Roots Of Complicating Relationships

“And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Gen 2:18 (KJV)

Adam’s LIFE was peaceful, without any negative circumstance or consequences;

UNTIL another human/marital relationship was introduced;

From Then appeared Third-party splitting entities/interests that brought about;

Misrepresentations, Misinformation, Manipulations, Intrigues, Egoistic Deceptions & Destiny Destruction.

Since then, many have instinctively preferred to be ALONE than to be bothered with tackling complicating relationships. Even though anyone given to human/marital relationship may be plagued by conflicts/conflict resolutions or Need for Patience & Retarded Personal Pace, yet a LONER would suffer more from boredom/ isolation with needs of having to fill/occupy human interaction space/room with other work/play mundane activities.

God wanted human relationships. He introduced it so that humans could have intimate fun that is beyond animalistic/environmental interaction levels.

Since human relationship was God’s idea. Resolving complications in relationships would always be God’s idea too. Obtaining tools for enjoying relationships must require involving God and His ideas. We understand that God is LOVE. Since God is a Spirit, LOVE must also be spiritual, and should be spiritually embraced.

LOVE cannot be restricted to emotional chemistry of coitus. LOVE is more like  an overseeing template that makes coitus meaningful. It is the supervisory supernatural sense that regulates how to mutually assimilate, accommodate or integrate another party into one physical or virtual space where civil rights are mutually shared and belief systems are frankly collapsed to merge at some melting points.

Absence of true LOVE in any relationship compels aggressions, competition and ego-full selfishness. The presence of true LOVE instills peace, patience and productive partnering.

True LOVE is not instinctive, it is learned. It is a base-thought adjusting culture that is often regarded as insensible by those who are naturally cultured by impatience, vengefulness and demonic desires to dominate others.

To truly LOVE, the right language and sensible use of words have to be organized and offered with careful vulnerable room that creates a disarming environment of trust that is devoid of paranoia.

It is important for people in need of LOVE and its embrace to pray constantly and consistently for fresh flows of God’s  kind of LOVE in their heart so it can become devoid of hate, hatred, or hatefulness. May your life be truly surrounded by Godly LOVE and Godlikeness, in JESUS name.


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