2016 Special – Faith Maintenance & Spiritual Engine Check!

2016 Special – Faith Maintenance & Spiritual Engine Check! (1)
What do you believe? Is your Faith effectively maintained?
Your new year will be made or marred by your belief system (BS)!
What you have now or do not have is determined by your BS. The state of marriages, finances, career, relationships, religion or lack of it, are derived from past BS.
Belief systems vary from people to people, nation to nation, culture to cultures, tradition to traditions. A good look at any society will quickly reveal the predominant BS. Some societies have predominant belief in witchcraft and are largely unproductive and backward in development. Other societies are not as fearful, they confront odds, dare to look behind curtains of evil practices, overcome the background forces and end up having more organized and developed life and environments to show for their bravery. Faith is a brave action on a right BS!
Unchanged, same, belief system will always produce same results. An adjustment of belief system will produce different outcomes. Faith is a new way of thinking and acting against old BS! Faith comes by hearing and hearing progressively, not just by what was heard! Faith needs be regularly renewed and refreshed! Faith is the ability to step up to the play. Faith works by inner strength to do what is different. Faith is the effort used in swimming against unpopular trend. It is like David stepping out of the crowd of unwilling fearful people. David opted to achieve the impossible, right in the face of those who have been equipped to try. Faith is like the woman with the issue of blood. She took calculated steps in the midst of spiritually unserious people, who were into JESUS for the entertainment. Faith is what those guys did by pulling down another person roof while making a trial attempt, to have their friend healed supernaturally.
Genesis chapter 1:26-28 establishes that everyone has God-given endowment of territory or space to function, authority to execute preferred choices and the right to an advantageous belief system. Anyone who has faulty belief system will be exploited out of God-given territory and short-changed in ability to exercise moral or spiritual authority.
Every conflict in life is a conflict of mindsets and crossing of lines of authority. Most battles and warfare in life are battles of authority. Most fights are about what belongs to me and not to you! Many wars are about my land and not yours! Most relationships fail when lines of trespassing, of another’s physical or mental “space”, are crossed. Every problem each one faces would be about territory/space, belief system/mindset/attitude or a violation of an authority!
All that needs to be done to cheat anyone, is to play around with their BS. Just a little brainwashing or derogatory twisting of mindsets can turn a master into a slave, and a king into a pauper. It can distort the wisdom of a wise one into foolishness. The fall to sin in the Garden of Eden was as a result of a twisted BS and the rest is history. BS is improved by right counsel and it can be corrupted by unverified, but accepted thought or counsel.
All that is also needed to get along with anyone or any relationship is to try to positively influence a change in the BS or point of view, or, that oneself should correct ones’ own BS or POV, point of view, when necessary.
So what do you believe? How accurate is your BS? Do you have a Bible-informed BS? Do you have a clear understanding of your spiritual rights and the scope, extent and limits of your life? Are you in command of your God-given endowments? Are you capable of spiritual fights against encroachers? Do you have effective sifts on what comes in your mind? Are you able to internally observe necessary Biblical checks and balances?
Most marriages fail because of faulty thinking (mindsets) and incompatible (though workable) BS. Many homes will work better if the parties would adjust their mindset, as at when necessary. Many remain single because of lack of informed judgment and dependency on failing BS. Many cannot receive help because they got stuck in a mentality that is resistant to mind renewal and change of BS.
Everybody claims to have the right and candid belief, but only few follow through on accurately prescribed standard BS. Though no one should claim to have better belief than the other, yet everyone ought to be open to improve on whatever they already considered sacrosanct belief. Even God improved the tenets of faith from an Old Testament to a New Testament. The more dogmatic people get on any BS, the less accurate in life, they have proved to become.
Biblical revelation is progressive and not stuck in ancient times. The same scriptures penned down over two thousand years ago continue to make themselves relevant regardless of contemporary times. Just as the principle of gravity has never changed regardless of man’s ability to take advantage of its knowledge, so also do the scriptures remain the same, regardless of newer ideas, contemporary options and lifestyles. As a matter of fact, the real truth is that there is nothing new in today’s preferences. Today’s advanced thinking is not even new. It was equally present in Bible times. Man cannot change and become God. God will always be God over man, no matter how much man strives.
In 2016, we all need to engage in regular spiritual engine-checks. We need to honor scheduled visits to a “licensed faith maintenance center” also known as Church, where Bible is final authority and not a human being. It is important that everyone find his or her right church leader, not leaders. Those who get a good mechanic know better than to jump from one mechanic shop to another. Consulting with too many, opposing and different “experts” on any issue would just lead to confusion. All such leaders ought to seek and have a clear leader too, all in Christ JESUS.
Lord, I ask that you help me overcome every cheating that robs me of a fulfilled life in Christ JESUS. I understand that others could take undue advantage of me, but I pray that you help me to first recognize where I am my own destiny-robber. Please help me whenever I get stiff-necked, rigid, and get stuck in wrong sense of judgments. Please help me to recognize, fight and overcome the enemy in me, before I seek destruction of lesser enemies. In JESUS name I prayed. Amen.

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