Associate/Affiliate W. Nkrumah-Gyasi

GHANA Associate/Affiliate 180103


NAME –  Rev. William Nkrumah-Gyasi

NAME OF MINISTRY – Kingdom Grace Chapel


Plot 56 Block O, Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana


E-MAIL –  nkrumahgyasiwilliam@gmail.com,  paswillie2006@yahoo.com


We Need To Know You – Please Share A Brief Biography About Yourself

My name is William Nkrumah-Gyasi from Ghana, a senior pastor of Kingdom Grace Chapel, I got born again in the year 1996 and was called in to the ministry in 1998, and have been in ministry till date. I’m an ordained minister and I teach in a Bible school. I’m planning to start my own Bible school in April 2018. I’m married with three kids.


Please Type In Your Statements of Belief:

I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior, I believe in the resurrection of the dead, I believe in heaven and hell, I believe in the trinity, etc.


Please Type In Your Major Achievement So Far & Plans For The Next Few Years

I’ve traveled once to Uganda for a Ministerial programme, and I desire to to travel again to Africa, Europe, Asia for ministerial invitation, this year I want to establish a Bible school in April, therefore I need an affiliation.


Please Indicate Your Most Important Reason For Applying

To Participate As An Affiliate


Please Select All Other Reasons That You May Also Be Interested in joining Worldwide WORD Missions Associates & Affiliates

Ministry Mentoring
To Receive Mission Field Support
To Contribute To Missions
Pulpit Sharing
Invitation To Conferences
International Ministers Networks
Logistics For New Church Plant
To Offer Leadership Skill
Christian LOVE Cafe Member
To Offer Yearly Sponsorship


Please Contact Rev. William Nkrumah-Gyasi by email or phone conversation to support his ministry. His Cell Phone Number is  (+233) (244) 063298. Email is –  paswillie2006@yahoo.com


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