It is very concerning to observe: A society of mothers & a father-less generation. Where women assume men’s roles, Where mothers usurp father’s authority. What is seen, are less functioning fathers but more procreating males. We have less fathering and over-ambitious mothering.father
Many men function less than capacity and more husbands seemed compelled to act like housewives.
Many men shift focus from commanding stable homes, to seeking and abstaining from marital commitments and responsibilities.
More men behave as immature, unreliable boys! Many men are no longer simply self-satisfied with fancy toys of electronics, cars, watches, etc., but have become more creative in what to drink, snuff, smoke, in how to sleep-around-like-dogs and how to achieve false-highs.

With many jails brimming to full capacity with many delusional and fantasying people, especially males, for lack of role models, mentors and adequate fathering, we seek fatherhood also in Christianity and it seems to only reside in people’s mouths and not in enough lives, lifestyles, or Christ-like daily-livings.

Currently trending are societies where genuine fathers are MIA – missing in action, while true mothers are overladen and overwhelmed. Godly fatherhood seemed to have gone AWOL – away without official leave – in many places. In the meanwhile, some governments collude to snatch parental roles & rights away from original owners.

So where in society are the Lights of the Church? Or, where are the Salt-effects that Christ so talked about? Why are people increasingly lacking God’s order & priority? Why is the church so full of offenses & rebellion? Why are many church-goers satisfied with seeking head-knowledge, mental assent, churchianized entertainments and not spiritual growth? Why are many hearts of those verbalizing faith in Christ, far from fearing God and His precepts.
Is this concerning to enough people of God? Or why are there no, enough, heart-full, uproars, arising from the camps of the righteous? It seems too glaring & obvious that there are more iniquities in the lands, than there are, faith-full repentances! It looks like we have more religious meetings and gatherings, but somewhat unable to meet demands to supply real fathers for our societies.father2

Though Churches are sprouting on every corner of streets of cities & nations, though services and programs are called endlessly with no lingering tangle-proofs that God called for them, though old and newer church leaders are frantically relentless in seeking selfish-empires, in making big idolized names and seeking celebrity statuses for themselves, yet, many children are being raised into the ensuing spiritual confusions and corruptions.

My Lord & my God, I join with many of your crying servants – who are groaning in remote silent places – to ask that you REVIVE us again! REVIVE our lands! Please give us more fathers who would be fathers INDEED. Please raise your real church back to power and prominence again! Please separate unto yourself, the wheat from the chaff! Demonstrate to this world by clear distinction, a separation of what you are doing, from what the enemy has so prominently planted. In JESUS name I prayed!

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