Roots Of Faulty Attitudes

Most relationship failures are by-products of faulty attitudes. Many have thought demons are shady characters that lurk in haunted locations. But, demons are spiritual entities that influence human attitudes. There is need to receive divine abilities to conquer own internal demons.

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“Every other message makes people look good outwardly. Faith is for getting things like money, good-health and career success. Hope is inner motivation for a brighter future. Christian LOVE is the only message that truly x-rays inwardly with demands for specific attitudinal changes.

True LOVE demands that people conquer own demons, not others’ demons. Demons express themselves through human attitudes. And, many are unwilling to fix themselves because it is inconvenient and selfish-ego defeating.

Anger, argumentative tantrums that makes loose senses when you do not win, low-self esteem that makes you lash out at others for no justifiable reason, cravings to not lose one-sided control over relationship, jealousy, and pettiness, are demons that manifest still, even in supposed Christians”

So, have you really learnt about

What LOVE Is, What LOVE Is Not?

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