Now Available – Let’s Talk & Pray About Love Audio CDs

Messages Available on Audio CDs for a donation of $7:50 each Includes

  1. Why Some Remain Single
  2. 8 Passionate Prayers About LOVE
  3. Why Walk Away From Arms Of LOVE
  4. What LOVE Is, What LOVE is not
  5. Why Some LOVE Fails
  6. Types Of Hearts – How To Self-Heal Your Own Heart
  7. Why Some Abandon Marital LOVE.

Please pay online to order, or email bishopolaa@yahoo.com for address to send check, if so preferred.


ltal cd label 2015 - why some remain single 2

Why Some Remain Single – $7.50

Allow 3-7 days for delivery.

ltal cd label 2015 - 8 passionate prayers 1 ltal cd label 2015 - 8 passionate prayers 2

8 Passionate Prayers About Love (1 & 2) –  $7.50 each

Allow 3-7 days for delivery  please email: bishopolaa@yahoo.com for more information



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