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This is for Missionary No 1: OLUSEGUN TOLUTOPE KOLADE
(check him up @ http://worldwidewordmissions.com/missionaries-global-missions-fund/)

He is a college graduate who would rather fish for souls than fish for material riches. He has a young family but would often leave them for mission trips. He is always on journeys to unreached villages with poor or non-existing infrastructures. He sometimes sleeps on barely covered dirt floors with Bible as his pillow
He is so passionate about his perceived calling that he moves from one tribe to another, and from one village to the other.
He endures hardships of long walks, in non-motorable territories.

The life of a rural missionary like him is prone to dangers from snakes, wild animals, cannibals and hostile anti Christian people.

He sure needs more support than he is getting.

He is one of those I desire to help if you help me. Reach him directly or reach him through me. it doesn’t matter to me how you help, as long as we receive your help. I have been there on mission fields too. I know firsthand how adequate help can make fulfilling the great commission much easier.

Check out for Tolutope Olusegun Kolade on his Facebook Page for more of his outreaching activities. ttps://www.facebook.com/toluyemioba

Watch Out For More Word On Our Other Missionaries From All Around The World!!!
You can donate online through http://bishopolaa.blogspot.com.
You can also check us up at http://www.worldwidewordmissions.com.
(Please call 6146227081for further information, checks or questions)

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  1. The Lord directed to look for sites with “India missionary” and yours is one I came to. Creatively look at the site I am linked to and see if you can see the way to creatively use this to gain supporters who will in turn help fund your work in the process of how this works.

    1. Please let us know how to see the sites that you are linked to.

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