Avoiding Crab-Natured People

I lived among crabs for too long. Many human beings are like crabs. They are everywhere roundabout. You need not look far to find them. They are so close-by doing crab businesses. They are out to claw you down as fast as they can, at the slightest given (or not), opportunity. Their primary life goal is to determine where others belong. They must project & impose their self-will on you.

When you live among crabs, you get no encouragement nor support for good efforts. Crabs are intimidated by whatever you validly achieve on your own that gives them no glory.

Like many ministers, I laid down my life for some decades, providing all kinds of free services that others get paid for as a career, but God wanted it rendered as a servant & witness of Christ JESUS. I was a driver/transporter, photographer, secretarial-service provider, care-giver, life-coach, cleaning service worker, IT proficient worker, web designer, decorator, event organizer, musician, blogger, handyman, researcher, event MC/moderator, cinematographer, audio engineer, script writer/film producer, writer/publisher, delivery man, receptionist, promoter of talents, ministry leader, preacher, teacher, encourager, motivation speaker, prophetic guidance & counselor, graphic designer, advertiser, courier servant, relationship counsellor, etc. Ministers can be many things to people at own charge. We make ourselves run whatever errands that are necessary to see to improvement and enlightenment of lives, most of the time without thinking twice, and at personal sacrificial costs.

In civilized climes someone would take one of those skill-sets or free service rendered to give money or support. Such services as authorship, graphic design, systems analyst , computer/IT capabilities, would be indirectly engaged to indirectly promote or patronize the minister so he or she could become more successful, recognized, celebrated and get financial returns. Crabs have no such inclinations to pick something out of many as an excuse to help. They must take charge of you as they deem fit and redirect you as they selfishly choose, without really seeking your preferred advantage.

Crabs are final authorities unto themselves. Nobody must be ahead or above them. They even feel threatened by colleagues. They will drag you down. They have false self confidence. They consider it their role to cut others down to the size they sickly determine. Your personal goal does not matter to crabs. They assume your success index. And, they must redefine you to fit their own criteria. If you do not conform to their demands, they will tear you down to present a false public image of you.

They pose as friends. They are members of family. They can be colleagues. They sneak in on you like they needed you or you needed them. They can be so deceptively close to you like green snake in green grass. They blend-in with innocent victims like a chameleon does with its environment. They are friendly, undetected enemies that would inject poisonous thoughts and ideas to incapacitate your genuine progress.

If you ever find yourself in company of ambitious and competitive fellows who specialize in comparing self to self, run! Those are crabs. Nobody is successful around them except they say so. And they hardly say such, since they must be on top of the class.

Many crab-natured people don’t even know they got it. They operate in the witchcraft-motivated mindset, subconsciously.

To avoid crabs, learn to be true to yourself. Be highly discerning of the spirits at work in folks around you, whoever they are, or whoever they claim to be. Develop yourself in walking by the Holy Spirit. Obey your instincts more than you give charge of your life to someone else. Do not blindly entrust your life into any human being’s hands!

Avoid crabs. Avoid being a crab. Give God full charge of your life. Allow JESUS Christ to work in you, & with you!. Be at peace with eternal kingdom priorities. Be satisfied and content with your level, per time. Pursue reasonable plans for your own good. Seek the good of neighbors, as well, and, as much as you can. Celebrate, motivate, enhance, elevate, and, make life easier for others around you!

“We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.” 2 Cor. 10:12 NIV

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LOVE Does Not Leave You The Same

There is no such thing as true LOVE that let’s you remain your original self. No true parent love a child and leave the child to untrained nature or unchecked self-will. When God so loved the world that He gave His only Son as a sacrifice & exchange for worldly people’s souls, He did so in expectation of changed or changing people. God’s love chastises & disciplines for the beloved’s own good.

When Apostle Paul counseled that husbands love wives as Christ loved the church, he emphasized that that would be done in expectation of ability to turn a spotted, wrinkled and blemished bride, around, by the washing of her, free of the unwanted & unneeded. In the same token, the husband was not to expect a sub-mission without a clear mutual-mission, like as would be “unto the Lord”

Anyone crying to be loved should expect the changes and adjustments that being loved demands. You cannot be in true love and claim that you are who you are and no one should expect you to change from who you were prior to accepting the relationship. Expect relationships to place demands for changes on you. Engage in relationship that will place uncomfortable demands for improvements on you and from you.

