Freedom is Not Free

Be Careful!! Freedom is Not So Free!!!

Many arguments have been canvassed by many who would want to live as they please because of the subject of liberty or freedom… While one would not want to enter into legalistic discussion on this, it is however pertinent that those who believe in our LORD JESUS Christ be informed that there is no free FREEDOM anywhere. Every freedom has a price tag to it and ULTIMATELY its account shall be sought!

The original author of freedom is not any man or earthly nation, it is God! God gave Adam liberty and freedom of choice, actions and attitudes. Adam got all things for free EXCEPT for certain instruction and loving-limits… And till today God has not changed His mind… He gives us freedom within loving-limits!!!

Even in the nation that propagates civil liberties & individual rights, several laws, restrictions, terms & conditions apply to practically every facet of its life & living. One out of three arms of democratic governments are fully-devoted to scripting regulations/laws for regulating lives/lifestyles & living within her borders… Plus, when the message of freedom is taken to other nations, it is silently prized and arm-twisting conditions are often imposed behind the scenes.

Also, when certain telecommunication networks give people “unlimited” this and that, they put the limitations in tiny prints, waiting for when to apply it when least expected.

Many in Christiandom are today laden, deceived & beguiled by commercialized messages of “living as you please” by profiteering “apostles” who refuse to state that there is no GRACE without TRUTH! True Grace was born by TRUTH, and true Grace is BALANCED by TRUTH!

Believers do not have unfettered liberties to live as they selfishly feel and fleshly wish, we have been curtailed in actions & manners by the written words of God! We have powers of choice INDEED, but our choices will lead to LIFE or DEATH and so are curtailed by counsels, instructions and admonitions to DO & live right!

In other words, your FREE choices are laden with divine benefits or eternally damning consequences. Many who have exercised FREE liberties are licking after-effects emotional wounds, guilt, anxieties, and some are sometimes already experiencing hell on earth! This is writing is not in any way asking or suggesting to anyone to live by any human dictate, it is a word of caution for people to seek to live as expected by Biblical words of God!

Some races & nations are “enjoying” freedoms today because of some lives whose bloods have been shed… However, free as such freedoms may seem, a closer look will show that such freedoms are still plagued and costing!

Workplaces allow you freedoms within certain limits. Even the freedom-peddling governments of this world tell you legal limits on what age to drive a motor vehicle, where to drive, how & where to build certain kinds of houses (building codes), where to practice religion & where not to; how much alcohol to consume; how to be recognized as married or unmarried; who you can have sex with or not; how to behave to others, etc… For that reason many regularly adapt their lives & lifestyles so as not to face the wrath of LAWS of men… We are quick to adjust to government laws but are being deceived not to live by laws of God…

It is a lie to say we are not any longer under BIBLICAL laws… Such assertions are popular over-stated half-truths twisted out of Biblical context… It’s just that JESUS Christ gave us a NEW law, which is different from the JEWISH laws! He gave us a different set of standards, expectations or laws! That is why we separate Bibles into two! Old Testament & New Testament MEANING: OLD LAWS & NEW LAWS: or if you prefer not to use the word “law”, then the bible is split into OLD REQUIREMENTS & STANDARD! & NEW REQUIREMENTS & STANDARD!!!(READ YOUR BIBLE PLSSSSS!) Any people who refuse to live by Biblical Requirement & Standard will in time be hunted down by consequences of their ungodly FREE choices. …

The consequence of unbridled liberties is why many folks will go to Church to pick & select what a God-ordained Church leader can tell or not tell them… Of course charlatans & ministry hirelings ubiquitously available & are always waiting across the roads (if not on the next floor of the same worship buildings) to willingly offer “customer/customerized services” to those straying souls who would soon move on & on to the next new fanciful smooth-talking “minister” whom they would end up using & dumping sooner or later, again.

Being in Christ JESUS does not give us liberty of any kind & every type of behavior… A true believer’s behavioral pattern is written for us to find out in God’s words… Indeed we will never be able to DO enough – in the flesh – to qualify and satisfy all requirements of God. This is why JESUS by HIS shed blood at Calvary and by the New Testament/Covenant changed the order from DOING to BEING first!That is to say that you will DO your BEING… Essentially, you are what you DO… (By your fruits we know who you truly are)… BUT, if you change your BEING, with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT your DOINGs (actions) will align with the nature of God in your BEING!!! By a newly recreated born again human spirit in a man or woman, one can walk, live & overcome all things in life, together with the resident HOLY SPIRIT! -By the way, we ought to remember that every covenant has a part for each party to play or DO! –

Many believers today are deceived to think “I can live as I please” “nobody can teach me how to live my life” “No Pastor has any right to tell me how to live my life” blah blah blah… (my advise?? Go tell that attitude to the marines…hahaha). Many uncultivable folks, who lived as they pleased, and that did not need teaching from anyone, are learning tougher life-lessons behind well-guarded prison & jail walls… (no disrespect intended to such people, just saying..)

The nations that allowed children to live as they pleased are reaping the fruits 30, 40, 50 years down the line now… And more evil fruits are still on the way except there is REPENTANCE!
If you are indeed in Christ JESUS, understand that Believers are not allowed to live as they please; they are to live to please God through our Lord JESUS Christ, and that shall be seen by people!!! Lights of God are not self-serving, neither are Godly salts! True Christianity is a life that pleases God & it is often so-acknowledged by men (& women, i.e. people) who observe manifesting Christlike fruits!

The Church of Christ was instituted to TEACH & DISCIPLE nations, not just for merry-making and fashion parades… After resurrection, JESUS Christ did not send his ministers to go, pray & prophesy to nations, he said to TEACH, BAPTIZE & DISCIPLE people & nations… Teach what?? Teach JESUS’ COMMANDMENTS! Teach JESUS’ DOCTRINE! Teach JESUS’ KINGDOM PRINCIPLES! Teach JESUS’ lifestyle!!! Teach New Testament LifeStyle!!!

There is nothing wrong in prayers & prophecies; it is part of the New Testament realities… What is wrong is when the noble ministries are carried out, out of eye/men-pleasing and for commercial interests. Commercialized praying and prophecy have become HUGE revenue-earners for the masters of the tricks & gimmicks, making many unwilling to face the actual tasks of soul-winning & soul-building… The first believers in Antioch were called CHRISTIANS because of a taught & learned DIFFERENT way & manner of LIFE & lifestyle.

True ministers of Christ are sent to MOLD lifestyles, not just gather crowds & make money! They are to influence forming of Godly Characters and not just dance to ungodly tunes that play out each day! The Church is busy FOLLOWING the world in worldliness, instead of leading in righteousness, inventions and divine working ideas!

Do not join the gangs who are on rampage for FREE freedom and religious entertainments instead of MINISTRY… Religious entertainment celebrates religious leaders while true Ministry celebrates JESUS CHRIST as ALL in ALL! Celebrating religious caricatures is not only happening now, it was the same in the days of JESUS!

If you do not remember or like anything in this writing, remember this… freedom is not free… Sooner or later you will have to answer and account for every bit of “free” FREEDOM enjoyed!!! If you do not regretfully answer to yourself in time, you might have to answer to husband, wife, parent, family, society or government, but DEFINITELY, every one of us will answer to God at the end of some day!

Ooops! Lord I’ve done what you said to do ooo, no one can say that I did not tell them sooo!

Make una no say dem no tell you sooo!!(pidging English) hahahaha… JESUS CHRIST ALONE is LORD forever more! AMEN & AMEN!

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