Keeping Life Simple By Understanding Marriage LAW & ORDER

Life can be complicated and Marriage fails when people stupidly violates basic God-instituted marriage law and order. It is foolish to assume that law and order have been abolished in the New Testament. Many have been religiously brainwashed to only think about law of Moses and Grace. Meanwhile, there are more laws than those based on Judaism. There is law of gravity, as well as, law of sowing and waiting for due season to reap a type of harvest. There are laws governing times and seasons, winter, spring, summer, etc. There are laws of digestion and reproduction. There are laws that governs how a body system works, that is relating to breathing in and breathing out. There are laws that governs societies. Life has too many unwritten laws and order, that if not properly followed, unleashes, immediate, automatic and unbiased consequences.

According to an online dictionary, a law is – “a statement of fact, deduced from observation, to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present.” e.g “the second law of thermodynamics”

Many are not enjoying true love and working family because they mistakenly assume no responsibility and throw caution to the winds, by not letting natural marital laws and order work in the home. This is a book that many will not like its content. But those who are sincere will read through to see validating Bible renditions that were neither twisted to suit a particular purpose nor were they privately interpreted.

Keeping Marriage SIMPLE By Understanding Its Law & Order

  1. What Law, What Order?
  2. Keeping Marriage Simple?
  3. So, Is Christian Divorce Biblically Possible?
  4. God, God’s Will & God’s-Calling Comes First Before Family?
  5. Are There Grounds For Keeping Strong Or Dissolving A Marriage?
  6. How To Avoid Divorce By Understanding Dimensions Of LOVE?
  7. Love-Relationship Fitness Tests


The book corrects many myths and misrepresentations of Bible truths on family. Many have become negligent of Bible requirements and take core-foundation marriage “law and order” for granted.


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