Nigeria & Her Misguided Orientations

I tried to resist writing my perspective on the state of my beloved nation, Nigeria. The more I restrained myself, the more unrest I felt in my spirit. I have no doubt that I will be torching on sore nerves of many who are so convinced in themselves and have become incapable of objective assessments beyond innate animosity, tribal instinct and/or ethnic-superiority complexes

Former Senator & former Governor of Lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu got inaugurated as the new President of our country today. Regardless of outcome of contests of election results, his name cannot be removed from history, as having legally received that political position. He was, and is, a broadly hated politician & community leader. I am writing to throw some light on the underlying misled orientation of majority of Nigerians.

Whatever I write here is my opinion as an observing minister of the gospel, as a Bishop, and as one that God opened his eyes to more than 20 reasons why Nigeria & most of Africa will NEVER develop unless they adopt a systemic re-education campaign against false religious mentalities that have become concretized by mammon-worshiping church-leaders.

The new Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has proven records of governmental accomplishments that was ways beyond any of the others who contested the high office with him. He created 6 governors out of technocrats who had no prior political relevance. They ended up repeating the systems they learned from under BAT which they severally implemented at other state levels. That those governors won in their respective government assignments had everything to do with the wisdom of the now new president.

He handed over Lagos State to much more capable hands & ensured subsequent “installing” of other governors to ensure continuity of implementing societal developmental blueprints. Lagos State became a model for emulation by other Nigerian states regardless of differences of political party names. He has since demonstrated uncommon LEADERSHIP qualities.

This is not enough space to enumerate BAT’s records of implementing SYSTEMS and putting enough enforcement protocols in place to ensure compliance to original masterplans. He barely escaped being killed by military juntas in Nigerian when he stood in defense of democracy. He must have learned from Chiefs MKO Abiola & Obafemi Awolowo’s mistakes on how to factor in foreign-powers appeasement. Otherwise he may not have been allowed to step into the number one government office in Nigeria.

Foreign powers must be anxious about BAT, probably why he has not been celebrated as much. Yoruba power leaders were known to the foreign interests as ones who have own minds & ones that might alter their entrenched plundering economic systems & engagements. Tunde Idiagbon left sour tastes in colonizing powers’ memories. Fulani/Hausas would sheepishly tow systemic lines established by masked foreign powers while Igbos would be too hung up on emotional angst to shred Nigeria as we know it. The other minor tribes trod similarly, as well.

BAT was not a perfect human being. None of his co-contestant was. Peter Obi cannot claim not to have health issues he manages, neither would Mr. Atiku Abubakar contest undisclosed issues that makes him imperfect as well. BAT corruption has been legally scrutinized by various agencies & federal government administrations. None was able to secure convictions for misappropriation of public funds. If BAT victories are attributed to devious spiritual powers, then shame on everyone else whose Christian, Islamic or Traditional spiritual powers have been shown to be ineffective and/or obsolete.

Many Nigerian citizens were unable to overcome curiosity as to how he acquired stupendous wealth that he used to buy political relevance. Now, it is not the place of this writing to defend or exonerate BAT from allegations or offences. These points above are basically to draw a background to the points I am about to make.

Hopefully BAT knows he has enough wealth for a lifetime & needs NOT to repeat crazy cravings to acquire useless personal acquisitions. I personally believe God allowed him in position as answered prayers for an advanced Nigeria. He must be in it for legacy more than self-aggrandizement. He knows he is surrounded by haters & evil-wishers anyways.

The successful inauguration of the most-hated new President of my country Nigeria should be regarded as a divine rebuke to the cultural-Christianity that has bedeviled Nigerian consciousness in the past about 30 years. The false antichrist churchianity has consumed & incensed the mentality of more than 50million gullible worshipers.

None of the big names like Adeboye or Oyedepo has created ministry giants that moved on to independently repeat their “governance” accomplishments in their lifetime. They are busy showing off personal accomplishments that they appear to have jettisoned JESUS’ primary command to raise folks who would do GREATER WORKS THAN themselves. JESUS raised 12 that could not be differentiated from himself during his ministry lifetime. It took a paid conspirator to mark JESUS out of the team for subsequent “assassination.” The Nigerian Church & its hero-worshipped JESUS-crooners is NOW a mockery of the Bible definition of Church.

Ministers ought to repeat the PRINCIPLES & SYSTEMS of JESUS rather than occupying people’s hearts as idols of worship.

Nigerians love to worship vain charismatic personalities instead of adopting PRINCIPLES & building up on WORKING SYSTEMS alongside less-known-others around their own social levels.

It is in the bloodstream of typical Yoruba-raised person to contest wisdom of their own next of kin. Anybody who refuse to be rigidly rail-guarded by the wisdom of a particular Yoruba native, is bound to be marked-down for extermination, one way or another. The base Yoruba culture would not celebrate success of the next person UNLESS they can take the glory for it. It is in the Yoruba history that warfare, contentions, & stiff opposition arose out of base-mentality of superiority of own wisdom.

I can talk more about the Yoruba people because that is my origin, BUT I would not talk as much on typical Ibo orientation & Hausa/Fulani tendencies. Nigeria will become better managed when our Igbo brothers & sisters overcome inborn clannish traits of distrust of other ethnic groups. When they understand that all nations are “animal kingdoms” needing unity, their agitations for ethnic kingdom would hopefully subside.

May God bless Nigeria, President BAT & all indigenes at home & in diasporas.

It is my prayer that our new President would have enough support & energy to revitalize our developmental systems. It may take tenures beyond him for tangible manifestation of his about-to-be reinvigorated value-systems, to become evident. It took Lagos state more than 30 years to become more visible. And the blueprints have not yet been finalized.

Nigeria needs systemic re-engineering that the new President has shown pedigrees to be able to execute. I pray that the wisdom that the highly detested human being has exhibited to prevail over unrelenting oppositions would guide him well to execute a much better Nigeria, regardless of entrenched demons at the Nigerian corridors of power, & her streets, as well.

In JESUS Christ mighty name I prayed. Amen & amen.

From the e-desk of the e-prophet

Olanrewaju Elujoba

The Prelate, Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. USA

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