Dreams Are Real?

Understanding Meaning Of Your Dreams?


Dreams are real. They are divine transmissions to help us unpack past, present and future events of our lives. Interpreting dreams can be delicate & tricky. Like I shared few days ago, if you entrust your dreams to the wrong person for interpretation, you could end up attracting the wrong vibes that could mess up what could have become a blessing to you.

When Joseph shared his dreams with his innermost circle of influence, his parents & siblings, they immediately interpreted from egoistic standpoints that made them treat Joseph miserably. They isolated him from family foundation, pushed him from pit into hands of enemy forces and slavery. Joseph did not pray to kill or destroy them with “fire of the Holy Ghost.” He instead endured the afflictions & saved each one of them “enemies” from starvation & early death.

The family members like many spiritual leaders today, especially self-asserting deliverance ministers, inserted themselves and personal desires into the meaning & interpretation of Joseph’s dreams. They reasoned secretly in their convoluted brains – are you (Joseph) really going to be superior to us and we will be lower than you in status? We will never allow you become our leader! We will rather destroy you than make your dream come to light of day.

Here are some of my own dreams, that came about, as I said in earlier write-up that had “nothing to do with nothing”.

1. I saw tigers roaming around me freely, doing there own business. But, I was fearful in the dream and tirelessly sought safe space before they got interested in harming or hurting me. When I got on a high fence that I thought I was safe, one or two appeared on the high wall. I somehow finally got myself in a room where I felt more secure. Suddenly someone came around & left the door open.

2. I often found myself climb into extreme heights and when I felt like coming down it was like almost impossible to do so. At such points I always panicked in the dream.

3. Several times over many years I would find myself in classroom doing exam or tests that I somehow was unable to complete or finish up on time. Not only was I unable to get the tests done in the dream, I would wake up frustrated on why I was like forced in the dream to not be able to finish within stipulated time nor pass the exam.Regardless of what many negative-minded dream experts may decode, I have since found my own meaning for the above to be as follows.

1. Tigers in a dream represents strong will, courage & self-determination. MEANING? I was surrounded by people of strong will, courage & determination who would not necessarily accept me or what I stood for & they could easily attack me at will. In the dream they were roaming freely. THEN WHAT? The nature of my calling and life assignment was to confront people who mostly have such above characteristics. My biggest assignment is to help leaders tame their natural wildness & unyieldedness to Bible standard. MY FEAR IN THE DREAM? I was always privately seeking God’s face on why people were not as yielded to my ministry as I wished. GOD’S ANSWER? He gave me dreams of what I should expect from people. Not an easy life-assignment!

2. High heights symbolized the high standard that I often mounted & expected to find many others or crowds there. TRUTH FROM DREAM? It is DANGEROUSLY LONELY AT THE TOP! And DO NOT TRY TO COME DOWN LOWER FROM THE HEIGHTS OF GOD’S ASSIGNMENT NO MATTER HOW OTHERS REFUSE TO CLIMB ALONG! Eagles are always daring to climb dangerous heights. Jesus, Moses, Elijah etc did not only demand impossibly high standard from people, they literally got closer to God at high mountain heights.

3. I found out that God used the third dream to warn me every time I became SLACK or negligent! Years ago, I was taught by the Holy Spirit that I should respect seed, time & harvest. If I needed anything, I should plant the seed and stop crying to heaven to meet my material needs. I was told that it takes about 3 months for a seed of corn to produce a harvest of more corns. And other produces have their own different times before harvest. MEANING? The earlier I put in effort at the outcome I needed, the earlier the harvest clock begins to count. I OFTEN FORGOT THAT LESSON and would soon start crying to heaven for solutions that depended on how quickly I took practical steps. MEANING OF DREAM AGAIN? Olanrewaju, if you do not obey instruction or take necessary steps soon enough, you will fail like in the dream!

Some people will not agree with the above interpretations. They may think it is the enemies of my father’s or mother’s household tormenting me & I needed deliverance (meaning, I need demons cast out of me). Well, that will be there own cup of tea. Everyone need deliverance, including self-indulging deliverance ministers, from one or any of the following:

1. Obsessions – mindset problems

2. Oppression – where the human body is physically situated problems

3. Possession – an unclean human-spirit problem

Absorbing the word of God delivers. Saturating heart & soul-environment with the presence & power of the Holy Spirit delivers. Personally resisting devils through personal engagement of authority in Christ delivers.

Allowing a genuine & more authoritative minister to pray for you delivers.
The essence of church-service attendance was to help (wild-tiger) people transform into matured sons & daughters of God by allowing the workings of the Holy Spirit to produce Galatian 5:16,22 spiritual fruits of salvation in their physical lives.

I will continue this writing here if there are enough likes, shares, questions & contributions. Thanks for reading. PLEASE HELP ME SHARE! I am available to help if you need to sort out meanings of your dreams.

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