Understanding Entry & Exits Of Relationships

It is important to keep in mind that all of God’s creations have ins and outs. There are births and death, beginning and endings, starts and finishes, planting and plucking, inroads and exit routes. Human beings are created to survive by inhaling & exhaling, hearing and speaking, ingesting and excreting, on and off heart-pumping, as well as by reproductive conceiving and birthing. God makes rooms for balanced actions and reactions. We all know that even sin, has a start and end-results. For every building that follows standard building codes, there are at least two doors. One is primarily intended for entry and another as an option for exit. Every nation mounts gates and gateways for monitoring in and out travels of citizens and foreigners.


When God created the first human, He laid down certain grounds rules of engagements right at the beginning of the man-God relationship, and made clear on how things can start and end. Mankind was made to understand limits and boundaries of certain beginnings and conclusions. God is called alpha and omega, which is also known as the beginning and the end. All through the Bible, we have stories of entry and exits of several Bible characters. We also saw the beginning & end of Old Testament principles and practices. Now we know how the New Testament started, and have been told how it will end.


Worthwhile love relationships do not blur-out importance of clear and notable understanding of entry and exits. Many people are so excited to start a relationship that they consciously chose to be fearful of not asking questions about when it would end, because they do not want to disrupt the beginning of a fuzzy-minded engagement. They refuse to clearly set agreeable rules of engagement and what exit routes are going to be. Even when some read out, or repeat, wedding vows, they mostly do so, out of religious obligations, and not necessarily out of clear, well considered, mutual understanding of the terms and conditions of such meaningful vows.

Most religious vows states the exit of marriages as “till death do us part” because God expects marriage love relationships to be a lifetime covenant with one opposite-sex partner. What most people lack clear understanding of regarding covenants, is that, covenants have vows and stipulated consequences for violation of vows. Even God does not assume that every human marriage will end ONLY after either or both party dies. Many marriages terminate abruptly when stipulated commitments are consciously sabotaged, before “death do us part.” There are provisions and counsels in the Bible that most people miss, regarding conducts that keeps marriages strong, and the ones that can make it unworkable.

In most non-marital relationships, people already know by nature, why and when they start the work, colleague, neighborly or friendship relationship, and that it will terminate at some unpredictable time. They kind of have clear understanding of the loose (society-defined) boundaries and are hardly under any illusions that the relationship is NOT automatically going to be until “death do us part.”

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More relationships are likely to work better when parties involved educate themselves clearly on mutually agreed exit terms. There is likely to be more respect for one another in a relationship when each person is aware and ready to avoid whatever could provoke the other to seek exit. God did not desire to keep anyone in perpetual jail or prison with a notorious relationship tormentor. There are no human relationships that work on auto-drive or auto-pilot. Relationships works for those who roll up their sleeves and keep it working as a male or female. Marital relationship in itself is God’s plan for a male and female to complete, complement and cement one another. Since all humans are naturally individualistic, it takes patience and studious learning to let go of such innate stubborn disposition, and be bonded, while allowing a partner to penetrate and be integrated into one’s virtual or physical space/territory, authority and mindset.

I can only pray for you reader that God will help your relationship find the joy and genuine happiness that will maximize and extend the days and years between a clear start, a fulfilling in between, and, God-planned end, of your relationship. In JESUS NAME! AMEN!!!

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