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WWMI is a short-form for Worldwide WORD Missions Inc., a non-profit ministry organization, registered for operation in the USA. WWMI’s primary goal is to reach every corner of our world with the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ, torching lives, setting them ablaze and aglow, as leading lights, over dark communities, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The goal of world outreach and lighting up lives around the globe cannot be attained by any individual or a single ministry alone. Hence the need for genuinely called ministers to align their independent ministries together as affiliates, with a sole purpose of working mutually to claim more harvests of souls for our LORD and Savior JESUS Christ.

For more details please click About Worldwide WORD Missions Association/Affiliation

Worldwide WORD Missions activities are guided by relevant rules that govern not-for-profit organizations within the USA. The organization shall not be held liable for any legal matter by reason of her association or affiliation. Our intent shall be purely based on Bible standard of being our brother’s keeper and a “Good Samaritan” organization.

The affiliation is based on voluntary Christian service. Since no one is going to compel anyone to join, Worldwide WORD Missions shall not be compelled, nor forced, to accede to forceful demands by any member or affiliate, for any reason whatsoever either. Affiliates shall do their own due diligence before committing to relationships with any other affiliates that they may meet in the course of interacting within this organization.

Our Music Minister’s network is currently working on naming a supervisor and coordinator.
 Worldwide WORD Missions Affiliates


So, are you called of God to reach nations across the world? Do you want to network with and be connected internationally to other ministers in diverse geographic locations in remote places of interest to you? Do you want to to take advantage of willing partners and receive resources that they may voluntarily make available to help further your calling? Do you want to announce, expose your ministry to a whole new audience and/or advertise your ministry event online for almost nothing?

If you want to break geographical limits and be a more qualified participant in the global village, then you can ask to take advantage of whatever is made available within our Ministry Database, Receive International links & exposures, Enjoy information on enhancing Ministerial studies, training and conferences, as may be packaged from time to time, and receive benefit from a multi-cultural and international Missionary Network.
You can receive guidance, on-the-ground-support and genuine links from Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. Click the following for more information ABOUT WWMI 4Ps Consulting
Worldwide WORD Missions Affiliates


  1. To register your name and ministry information, you ONLY need to fill out and submit an application form. Membership is FREE!
  2. If you want to register to enjoy benefits from WWMI 4Ps Consulting as a contributing AFFILIATE, please use the link WWMI 4Ps Registration below for sending non-refundable registration due.

WWMI 4Ps Registration

Special 4Ps Support/Consulting Services For Affiliating Ministers Desiring Ministry/Family Progress


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Please click on the donate button below to make a MISSIONS/MISSIONARY donation. The Lord bless you for doing so. In JESUS name. Amen.

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