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Name – Rev Kongari Moses Kumar

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Emmanuel Church  Ambedkar Nagar Hnk Road  City: Jangaon Dist  State: Telangana  Zip Code: 506167
Country: India

Name Rev Kongari Moses Kumar
Name Of Church/Ministry/Organization (If Any) OPEN ARMS WELFARE SOCIETY
Gender Male
Profession A Fulltime Minister

E-mail – moseskongari@gmail.com

Cell Phone Number –  (+91) (91) 9908557414

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My Name Moses Kumar I have beeb saced by the grace of God and called for HIs ministry and worked for 6 years as Missionary to Andaman Nicobar Islands


Please Type In Your Statements of Belief:

I believe that The Lord Jesus is My Savior He cleans my Sins and gives me Heaven


Please Type In Your Major Achievement So Far & Plans For The Next Few Years

I have Travelled inner Part of the India and Andaman Nicobar Islands I want to Traveel around the world with Gospel of Jesus Christ


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Worldwide WORD Missions Inc Comment:

Please Contact  Rev Kongari Moses Kumar  by email or phone conversation if you are so persuaded.  His Cell Phone Number is  (+91) (91) 9908557414

Email is –   moseskongari@gmail.com


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