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This Is A Confidential NON-DENOMINATIONAL, Multi-Cultural, International Christian HELP-CENTER For Believers Who Have LOVE-RELATIONSHIP Challenges Or Needs

  • Do you need assistance or help to find a submissive & caring wife or strong & truly loving husband?
  • Are you having problems finding a true love relationship?
  • Do you wonder how to overcome heart-aches & heart-breaks?
  • Are you alone and lonely?
  • Are you overwhelmed by marital problems?
  • Are you weighed down by past pains and failed relationships?
  • Are you seeking to find a suitable love partner?
  • Are you of age and yet cannot find a mate?
  • Do you need someone to talk to about your silent marital burdens?
  • Do you need Godly help?

Then you need to register and be a part of Christian Love Café  (Powered By Worldwide WORD Missions Inc.)


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At Christ LOVE Cafe, we are now available to link people with desired partners. We can significantly help those who need improvement in marriage, if they let us know. Those who desire more understanding into love-relationships, can contact us for help. We offer ourselves as Christ’s agents and as a bridge to love-filled brighter future.

If you are ready to marry, contact us for the solemnization of Holy matrimony. If you have questions, do let us know about it, so we can offer our best Holy Spirit guided answers. If you desire prayers, contact us so we can pray along.

More of these supports & solutions are now available in Christian Love Café. This is a center where Christ’s Love can be truly deployed to willing believers from all denominations so we all can uphold and improve on Christian relationships.

For more information, you can send Bishop Ola your heartfelt email to bishopolaa@yahoo.com.

The Online International Fellowship Is Offering Bible-Based Insights & Support For

  1. Relationship Bridge-Building
  2. Healing Old Emotional Hurts & Wounds
  3. Retooling Homes & Marriages
  4. Arranging Filtered Match-Making Dates
  5. Undertaking Undercover Assistance To Reach Non-Cooperating Spouse, When Possible
  6. Special Prayers, And
  7. Reference To Other Experts

Registered Members Can Undertake Free PRACTICAL Bible-Based Online Tests

Available Tests Includes The Following:

  1. Relationship Readiness Test
  2. Marriage Unity Evaluation Test
  3. Intimacy Factors Assessment Test
  5. Best-fit Matchmaking TEST

The PRACTICAL Bible-Based Online Tests Can Reveal & Help

  1. To determine level of readiness for Longer-Lasting True LOVE relationship
  2. To Fish Out Loop-Holes That exacerbate or worsen workable relationship
  3. To figure out Improvement areas that can better sustain a marriage
  4. To Find Out How To Increase A Partner’s Confidence and Trust Levels
  5. To Help Figure Out Possible Best Match For Those Who Are Not Yet Married
  6. And To Receive Needed Insights, Suggestions & Counsel On Workable Ways Forward

Registered Membership Will Also Be Provided Links And Access To Helpful Resourceful materials Like Books, Magazines, Videos & Referral To Other Qualified Professional As May Be Needed Or Best Suited To Each Individua



  • Make A Non-Refundable $25 Freewill Donation To Become A LOVE CAFE Registered Participant
  • Send in Pre-filled form by clicking the link provided below.
  • Reach out to us by email – wwmissions@yahoo.com or WhatsApp +16149576672

Christian LOVE Cafe Participation

To be included in Christian LOVE Cafe registry and for participation benefit, tests and/or matchmaking



Christian Love Café Logo signpost

Christian Love Café Logo

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