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samuel gill

I was born in a Christian family. My father was an elder in a Presbyterian church. Many ministers (pastors) used to visit and stay in our home numerous times. When I was studying in a college, a group of evangelists came in my town. They arranged several revival meetings in my town as well as neighboring colonies for about a month. It was during those meetings that I repented from my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. During those days, I was baptized by a group of pastors, A few days later I got baptized by Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. Later, I also served as a youth leader and a Sunday school teacher.

In 2006, I got admission in Grace Trinity Bible College and completed my Bachelor in theology (B.Th.) from there. In 2010, I got admission in Alpha Omega international Bible College and completed my masters in Christian leadership from there. My C.V. is also attached.

 My ministerial achievements so far:

·         I started prayer meeting in a small home group. But with the passage of time, by the grace of God, it has grown into a large group.

·         Majority of the members are baptized both with water and Holy Spirit.

·         Our home cell prayer meetings are successfully going on in many colonies of Lahore city.

·         In December, 2013, I visited UAE and preach in a discipleship seminar where many non-believers accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

·         Recently I have established a home cell in Norwal district of Punjab.

My goals in next 5-10 years:

To preach in every city, town and village of Punjab province for harvesting of souls.

I want to serve God through:

1.       Planting Churches

2.       Establishing Sunday Schools

3.       Establishing youth groups

4.       Planting home prayer centers

5.       Building Bible college

6.       Starting Christian TV channel

7.       Building schools for the poor and needy children

Why I want to use your ministry title?

Worldwide word missions is an international organization. It can support me to move internationally for the harvesting of souls. I will be able to work more for His kingdom under your covering and blessing. Moreover, I will able to have more resources for different projects.

Yours obediently in Christ,

Pastor Samuel Gill

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Cell # +92-300-4427639 Email:samuelgill@live.com
Career Objective
To work for A Reputed Organization Which Fosters a Competitive Environment and Where
Personal Growth and Career Enhancement is encouraged.
Personal Information
Father’s Name Allah Rakha Ranjaha
Marital Status Married
Nationality Pakistani
Religion Christian
Educational Qualifications
Qualification Years Institute/Board
Matric 1978 Lahore Board (Pak)
Intermediate 1982 Lahore Board (Pak)
B.A  University of Punjab (Pak)
B.Th Grace Trinity College (Pak)
M.A(Christian Leadership) Alpha Omega Bible College (Pak)
Professional Qualification
Sunday School Teacher Training Certificate
(F.G.A Bible College Lahore (Pak)
C.T (Certifcate of Elementary School Teacher)
(Gujranwala Division Pak)
“English” A Cultural Communication Tool
(U.S. Information Services Lahore
Cell Leader Training Certificate
(Temple of God Church Lahore (Pak)
Languages Skills
Will be furnished on demand

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