Please Help A Missionary On the Fields – For Mark Russell

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He is an American citizen. He is located in the Philippines.  He lives in a hostile territory where kidnappings, assassinations and other life-threats exists.  He is so passionate about the gospel that He chose to live amongst the world’s poor. He is a veteran that could get back on American soil to live off due benefits, but he would rather endure sufferings for the gospel of JESUS Christ that he believes in. He has a family, but his wife has left him and would not share the burden of his kind of conviction. He is a deep sea diver and trainer. He recently received chaplaincy licenses and is often voluntarily available for services to humanity. Contrary to popular propagation of tent-making, this missionary knows first-hand the frustrations of pursuing a “job”, “work” or seeking personal income to maintain oneself while on mission fields. Maybe that “principle” could be helpful to missionaries who “sit still” long enough in one place. But not so for those like Missionary Mark who wants to be available and travel around to as many of his mission fields as possible per time.  He like many others groan for help and assistance. He like others could take care of himself first and never get to reach as many as he wishes. But, living true to his calling, he shares his little and insufficient “fishes and loaves of bread” with strangers, converts and disciples.

I am like that too. I know firsthand what he is going through. We like to reach the unreached at the cost of our personal comfort and lives. Mark Russell is available on FB and on page: https://www.facebook.com/mark.russell.39589.   You can reach him directly or through Worldwide Word Missions. We truly and INDEED need you to respond. We need partners!!!

Please Watch Out For More Word On Our Other Missionaries From All Around The World!!!

You can donate by clicking the “donate” button on the home-page. Click this link for the homepage. http://bishopolaa.blogspot.com . Also check up http://www.worldwidewordmissions.com.

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  1. If this is the Mark Russell originally from Island Trees, Long Island, please let him know that Martha passed away on 30 May after decades of suffering from multiple sclerosis. Thank you. Ralph K. Pedersen

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