His Mission Is Possible

His Mission Is-Possible
I have two disturbing things on my mind.
1. With the way some carry on about “Christianity” today, I do wonder if heaven will be a conglomerate of segregated races and tribes. I sincerely questions if there will be different territories in heaven for different African tribe-based worship centers, “Indian-alone churches” “Ghana-cultured churches”, “Guyanese believers Assemblies”, “Jamaican-styled Ministries” “Cameroon Charismatic Churches” or “superior-minded Caucasian Christ Followers”, and so on and so forth.
2. I remember several years back when I was serving American trained missionary leaders back in Nigeria. I could not understand why they tried to intrude my basic lifestyle by teaching me how to maintain fresh breath, knotting a tie well, using deodorants and colognes among other things – like I was not matured enough to run my life & ministry by myself. I did felt like they were not spiritually-focused, imposing a foreign culture on me and could not understand why. Several years later, those leadership preparations and grooming came in handy. Today, I see many untrained, un-groomed, un-discipled, uncultured ministers hitting brick-walls while trying to make inroads into other cultures while maintaining arrogant and prideful tribal mannerisms.
JESUS sent his followers out to invade diverse cultures. They had to be groomed and prepared first. I hope more tribal and racial-leaning churches will find ways to accommodate others. The early church was scattered while they tried to settle down to feeding and taking care of basic needs. They were spiritually forced to travel and carry the gospel to other tribes and new un-reached territories.
Jesus did not want us to build churches with divisive walls, he wanted us to go into other nations with open hearts and open arms. He did not want us using local languages, he gave us a new tongue. We need to learn to build true JESUS-CULTURE.ministries and churches.
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