Many have been wound up by wrong thoughts, sick attitudes and bad experience that need to be unwound. Many have become so subconsciously uptight they are ignorant of ways and means of easing up to another’s true intentions. Many have become so tangled up they resist true love that could disentangle them to enjoy meaningful life through an improving relationship. Many have become so engrossed in trying to please third parties strong-holding views that they are unable to reach into & express their own true inner-selves and thereby enjoy genuine relationship interactions with whoever has well-intended interest in them.

There is no real relationship that will not expose vulnerabilities and make feel unsecured in one way or another. The only way to true relationship is not to avoid threats to securities but by taking faith-filled calculated steps that open up to risks of allowing oneself to be open to what one may have closed-up to, otherwise. Hopefully such choice to allow intrusion into sacred, jealously guarded, emotional spaces, will be well-informed so that you are not violated, wounded and/or have old scars reopened again. Since every relationship has potentials of inflicting deep hurts, always prepare to self-heal.

I have a passion to help with Bible-Inspired insights to improve lives and love relationships. None of us had true relationship 100% figured out and so made mistakes because emotions do get in the ways of what could be great relationship positive pro-motions.

I have helped people quietly over several years. I may be able to help you if you need confidential listening ears and clearer perspectives. Come, let us reason together.

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Revival Meeting @ Queens NY

Please join us tomorrow evening, Sunday August 26, 2018 by 7:00pm at the LIFEZONE CHURCH located @ St. Albans, Queens, NY. It shall be a time of prayers, revival, prophecies and a new beginning of better times. More details are on the attached flier. Looking forward to seeing you there, in JESUS name!!!     39628814_10157107476697137_1446930424247877632_o.jpg    
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Teamwork That Works Relationships

I recently took interest in American football. I was more used to soccer which is what we knew in my part of the world as football. I do watch basketball every once in a long while. That happens mostly when I get trapped watching TV with others. And it is either, there is no way of changing channels without being disrespectful to others or I just cannot help but get glued to see what the outcome of the opposing team sports would be. Most sports are competitive, and they thrive by facing opponents as a well trained team.

I was watching a most-watched news show earlier today. The news show is mostly anchored by, and named after an individual, like “Tonight News By David Muir.” At the closing end of the news, the chief anchor was introduced by another anchor who handled the show on weekends and on other occasions when the chief host is unavoidably unavailable. Whenever that assistant anchor/host or others presents the show without the one to whom the news-show is named after, the unavailable host is profusely acknowledged.

So, earlier this evening, at just a bit over 48 hours to the end of 2017, the main anchor of that NEWS Show spoke through a pre-recorded video to thank viewers, advertisers and his entire TEAM on their involvements and contributions for the year 2017. He thereafter wished everybody including all viewers an early wish of HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The most important part of that thank-you video was the end-credit list of behind-the-scene participants of that TEAM. Functioning like clock-work, without profuse nightly acknowledgement and mention of names, were about a hundred names and faces of folks that did not seem to matter beyond the face that the show was named after. Some had their photos, which were snapped while on duty, shown. Others only had their names listed. In a whole year these folks worked hard to propel and individual’s name. The less than 25 minutes a day, maybe, 360 days a year, NEWS show was all about an individual team-leader until specialists and experts were now showcased. I was particularly impressed by the volume names and extent of specialized units and department that worked hard behind the scenes. One would have thought that the showed had just a few assistants. The lesson for me is, not much can be achieved by running solo-systems.

There is no doubt that most highly rated and successful TV shows or even movies, also operated in similar fashion. Faces like Oprah Winfrey, Joel Osteen, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Joyce Meyer, Steve Harvey, and their likes, have worldwide views and acceptance. Yet unknown to many, is the powerful structures of team-work that props them up to the heights they enjoyed. And, of course, every team member goes home with pays and rewards for their silent important contributions.

Since I lived in the USA, I observed that most successful enterprises, sports, TV shows and organizations worked by strict adherence to TEAM work. No successful team, staffs homogeneous-minded people, but varied-thinking individuals who have something to contribute to a picture that is Bigger than an individual goal. Each unit member is expected to specialize and concentrate on a specific duty, no matter how much such could also engage other areas of responsibilities. The important ingredient of TEAM work is to have people dedicated to specific aspects of a broad plan, assignment or purpose. These teams are never afraid to quickly FIRE and replace any individual or unit that may be hurtful to overall goals and over-aching mission targets.

