Worldwide WORD Missions’ Spiritual Adviser/Overseer – Bishop Oscar G. Lovell

Bishop Oscar Glenn Lovell is the Senior Pastor of United Christian Faith Ministries (UCFM) USA. This is the Evangelical Association that appointed Bishop Olanrewaju Elujoba as a leader in the Region 11 of the organization. Region 11 is the region that oversees ministers and ministries all over the world outside of the USA, Europe & North America.

The United Christian Faith Ministries (UCFM) is a Christian centered home based Church ministry having six-thousand members worldwide in sixty-four countries, using the internet as one tool to fulfill the Gospel Commission and make disciples of the nations.

UCFM provides Christian leadership, training, and inspiration to build and support Christians worldwide, working together in partnership as Ambassadors to our Lord Jesus.

UCFM Sr. Pastor, Bishop Glenn Lovell graciously accepted to be a spiritual adviser to Bishop Olan Elujoba as he desires more close oversight and guidance as Worldwide WORD Missions expand operations of the Great Commission Initiative & Missionary Organization around the globe.


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