tholl victory words 4515 ii Many marriages are not working because many women prefer motherhood to womanhood. Adam’s satisfaction with God’s help for him was named Woman. Adam’s response to Woman’s role at unilaterally spearheading the home was to REname her Eve, meaning Mother. There is no problem for a woman to be a mother. There is a problem when mothers abscond from being Woman to their Man. Men are not looking to marry another mother, they want a God-honoring Woman. The first family started failing when the Woman usurped the man’s assigned role. Mothers love to control everything in the home but a Godly Woman will purposely self-restrain & yield control, so her man can fulfill his God-ordained part too. Womanhood entails responsibility to a man, regardless of being a mother or a potential mother. Mothering should not be elevated above womanhood. Womanhood deliberately maintain attractiveness. A woman would spare time to enhance her man regardless of mothering roles too.     tholl victory words 4515 Some marriages fail because of sincere but false assumptions about the true nature of the other person. Such get frustrated by unmet expectations. They are shaken when their own deductions & firm conclusions about the initial appearances and potentials, fail. Many live with whom they assume, or want, the spouse to be. But, every working union learns to readjust. Over time, months, 5, 15, 30 or more years, real natures will unearth, demanding acceptance and re-adjustments. Inability to continually adjust to fresh “unacceptable” realities of the other personality is a major cause of crumbling unions. It takes imbibing God’s kind of love to keep going when such shocking disappointments shows up.     tholl victory words 4615 Marriage was not instituted because of SEX. Marriage is God’s idea for a male & female in their uniquenesses to be RESPONSIBLE to one another and to the fruits of their LOVE-lives. Sex is designed to be a responsible act for bonding in marital agreements, & in fulfilling divine purposes. Sex is not Love, though sex can help Love! There are many who have sex without love. Love will enhance sex , but Love is not sex! LOVE is a responsibility. True Love is known beyond acts of sex. Responsible SEX is not selfish fun, but an act where a duo watch-out & attend to one another’s needs. One-side-enjoyed sex would feel just like rape. Unwanted pregnancies, abortions & STDs can be some outcomes of irresponsible, love-less, sex-lives. Love is your responsibility to the other. Responsibility of love is seen before or after love-making. Love-making is about ejaculating seeds to fertilize eggs. Making that happen also requires responsibilities in itself. Responsibility will show in cautions or precautions taken or not taken. What about preparing and cleaning environments of love-making. What about the considerations for feelings before and after sex. Etc. All that relates to LOVE and sex, require responsible thoughts and after-thoughts.

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