I know some places in the world where most people are geared to want to accomplish broad goals, missions, assignments and purposes as individuals without specifically creating room to accommodate others’ specialized contribution. An individually will struggle to engage diverse details by him or herself, ALONE, because no one else can be trusted to produce a perfect-enough contribution. There are under-developed nations and endowed people who remain at mediocre success levels because of inability to develop TEAM systems. There can be no major accomplishments and goals in this life until there is working TEAM systems.

Our human body consist of integrated TEAM systems. A team of cells and organs are dedicated to goals of Breathing, Nerve/Sensory Services, Digestive Achievement, Audio/Video Responsibilities, Reproductive Commitments, Transportation, and Health & Wellness Emergency Agents. For each of the above named overall goal or assignment are obvious, central, or leading “names or faces” behind which are millions of behind the scene operators who are also adequately supply enough from the available resource common-wealth. Everybody may not get the same amount of resource, but everyone gets sufficiently enough. Every grumbling or complaining unit, either ejects itself from the TEAM or is sacked to avoid disgruntle cancerous service or disruptive tendencies.

Successfully working governments and governmental organizations consist of integrated TEAM systems. There are too many activities of life that any government are empowered and expected to handle as a government unit. Nobody views Nigeria, USA, Singapore or any other National government as anything else other than one united entity.  But such unit of world government tackles myriads of issues and human services that has to be narrowed down under a team of unit administrators that is service under the face of a President. A President is praised or blamed when any unit of the nation is internationally assessed, regardless than he or she may not have direct responsibility over whatever issue necessitated such fair or unfair judgement. Each government is usually organized around several TEAMs that are commissioned for overseeing details of their area of oversight. On the broader level, Federal Governments oversees States while States oversees Local Governemtns. under each of those oversees body of leaders are Departments, Ministries or Parastatals . These in turn handles issues of Health, Legislature, Justice, Education, Urban Development, Transportation, Electric Power, Agriculture, Military, Immigration, Ports, Aviation, Marine and so on and so forth. Without well coordinated TEAM work, governments cannot function as expected.

While many government have learnt to work details of TEAM systems over hundreds of years or less, many private sector individuals are yet to see the importance and need to embrace TEAM work and its benefits into their bossy-environment business. In Christian circles, longer existing ministry organizations have embraced TEAMwork at the heart of their existence. But many startup church ministers may be trying to re-invent wheels for one-man-show ministry leadership style, instead of imbibing teamwork. Older Churches like the Catholic, Baptist, Anglican, Methodist and others are still standing today because they put teams in place that works their unique belief systems. While many individuals work seamless well within government and organizational  structures, it seem very many are unaware that TEAM systems ought to be integrated as part and parcel of their intimate LOVE-life.

As we prepare for a new year, our prospective goals, plans and intentions may be fruitfully enhanced by prayerfully involving others, not because they are perfect in our own eyes, views or relative to our opinion of them. In teams, there is room for hire, fire and replace. But hopefully the hire is diligently undertaken to avoid breakdowns associated with firings. Where one individual is able to accomplish a thousand unit of success, a well coordinated team of two may achieve a 1000% more, producing ten thousand instead.


Marital LOVE would have BETTER results when activities and units of the home are clearly defined, spelled-out and laid-out, just like the human body example above. Husbands and wives have to learn to not be sole-expert over every issue of their homes. Rather, the better of the two should be allowed room to be the expert in the respective areas of strengths.

Team-work does not work by micro-managing others. It rather works by allowing each unit to work independently to produce expected results. All that the team expects of its individual is to produce the result for which the unit is established in place. For example, if a graphic artist is employed in a team of broadcasters, it will make no sense to go into the creative arts department to dictate details of expected design output. The designer should be given the imaginary picture and given time to go achieve the design within reasonable time.

True Team-work does not accommodate idleness. Every unit has to be busy producing what it is put in place to achieve. It is idleness that causes trespasses into unsolicited areas. Every Team unit should be busy achieving its purpose or such unit would have to be discarded.

