In Mark Chapter 6, JESUS had just returned to his home town from many trips around the country. Outside of his hometown where people were less familiar with him, his ministry was better received. He had phenomenal miracles, signs and wonders out there. His messages, though strangely non-religious, made more sense to people out there.
For some reason, he came back home and tried to reach his own people with same or similar messages. His people initially let him do his stuff and acknowledged that they were impressed. BUT, they would not shift their mindset to accept the newer/better JESUS. They were stuck with the prior JESUS who was basically human, and not a son-of-God-in-manifestation JESUS. They wanted to retain the JESUS that they knew prior. So, they asked him, are you not the son of the carpenter? Back in those days, sons were expected to continue the trade or profession of their fathers. They were not expected to take on any other endeavor outside of what was accepted as local family tradition and societal culture.SAM_2154
JESUS was breaking their mental rules. Therefore, He was not spared by these people who resorted to familiarity rather than accepting JESUS’ new and BETTER life-level. They reminded JESUS of his humanity, as well as that of his physical parents, and siblings. The human JESUS that they knew and his family members must have had clear obvious imperfections as all families did. So, rather than accept that JESUS was BETTER and doing newer things, they chose to question him instead. They kind of asked JESUS, HOW DARE YOU try to be more spiritual than a carpenter that you ought to be, in continuation of family business?
Their pull-him-down questioning can be summarized as HOW DARE YOU? How dare you be different from the JESUS that we knew, and whose physical weaknesses we knew? How dare you achieve BETTER than we could predict about you? How dare you try to prove to us that you can do more than we expect of you? How dare you try to get more respect than we used to give you? The list of how-dare-you questions could be added to as much as we want to.
I think I can personally relate to what JESUS went through. Some folks who knew me when I was cutting my teeth in life and ministry think I am still the same one. Those who knew me by old names do not think I deserve to change how I wish to be addressed. Their attitudes are like how dare you not be Lanre when that is all that we knew of you? How dare you present yourself like you got promotions when we were not a part of the process? How dare you have a better rank than we think you qualify for? How dare you claim to have moved forward, and further, without our confirmation of it? How dare you act like you are better than what backdoor, backbiting, smear campaigner say about you? How dare you this? How dare you that?
Among JESUS own community, he could not do any mighty or outstanding miraculous work because of their unbelief. They were too familiar with the miracle worker. A prophet is not usually accepted among the community where he or she grew up. Demonic familiar spirit uses familiar (family) people to limit outstanding ones to what is familiarly acceptable in the community. Familiar spirit operating people do not expect anyone from among their own, to be different, and BETTER, because they do not want to be left behind, and also because, they expect to own whatever it is that the larger community should celebrate about you.
If you are one of the family and friend-pleaser that is not yet amounting to much compared to your God-intended life, purpose or destiny, you better disregard those who want to own you by force. Move forward from those who belittle you. You may never attain great heights without stepping beyond those who would wag their fingers in your face, asking you, HOW DARE YOU?
JESUS moved on away from that purpose-demeaning community. He went on to be a blessing to other communities that would not tie him down to his past growing-processes. You and I need a little dose of that moving-away too. We owe God our life. We do not owe humans, no matter how loving they claim to be. JESUS’ close friends misread him and called him, crazy, deranged, demented, hyper spiritual, beside-himself, etc. because they could not understand JESUS life-purpose. Only God defines his people, who work with him, not society, not community, not the current religion, not the religious establishment, not the unimpressed nay-Sayers, not close relatives, nor immediate family.DSCN3384
Many people are living unfulfilled lives because they try to avoid being asked, how dare you? Others are stuck halfway in confusion about what to do with their life, because they try to answer every HOW DARE YOU? question. The only way to be who God specializes you to be is to DARE to become the DIFFERENT YOU that God asks you to be.
I pray that you will prevail beyond those who question your integrity and life purpose. May you rise above those who ask HOW DARE YOU? In JESUS Name, Amen.

Bishop Olan Elujoba is a preacher, teacher, publisher and broadcaster of God’s words, in obedience to a calling he received to pursue the GREAT COMMISSION. He heads Worldwide WORD Missions, a global initiative to torch lives by God’s words, by the power of the Holy Spirit, till millions of lives shine as lights for JESUS Christ, Our LORD!

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