Associate/Affiliate Caroline Sargent

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NAME OF MINISTRY – United International Church, Jinja, Uganda

NAME –  Miss. Prophet Caroline  Sargent


E-MAIL –  prophetcarolinesargent1986@gmail.com

Name Of Church/Ministry/Organization (If Any)

United International Church

Gender Female
Profession A Fulltime Minister

Cell Phone Number (+256) (0) 779550472

We Need To Know You – Please Share A Brief Biography About Yourself

My name is Caroline Nakanwagi born of Uganda. I got saved in 1997 update I’m still serving God and faithful God has done me in a journey of salvation. My spiritual father is called Bishop Godfrey Wanyama of Latter Rain Gospel Ministries, Mbale Uganda.Therefore most I have a church and I need to reach or ministering to hurting souls.wiz my future plans is extend my ministry if I get right who can support my ministry to global the work of God worldwide.

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I believe in Jesus Christ who died and rose from the grave,he’s my savior and my personal Christ of whole of my life.

Please Type In Your Major Achievement So Far & Plans For The Next Few Years

I want to win souls because I vowed that unto God.therefore I can’t relax when people are going to hell with out knowing Jesus Christ as the savior of the world,I have traveled though it’s quite expensive but I’m hoping God to open great door of money so that I can reach the whole corner of the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.therefore I could find who stand with me to reach people out there are very thirsty of the word.lets join hands for the glory of God.

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Ministry Mentoring
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Time is running out. Time is not on our side. God’s prophetic time table is closing up. Stop preaching the Money and Materialistic gospel that doesn’t prepare your listeners to focus on Jesus’ return. The end is here not now but right Now. Let’s take the gospel of Jesus to our interior villages. Get out of the comfort zone in the city. The time is right now. If you can’t go give your resources to genuinely called men of God. There are still true men and women of God. PLEASE Get Involved!

Let’s take the gospel of Jesus to our interior villages. It’s time now to give in your resources if you can’t go. Friends kindly stand with me. Your support is highly welcomed and appreciated.


Please Contact  Miss. Prophet Caroline  Sargent by email or phone conversation if you are so persuaded.  Her Cell Phone Number is  (+256) (0) 779550472 – Email is – prophetcarolinesargent1986@gmail.com


Please click on the donate button below to make a donation. The Lord bless you for doing so. In JESUS name. Amen.

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