As I learn more about and watched american football, I see team work at its best. The quarter back is the face and brain of the team. The success and failure of the team at any competition will be blamed on the quarter back. Meanwhile, the quarter back cannot win by arrogating superior mindset to individualistic prowess. The quality of a quarter back’s performance depends on how yielded he is to a Coach and how he or she humbly fosters a qualitative flow of esprit-de-corp team-spirit. A football team consist of a team of probably a hundred individuals, even though only eleven can play at a time.

It was amazing for me to understand that each member of an american football team is taught and nourishment-fed in direct necessity of role to be played in the team. The defenders are needed to be heavy-weight-set and fat, so they can effectively use their bodies to fend off approaching opposition. Runners are needed to be athletic and lean so they can run fast and meander in between players of the opposing team. With this team type, runners do not jostle to become defenders, nor vice-versa. The quarter back has to maintain the right mental balance and mood management because he has less than split seconds to determine winning decisions on a field of play.

One more understanding of the American football that caught my fancy, is the fact that team members are switched from time to time depending on the situations and circumstances that a team face, as they play. When it is time to advance into “enemy” territory, more agile running players are brought in, in anticipation of quick penetration into the other teams end-zone, for a touch-down. Otherwise, when it is time to defend team from opposing intrusion, players are switched to have more well-built defenders who come in with their hefty shoulders to “terrorise” and stop the other fast players from claiming yards and ground within their own zone.

I cannot claim to have mastered all that needs to be known about American Football. But, I have learned enough to know that relationships and marriages can thrive better by the lessons and metaphors that the football game, Personalized TV shows, or world-renowned motivation-speaking successes entails. All of these examples worked excellently well by understanding how a TEAM plays. They show that it is important to hire right, fire right, replace right, know when to switch quickly depending on unexpected situations and circumstance, knowing to have right reactions to expected offensive approaches, knowing what to feed on in preparation to life-plays and learning all that is needed per time to successfully defend space/territory alongside teammates, who may not even be perfect at playing their own assigned roles.

True LOVE is a team work. True LOVE works with those who have team-spirit, team-rule-understanding,  and team-dedication. Team work works by embracing strenghts and weaknesses of others whether they are above or below one’s self-positioned level.

Teamwork works because people work it. It works better in several fields of life than any one-man run shows ever did. Real LOVE is not individualistic. True LOVE adjusts in every way possible to intimate one, or loved ones, in exact same way teams manage to keep together regardless of forces that are always at play to rip them apart.

In marriages, there are pre-defined roles and rules of play, according to the Bible. To not understand, or refuse to pay attention, to Bible-defined marriage guidance rules, would be to stubbornly create wrong marital work environment. Of course, marriage is a Bible stipulated teamwork for individuals who know that each party has parts and roles to play, to stop an opposing demonic spiritual force from defeating a union that could work under God. Marriage would work better for those who reasonably implements team-rules, team-understanding, team-spirit and opposition team-fighting team-strategies.



What LOVE Is, What LOVE Is Not (Book)

True LOVE is God’s attribute and characteristics. It is beyond casual friendship or romance. If more people understand God kind of LOVE, which is not stupid, blind or ignorant, they will enjoy better life and smoother flowing relationships.


12 Insights & Prayers For A Stronger & More Loving WOMAN

A lifetime book material that throws helpful insights into womanhood. It contains LOVE nuggets as well as uncommon truths on why women usually act and react the way they do.



The book corrects many myths and misrepresentations of Bible truths on family. Many have become negligent of Bible requirements and take core-foundation marriage “law and order” for granted.



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5 Reasons Men & Women Don’t Mix Easy

Some reasons why men and women do not mix easily in relationship includes the facts that their:

  1. Mental Worldview is primarily different
  2. Sexual expectations are opposites
  3. Approach to Life Assignments Vary & not easily alike
  4. Bottom-lines are not usually the same
  5. Spiritual Sensitivity Are Poles Apart

That is why humility, wisdom & maturity are importantly required to foster unity in every relationship. These qualities do not just come by will-power but by disciplined learning and understanding of true LOVE, which is primarily spiritual. Spiritual LOVE delivers needed keys that makes such uncommon qualities to be cheaply available. JESUS Christ came for the sole reason of exemplifying true LOVE as a basis for improving relationships.


Symptoms of Immaturity – Immature Ones Are Always Easily UPSET!

