Compromise may have become an acceptable standard in the world, especially within political systems, BUT, it certainly remains unacceptable to God. Compromising Bible standard remains the number one destroyer of God’s WILL among God’s people today, especially those HIS saints that have been given Kingdom Assignments. Compromise is the gray area between TRUTH & LIES!

Compromise is a conjoining of half of a truth with half of a lie! There is so much compromise of Bible TRUTHs today that it seems that most people believe more in compromised-Truths than absolute-TRUTHs!

In making compromises people bend over to accept the unacceptable. Some Church leaders will compromise telling the whole truth, inadvertently hurting God’s absolute truth. Many church goers compromise what they know to be Biblical truth while hiding behind popular excuses that allows indulging in sins & selfishness, shaming the gospel of Christ with hypocrisy & double standard.

Biblical depictions of God and his expectation of HIS sinners-turned-into-saints believers showed that with HIM is either YES or NO! There is nothing like “maybe” with God. God is not involved in political correctness… Meanwhile, in few Biblical events where God “accepted to compromise” to do what mankind dictated, it always ended with perilous consequences on man’s accounts…

Whenever God overlooked and seemed to “compromisingly” accept man’s insistence, in the short run, man runs free, having his/her ways. BUT, in the longer run, HE ends up punishing man’s stubborn will, insisting on & having HIS OWN WAYS ultimately! That God accommodates our compromises in the short run is no indicator of His approval of our ways… He only gives us more time to get-things-right!

Even JESUS sought a compromise for the cup to Passover before He finally submitted to God’s will! THAT IS WHAT A CROSS IS… HAVING TO ENDURE THE INCONVENIENT BECAUSE GOD WANTS IT TO BE SO! That JESUS still carried & died on the cross for the sins of mankind was a great example of crossing crossroads of compromising. Like each one of us today, JESUS had the power of choice to renege on carrying on with God-inspired WILL/CROSS. God’s will is usually a cross that is almost never convenient!

Every Believer has been told to carry his or her own cross & FOLLOW after JESUS example. We may not have to endure a cross in the literal sense as some early disciples/apostles did, but there is no doubt that we will be faced with compromising situations and circumstances when we either endure our own “cross” or compromise and put the Cross of Christ to shame again!

True Christianity is still for carrying “crosses” for Christ (not jewelry crosses)! The place of tempting compromises should always be turned into a place of choosing to hang in there, carrying one’s cross in Christ rather than choosing the more comfortable convenience of excuses, satisfying SELF or satisfyingly pleasing men (&women)! WHENEVER COMPROMISE IS ACCOMMODATED INSTEAD OF ABSOLUTE BIBLICAL TRUTH, THE EXPECTED ACCOMPANYING DEMONSTRATION OF CHRIST’S RESURRECTION POWER IS HINDERED FROM BEING CELEBRATED AND IS SABOTAGED…

There are many who live continually in deliberate compromises. They are the ones who hate and feel judged by absolute truths… They would rather give excuses and perambulate about how there are no new crosses to carry in Christ! THOSE WHO COMPROMISE THE FULL GOSPEL LOVE TO ONLY TELL ABOUT THE “GOODIES” IN CHRIST!

We all know that itchy ears cannot tolerate and hate to be taught about carrying Kingdom crosses! Like apostle Paul who needed GRACE to bear a God-permitted “thorn in the flesh”, every believer can ask God for GRACE to endure whatever “cross” they have to carry because of God’s WILL…


Just like JESUS, many believers would have to carry their own “crosses”, facing their own red seas or instead they shall remain under oppression of their Biblical Egypt. Crosses have to be carried to cross from failure to Biblical triumph. Crosses are carried to cross from alone-ness in ministry to having many sons & daughters of faith… crosses must be carried to cross from man-made defeat to God-made victory. And crosses have to be carried to cross from earthly death unto eternal life!

Olan Elujoba

Have you ever carried any cross in Christ? Are you carrying any cross for Christ?? Are you willing to carry crosses for Christ? Every true believer has a cross to carry for Christ! Compromise is not what Christ sent us to perfect, His lighter Cross is what he has assigned for each one of us to carry in HIS name and to the ends of the earth…

Embrace your God assigned cross, if you have one & carry it diligently without compromising UNTIL HE says WELL-DONE!!! Shalom!
Much Love!

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