Ministry Moments – Bishop Ola

In obedience to conviction and divine direction, Olanrewaju Elujoba undertook many journeys and adventures of faith, sacrificially pouring his  life into others’ and barely having time for own “personal empire.” Here are 100s of photos of family-backed ventures into helping many previously unknown people, ministries and ministers. It was mostly thankless and unpaid-for kingdom services that took its heavy toll on personal resources, health and family. But all thanks to God for ability  to “go into all the world” of people of other races, nations and cultures, and for supernatural provisions that came as at when needed. More than 30 nations/races are already directly ministered to and over 50 more through online ministry.  By implementing Worldwide WORD Missions visions, different people groups of America, Europe, Africa, Caribbeans Islands, West Indians and Asia have been blessed.

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