LETTER THAT INTRODUCED “Bridge To Nations” – A Global Missions Support Fund




Starting from January 2015, Worldwide Word Missions Inc. was activated to function as a mission agency that solicits, receive and distribute financial donations and material supports, as a bridge to meeting ministers and ministry needs in nations outside of the United States.

I believe the Lord recently brought me to New York both for Church duties as well as to take advantage of the city as a port city.  A support team of trustees are expected to be announced soon.

By the grace of God, I would be taking advantage of my privileged influence to help missionaries around the globe to fulfill the Great Commission. Since my appointment as a Bishop, I have been inundated with expectations of assistance from needy places around the world. Many of the hundreds of ministers from several nations within my influence, could be the first beneficiaries of this mandate, even though the outreaches shall not be limited to the ministers network. My evangelical association does not by itself make this kind of solicitation. I believe this to be a mature time to activate what was always a personal mission. Worldwide Word Missions USA Inc. is therefore fully responsible for this initiative. Ministry is all I am permitted to do. I have been on different mission fields and I feel very obliged to respond to real needs of missionary supports at this time.


The initiative to bridge abundantly available resources to meet needs of needy nations has been part of my God-given vision to help uplift ministers and ministries globally. Due to personal challenges and delays, I had to wait till this auspicious time to kick off one of the primary reasons why God brought me to the USA and provided me leadership opportunities to fulfill life-calling. The initiative was initially tagged “Bridge to Africa”, but which has now evolved to “Bridge to Nations”.

Worldwide Word Missions Inc. shall also be facilitating international ministry trainings, visits and mission journeys as the Lord help us to improve on these initiatives. We hope to use a minimal percentage (could be as low as 10-20%) of donations to cover operational and administrative costs. (i.e. cost of transport, storage, freight, postage, etc) The bulk of income shall serve missionaries and the mission fields.

This initiative shall be executed alongside a board of trustees and partners. Trustees will serve as our accountability board. They would have the ability to monitor the missions operations and demand best practices. The board would be trustworthy enough to help share burdens and also offer assistance within their ability. Other partners, who can also become trustees, as openings become available, shall help us with links for gathering or distributing resources, and they shall be requested to make regular contributions too.

Further information shall be provided soonest as we trust God to receive cooperation. Interested Partners and beneficiaries can email me at BishopOlaa@yahoo.com. Donors should please use the donation button on this page to send in donations. Bearing in mind that the United States has strict laws regulating donations and use of such organizational funds, we want to rest assure donors that we intend to match our words with accountability and best financial practices.


“Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.” 2 Cor 9:7 (KJV)


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