Ministry Moments – Bishop Ola

In obedience to conviction and divine direction, Olanrewaju Elujoba undertook many journeys and adventures of faith, sacrificially pouring his  life into others’ and barely having time for own “personal empire.” Here are 100s of photos of family-backed ventures into helping many previously unknown people, ministries and ministers. It was mostly thankless and unpaid-for kingdom services… Read More Ministry Moments – Bishop Ola

The Powers Of A Vagina

Many would be curious to know what a gospel minister has to say about such subject without giving people dirty pornographic ideas. A vagina is the unique organ that separate and distinguishes a male from female. It is probably a taboo word that may be too sacred for pulpits or a gospel minister to utter. So while it is an ignored word in religious rooms, it happens to be the foremost front lobe picture on the foreheads of many male adults who visit those rooms weekly. It is also a point of veiled fashion discussions that determines how the female is covered or sit in churches. … Read More The Powers Of A Vagina

The Downside Of Sexual Starvation

Most sexual problems would be resolved by sincere, frank, and down-to-earth conversation on its issues. Medical solutions can also be sought when needed. But, most couples are not secure, truthful, nor confident enough to discuss about their sexual competence or incompetence. They fear hurting one another with such discussions and retain deep frustration, while pretending… Read More The Downside Of Sexual Starvation