christ on us!39922700_319669771941720_1877778110041030656_n

Every believer is called to advance the kingdom by reaching out with the message of salvation to our next-door neighbor and others.. the absence of that personal outreach is why many are busy spending kingdom-prosperity privately! It is why many measure their kingdom worth by money-wealth and not people-reached-for-Christ-wealth!

Are you of any SIGNIFICANT value to humanity through Christ JESUS???

Heaven is waiting for believers to receive GRACE to BE vessels that give BIRTH to God’s WILL on earth, and, as it is DONE in heaven. What is DONE in heaven needs to be DONE by faithful believers here on earth!!! My personal prayer is: LORD USE ME AS A VESSEL OF SIGNIFICANCE THAT IS EVER-WILLING TO BIRTH YOUR WILL IN MY AREAS OF INFLUENCE! Can you make that your personal prayer too? That would be a good prayer to pray on a regular and constant basis!

We need BETTER believers and BETTER Churches for BETTER societies!!!


Apostle Olan Elujoba preaches, teaches, authors, publishes and broadcasts God’s words, in obedience to a calling he received to pursue the GREAT COMMISSION since about 30 years ago. He heads Worldwide WORD Missions, a global initiative that torches lives by God’s words, by the power of the Holy Spirit, till millions of lives shine as lights for JESUS Christ, Our LORD!bishop olaa3 trmd

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