The Powers Of A Vagina

Now I understand how this kind of topic will attract attention. Many would be curious to know what a gospel minister has to say about such subject without giving people dirty pornographic ideas.  A vagina is the unique organ that separate and distinguishes a male from female. It is probably a taboo word that may be too sacred for pulpits or a gospel minister to utter. So while it is an ignored word in religious rooms, it happens to be the foremost front lobe picture on the foreheads of many male adults who visit those rooms weekly. It is also a point of veiled fashion discussions that determines how the female is covered or sit in churches.

A vagina, and its use or abuse, is the defining factor for sins like fornication, adultery, masturbation and other Bible defined sexual immoral acts. While this writing is not going to address physiological or biological characteristics of the most-guided feminine private part, it is set out to address its importance to life in general.

So, a vagina is a:

  1. Life Giver – for receiving spermatozoa and birthing a new life or baby
  2. Life Taker – for those who are misguided and lack self-control of its insatiable, addictive powers
  3. Life Enhancer – for those who appropriately engage in permitted sex as a necessary life tonic
  4. Life Destroyer – for those unrestrained, who are lured into its unchecked control and manipulative use
  5. Life Motivator – for those who are encouraged by its self-reassuring love, unity-in-agreement use
  6. Life Depressor – for those who are deprived of its exciting and refreshing regular use
  7. Life Fragrance – for those who carry a glow around by it satisfying performance
  8. Life Odor – for those who engage in its misuse and abuseposing-guide-photographing-women-05

It is hoped that young and older women who retain their God-given and mostly sought-after genital realize how important it is to use it responsibly, for positively molding, constructing and reconstructing a man’s life. And, it is hoped that it is not carelessly made available for penetrations that negatively pulls a life’s potentials down. And for those who maintain exclusive reserve of it, seeking to be single for life, it is hoped that they have a re-think to submit and yield its constructive powers to a caring man, under God’s rules, even if the man is not close to being Mr. Perfect.

It is also hoped that young or older men understand how the use or abuse of their easily-nudged up probing prickly penis is more than a quick-fun tool. Getting into a vagina engenders consequences and it must only be engaged with a deep sense of responsibility. Most men get easily consumed by passion to quickly insert and release into a woman, that they rarely remember the actual impact on a woman’s emotion afterward and other subsequent implications. That is why sex should be engaged in, after genuine consenting communication, with understanding of attached emotional responsibilities, under God’s principles, in commitment-secured relationships and not flippantly nor casually.

The prayers for widows, widowers, those who suffer impotence, and others, who for some germane reasons are unable to use their life-all-important organ, is that God comfort and give you your own solution, as soon as is possible. I pray in JESUS name. This message encourages immature readers to wait patiently until they are matured enough to know the responsibilities attached to using a reproductive organ. Sex is for those who understand  positive use of the important factors highlighted in this writing.

So how could pulpits have ignored addressing issues relating to this all-important life-shaping feminine organ and expect to be taken seriously enough by the larger societal audience.  Please do not be shy to SHARE this enlightening message with others. May God help us all with true LOVE in this life, and with more LIFE in our LOVE!


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