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Free Bio Web Page                          Free Association Benefits              Free Online Ad Placement

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Free A/V Message Uploads           Free Letter Of Good Standing         Full Affiliating Benefits

Financial & Material Support       Letter Of Ministerial Affiliation                      Minimum of

(When Available)                           Access To International Network            $100/Mth, $1000/Yr


Also Available For Registered Affiliates

International Ministry Charter

Recommendation For Ministrations

Church Plant Support

                                                           $100 Registration Above – Below                                                                                                          Attracts Additional Donation/Honorarium

Minister Ordination Licensing After Passing Tests ($100)

Arrange TV Interviews When Available (Minimum $1000)

International Awards of Recognition

Pastor /Prophet/Evangelist/Teacher/Apostolic Consecrations

(Minimum $250)

Overseer Consecration (Minimum $500)

Apostolic Consecration (Minimum $500)

Bishop Affirmation & Enthronements (Minimum $1,500)

Branded T-Shirts & Souvenir Materials (Prices Will Be Posted When                                                             Available

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Please click on the donate button to make a membership/alliance/Partnering Sponsor/Trustee to make donation. The Lord bless you for doing so. In JESUS name. Amen.

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