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How soon does benefit seeking Associate/Affiliate receive monthly support. Is it possible to be assigned to another organization or link beyond Worldwide WORD Missions for immediate financial or other donations?

Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. will do her best to expeditiously send support and assistance as soon as it becomes available and as is possible. All possible links or information that is useful will be provided as is known. The organization is absolutely interested in supplying all help needed without discrimination or delay.


Since I joined on a promise to receive support and assistance, so how do I meet my need urgently?

Worldwide WORD Missions is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to use powers of association to fulfill more than an individual ministry mandate. The organization and individual members needs will be better met when everyone helps to pull in money and other resources into the collective pool, which shall be open to public scrutiny. Worldwide WORD Missions Minister’s Association would function better when genuine minister and ministry functions are publicly promoted. In time, more people will trust the integrity and genuineness of our kingdom labors and support us more as a group than as an individual. Each minister should try as much as possible to promote others while his or her own ministry is equally visible.

Question: I wish to kindly inquire whether your ministry has an alternative means
of subscribing some monthly support for its affiliates besides the idea of seeking potential partners. Also, are you in a person to link me with any like minded partners/individuals/churches/ institutions which may be of help to us as far as our needs and ministries are concerned?

WWMAAA Answer: Question is not clear.


Question Repeated:  About my question, i just wanted to know wether you have a program of relaying monthly support to affiliate ministers of worldwide word missions. 2. I also needed to know if you have some people or organizations in mind whom you can link with me so that they may empower our initiatives.

WWMAAA Answer: To answer your question as we understand it, we do not have instant solutions. It takes some time for donors and links to trust their resources to solicitors. There are thousands of other ministries or ministers asking for the same things anyone of us is asking for. Support usually flows when donors are sufficiently satisfied that needs are genuine and donations will serve intended purpose. That is why recipient’s feedback, regular photos and media updates are important.

Dear Bishop Ola, Now that I am registered with Worldwide WORD Missions Association & Alliances, how soon do I get some money for my plans?

Bishop Ola’s Answer:
There is no way I can personally fund tons of requests for money, so we all have to pull together as a body of ministers under Worldwide WORD Missions, promote each other’s strengths or God’s gifts and trust God that people support us together. That way, we can have a larger pool to all drink from and help others in our varied areas of ministry assignments. Most people are out to fend for self only, but our association together should be a basis for the public to trust us all with resources, TOGETHER. I do not always have enough money for solving others’ needs immediately. In anticipation of money for your need to be met, we shall gladly promote available associate or affiliate’s products. Please send in materials like high resolution photos, acceptable video or audio messages, books or ads, feedback on support received, etcetera, as soon as is available so we can promote such on our platform for FREE

Dear Bishop Ola, How soon can you help me facilitate an international travel plan?

Bishop Ola’s Answer: Worldwide WORD Missions Inc. is not a travel agency that arranges for people to travel to destinations of interest. We do not guarantee that anyone will join our staff or ministry executive officers because they are now signed up with our minister’s association. Whenever we are able, we shall organize or present international events to those who are signed up for it. There may be need to pay fees to register for such events in advance. Please take note that Worldwide WORD Missions Inc, Bishop Ola Elujoba, or any other representative of our organization does not guarantee that visas will be granted for any travels for offered events for which refundable or non-refundable registration fees may have been paid.


I want Worldwide Word Mission Certificate or Ordination/License. How much will it cost? Is it possible that I will do the consecration later? I  want to quickly submit the Certificate for urgent use.

Worldwide WORD Missions is NOT SELLING CREDENTIALS. We primarily desire to have ministerial alliances & great commission relationships FIRST before we give credentials to those who genuinely QUALIFY for it.

All those who will be licensed by us SHALL be put to a vote by all our leadership before we anoint and license. Worldwide WORD Missions is not a secular buy & sell business. We put an amount on the website just to have a guidance. What each candidate will pay will vary depending on what leadership could read into each individual licensee per time. There are some that we shall ordain/license who may not be able to pay a stipulated amount.

Please keep that in mind sir. The link below shows details about what our ministers need to know. and it all starts by an online registration FIRST. the form is included in the first link, while the second link go there directly. We shall not admit everybody who submits an application. We shall be voting on who to accept or NOT!

I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your question. God bless you MORE!

Worldwide Word Missions Association & Affiliations

About Missionary/Affiliate Registration


What are the criteria for hosting on-site training? What Do I Need To Do To Host Worldwide WORD Missions Intentional Ministry Bible Masterclass (IMBM) or Missions Training Institute (MTI)?

First thing to do or first step to take in order for anyone on this platform to host our IMBM or MTI in a local community is to formally register with Worldwide WORD Missions Association/Affiliation.

Second requirement will be about ability to put enough internet connectivity or facility capacity together that you are prompt to attend to people’s online needs as may be necessary or needed.

You may also need to have an onsite location where registered participant may come to use computer for their training.

You will also need to be able to convince participants to sign up for the classes or training.

the link to formal registration for those who may not have done so is


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