What Makes A Lady Beautiful


There are many ladies today who get fake when life gets real, thinking that makeup is what it take to make a woman beautiful. But truth be told, a woman’s character defines her beauty. A woman’s personality is what makes her beautiful. If you have an ugly character or personality, no amount of makeup can decorate it.

The earlier the young growing woman knows this, the better it is for her. So she will spend more time on her character and personality rather than on makeup kits. For makeup cannot cover up an ugly character.

A woman is beautiful in the way she holds herself, she is beautiful by how she treat others. She is beautiful by the way she cares for others. A woman is beautiful in her soul not just by her face. 32501125_339830283212283_7902741542626918400_n

A beautiful woman does not talk harshly; her words are few, seasoned with wisdom and compassion. Her words are comforting, encouraging and inspiring.

A beautiful woman’s dress is decent because she is clothed with the Spirit of God. Her dressing does not lead others to sin. A beautiful woman is a woman of prayer. She prays for her family and people in her life.

A beautiful woman is not lazy; she serves her family with her skills. A beautiful woman does not compete with this world, she knows who she is in God.

A beautiful woman respects herself; treats others the way she wants to be treated. She talks to others the way she wants to be talked to, and walks away from people who try to disrespect or belittle her.

A beautiful woman is a blessing to her man; her character inspires him to change even without telling him he needs a change. She understands she cannot change a man and the best she can do is to pray for him.
The lips of a beautiful woman speaks truth, she keeps her words and stays away from lies and gossip. She doesn’t waste her words on people who deserve her silence.

A beautiful woman forgives and does not seek revenge for she knows revenge is of the Lord. True beauty is not washable, it stands the test of rain and sunshine. Make up cannot stand water not to talk of trial.

A beautiful woman does not beg for attention or beg for the love of a man. She doesn’t go out in search for love. For she knows when you have a good relationship with God, He deposits the needed amount of love you need in your heart.

A beautiful woman loves herself instead of waiting for someone to love her. She respects herself instead of demanding that from others. She takes good care of herself, instead of looking for someone to care of her.
There are women today who don’t know what truly makes a woman beautiful. They don’t know a woman is truly beautiful in the Lord but think worldly beauty is what makes one beautiful.

After spending so much money and resource on makeup, wig, fashion, etc. they are not able to make a single relationship work. They are able to start relationships but lack what it takes to keep them. If you are a victim of this message, it is time to work on yourself.

“You should not use outward aids to make yourselves beautiful, such as the way you fix your hair, or the jewelry you put on, or the dresses you wear. Instead, your beauty should consist of your true inner self, the ageless beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of the greatest value in God’s sight”

Prophet Caroline Sargent

Caroline Sargent is a Worldwide WORD Missions Associate/Affiliate. She writes from Jinja, Uganda, East Africa. To reach or contact her, please check her up on her Facebook Page under the names Prophet Caroline Sargent.


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