  • Unable to accept a principled stand against own false actions, habit, tradition, crazy custom and wrongly upheld crowd-mentality-culturing
  • Pettiness and being easily provoked by contrary pronouncements, views, opinions or painful rebuke
  • Status-consciousness – always age/accomplishment/gender-conscious with competitive self-comparison
  • Emotional negative sensitivity to receiving any form of correction because tone and tact are more important than adjusting to confrontational truths
  • Taking most issues too personal because of inability to separate principled stands from personal attacks


Signs of Maturity – Matured Ones Disciplines/Seasons Self With WISDOM

WISDOM engages:

  • Willingness to wait patiently on opposition with anticipation of, soonest, better understanding
  • Intimate interest in working differences towards possible agreeable central theme
  • Solving issues and problems while avoiding emotional upheavals
  • Daring to discuss thorny issues by being level-headed
  • Offering options and positions for accommodating other provocative positions
  • Minimizing offences by picking truthful words while staying afloat of turbulent rhetoric


IMMATURE Actions Includes:

  • Impulsive Intolerant insistence on own ways and views ALONE
  • Miscalculating & Maintaining of detrimental rigid standpoints
  • Moribund ”Milking” of points only for self-centered opinionated arguments
  • Arrogantly antagonizing another, with prejudiced positions, just for the fun of it
  • Temper-tantrum deployment as a regular tool, used for maximum manipulation
  • Unwillingness and inability to focus on ultimate mutual overall goals and bigger picture
  • Repeats of habits and mistakes that produces unproductive outcomes all the time
  • Embarrassing others just to make self the “front and center” of most matters.


MATURE Relationship Reactions Includes:

  • Maintaining positive merciful posture that is pre-calculated for hopeful achievement of mutual peace and progress
  • Actively engaging in thoughtful actions that is calculated to produce acceptable outcomes
  • Temperately training self to be sound in controlled use of words that will more easily achieve purposed end goals
  • Unwilling to allow less than best possibilities hold sway in interactions
  • Re-affirms others and smartly disarms from toxic tendencies
  • Experience is amassed and properly deployed to encourage easy conflict resolutions.


You may want to ask for divine HELP since none of us was born with enough humility, wisdom or maturity from our mother’s womb. I would personally pray as follows:

LORD Jesus, I ask that you will fill my heart with supernatural LOVE ability. I do not want to be taken for granted in my intimate relationship. I do not want to be taken undue advantage of. I therefore ask to you come in my heart and teach me to enjoy life and my important relationships. I would like to be a worthy example of a true lover. Please make that possible for me. I pray that you will touch hearts of people around me. Please give such ones ability to receive and reciprocate true love towards me also. In JESUS name I prayed. Amen.


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keeping life simple by understanding true love ad message


For life to be kept simple, personal relationships and involvements with other people have to be delicately well-managed. The book on true LOVE, is a massive tool to help achieve a properly managed, peace-filled, fruitful & simple life.


Why Some Abandon Marital LOVE.

Some have disappointments about marital relationship and have decided to not want anything to do further with another opposite sex. Many have replaced the space in their hearts for a true LOVE with other activities and non-marital people. Meanwhile, it is still possible to enjoy God’s will in marriage.


8 Passionate Prayers About LOVE (2)

It is easy to let go of workable relationship without seeking solutions. But, for those who may realize that there are no spotless saints or angels anywhere, prayerful tools can be engaged to resolve even the most difficult relationship conflicts


Arising Back Into Arms Of LOVE

Many act like the Bible prodigal son. Male or female, such take undue advantage of another's magnanimity without even knowing what they did. Some need to recognize how not to mistakenly abort but return into a true LOVE relationship.


12 Insights & Prayers For A Stronger & More Loving WOMAN

A lifetime book material that throws helpful insights into womanhood. It contains LOVE nuggets as well as uncommon truths on why women usually act and react the way they do.


What LOVE Is, What LOVE Is Not (Book)

True LOVE is God’s attribute and characteristics. It is beyond casual friendship or romance. If more people understand God kind of LOVE, which is not stupid, blind or ignorant, they will enjoy better life and smoother flowing relationships.


A 31-day Guide On Longer-Lasting LOVE

A book that helps heal the control center of your life. Your relationship is determined by the state of your own heart more than it is by another person.



The book corrects many myths and misrepresentations of Bible truths on family. Many have become negligent of Bible requirements and take core-foundation marriage “law and order” for granted.







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